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  • Walter


    This kid, fuck this kid

    • Froman

      quite possibly the rudest and stupidest thing he's done yet.

    • thumb down giver

      No fucking respect. Little douch.

    • keystone183

      Somebody's jeeeeaaallllllouuuuuuuussss…..

    • WyzardSTi


      From, Canada

    • Daniel Tosh

      I have a kick start account under the name kill bieber
      I want to make enough money to travel to California find Justin Bieber and punch him in the face.
      I need a lot of money for attorney fees and shit.

    • nschiver

      #8 should be set on him. Amiright?

    • KUJhawklaw

      Actually, that's THREE artists meeting their respective leaders…

      • Justin

        No, still just two. They both just happen to be in the bottom picture.

    • crackiswack

      Sell crack, meet the president…

      • stash

        the american dream

      • chiverX

        *job creator

    • Balorati

      It's hard to believe this isn't a photoshop…nobody can be THAT stupid, can they?

    • Cannadakent

      I hate fellow Canadians that strive to be American. I'm looking at you Harper.

      • Forty Creek

        Trust me the only Canadian striving to be American is Beib's and well you can have him.

        • d1sturbed91

          We can compromise and send him to Antarctica

    • Pat

      Probably the most disrespectful thing he could have done, you meet a world leader, you wear a f'n suit!

    • Dr.

      Two artists? Where?

    • jr.

      I hate how we throw around the word artist these days… "oh he splattered fecal matter on a canvas, what an artist!", " she repeats the same 3 words for 4 minutes while looking like a complete train wreck, what a talented artist!", "He doesn't act he simply plays himself in every movie he has every been in, what an accomplished artist!" FUCK!

      • Really?

        That last one was a dig at Ashton Kutcher, wasn't it.

    • 6655321

      Gross, I'll leave that to you.

    • Canadodian Reprobate

      I'm so embarrassed. 8^(

    • balee dat

      only 1 person worth a fuck in the picture(s)

  • Mark White


    I would, without second thought to personal injury

    • dan005

      I concur 100%

    • Whoopi_G

      If it doesn't have a penis i'll most likely bang anything.

    • Tiber_Septim

      Hell yes

    • Bob

      Please rip my dick off inside you!

    • Alwysworkin

      Are those sideburns? And yet still a yes

      • DoubleNickelJP

        I see a blonde scruff beard. Is it my phone or does anyone else see it?

      • Firefighter23

        I have sideburns, would you fuck me?


      Her head positioning looks good for what Id use her for

    • Chris

      Spot me, babe. I'm going in.

    • jon


    • MorleyDotes

      Yes but it would probably be a good idea to ask permission first.

      • Zane

        Doesn't matter had sex.

    • Serinanth

      No, I like girls because squishy.

    • Dale

      Lumpy bewbs

    • JTW

      Ah hell no. There are better looking guys out there if I wanted to be gay.

    • Big Poppa

      Drop and give me 20 she demanded. Have you got change for a $50 i replied

  • http://twitter.com/Davieboy817 @Davieboy817

    #7 Ok ok you can have my milk money!

    • Kevin

      #50 Well that escalated quickly!

    • Sick350Z

      Love the movie and both are great actors. But, this looks like two skinny 13 yr old boys playing wackamole with their tiny boyish fists.

  • Otto


    Merry Christmas Everyone

    • SmokeyTheBear

      Thanks for the work boner Chive. Never awkward at all.

    • fact

      fat ass

      • jreddy23


    • Pokes

      Who's ass is that?

    • Just sayin'

      Lexa or melisa mendiny

      • Daniel Tosh

        it's lexa in the crack

        • Giggity

          Hell Yea! i have this video haha

    • yessire

      The Charlotte John Blog has asses like this all day … http://ww.thecharlottejohn.com

    • Don't Thank Me


      But, you're welcome. 18+

      • Geezer

        Strap a plow to her and get her working the fields!

      • you_have_downs

        just go to google and type in Lexa Melisa. Dont go to this fucks virus ridden page…..

    • TommyD

      More fitting for Festivus

    • Big Poppa

      Hey! I was trying to play that hole.

  • Sophia


    I've got some coke bottle glasses and a snug batgirl t-shirt that misses my boobs so….

    • Froman

      Erin is sexy, but girls in hornrims aren't nerds, they're hipsters…..

    • USMC8654Justice

      Picture or you dont have it.

    • Kyle

      OMG, look at that nerd. She has glasses, GLASSES!! Is that Star Wars stuff too!?! How did you get so nerdy?

      • Daniel Tosh

        girls who say they are nerd probally never seen a star wars movie

        • CanadianMedic

          I can guarantee Erin has check her twitter the girl is obsessed! Love the hobbit too!

    • tim

      #37 needs a big thumbs down. Putting aside the fact that wearing glasses doesn't make you a nerd, it goes against the original point of sexy chivers: real girls putting their real selves out there. "Nerd edition" and "goofy girl" posts are excuses to hide behind glasses and stupid faces.

      • http://www.facebook.com/andysaxman Andrew Snyders

        Or they're actually a nerd or goofy. Lay off dude and enjoy…

      • ...

        Are you new here? that's Erin fucking Willet so she's not a total nerd who cares it's a fun picture and she's willin enough to share man people got but hurt quick on this one

        • TommyD

          He must be new. The days of theChive being about "real girls" is long gone. DAR is more likely to have porn stars and copy/paste images from Victoria Secret these days.

          • CanadianMedic

            It's true and it makes me sad

      • Pretty Smile

        News Flash: Nicola Tesla was a nerd and nerds don't have friends, except other nerds. Just because you like/love Star Wars, Collect action figures, and go to comic cons does not a make you a nerd. It makes you a Dork.. When did we start confusing these two. Sitting at home in your basement rebuilding computers with no social contact or going to that lab that nobody shows up to, just because you enjoy it. That's a NERD.

      • TommyD

        A PSA on this very topic

    • TED

      "Dear girls who take pictures in slutty clothing & glasses & label the caption "nerd lol" You're not a nerd; you're a whore who found glasses."


      • http://twitter.com/erinwillett @erinwillett

        Yeah, that Star Wars zip up is the sluttiest thing I own! I'm definitely not a nerd, I just use a Tatooine iphone cover and own R2D2 Lego earrings because I'm such a huge whore!

        • commander cool

          honey, it doesn't make you a nerd owning those things. being a nerd means you can recite every line from ROTJ, know the differences between darth vaders armour in the movies, and know whether or not Han shot first. nice try, though; you're pretty cute.


          everyone who actually has to wear glasses every day

          • lolnerds

            lol at the guy arguing with the sexy girl. "you're not a nerd unless you're a super nerd!" shouldn't you have committed suicide since disney now owns star wars?

          • http://twitter.com/erinwillett @erinwillett

            You want to have a pissing contest on who has more Return of the Jedi knowledge? Or are you safe with assuming I have no idea what "Han shot first" refers to? I've seen A New Hope many times, the original, and the '97 altered scene…. so go back to cleaning your glasses in the dim of your mother's basement, CDR Cool.

            • TheBAMFinater

              Haters gunna hate. 5 bucks these tools would be tripping over their own tongues just to be in the same room as you. Kcco Erin.

              • lol

                lol big ass tongues.

            • GlibTongue

              So your defense of your nerd-i-ness is by throwing out 'nerd' stereotypes at this guy by saying he needs to clean his glasses in his mother's basement.

              The problem is that it's become 'cool' to be 'nerdy'.

              Erin, my advice, being an adult here, is that if you are something, and you believe it. You shouldn't have to defend yourself. If you start throwing out stereotypes in a derogatory manner then you are just lowering yourself to their level.

              Refer to #45

              • Hoovus

                Flawless Victory

            • BudHa

              if i were a penguin, and you wore a tux and waddled around and claimed to be a penguin, i would allow it

          • Zach

            Who cares if she's not a real nerd! She looks incredible and just the fact that she owns that stuff means she probably has something in common with most nerds. Isn't that enough?

        • TED

          that wasn't directed at you personally, that was simply a funny quote that pertained to the situation.

        • Kyle

          Sorry Erin, but you can't buy your way in to the nerd club, you need to earn it. Take it as a compliment though. You are a pretty girl and when this nerd = cool fad dies down; you will still be a pretty girl. I, and many others, will still collect action figures, will still play video games with friends, will still get into arguments about who would win in a fight; Batman or Iron Man and still have a very hard time approaching a pretty girl like you to ask on a date.

          Also, Batman would win hands down fuckers.

          • lolnerds

            i don't understand "nerds" that act like "nerds" all day and fap to girls like erin and then when she says she's a nerd, and probably is compared to other girls, all the "nerds" are like "nah fuck that she's no nerd, IM a nerd, the best nerd" instead of being like "wow, there are cute women that value the same shit i do, i should go find one of those" but nopeeee fuck that shit go online and play vidjagames cuz im a neeerrddd. stop. stop it now.

            • Ofthe9fingers

              Nope, It's just us Geeks and Nerds that had to deal with swirlies and shyte all our lives while being ignored by any and all females, feel a little possessive of our hobbies. Come's along some chick who would never give us a second look back in High School and says 'Hey look! It's now cool to be a nurd *giggle*' It kind of hits a sore spot.

              Former awkward Nerd.

              (The animated LOtR was better)

              • bigasscomment

                well lets see here…did you ever try maybe tried talking to girls instead of expecting one to come up and say hey lets be together? or maybe the "nerd girls" were just the not so great looking ones so YOU ignored THEM while you sat and watched all the pretty girls "ignore" you while you sat and did nothing, so then said fuck society and the pretty girls im going to go "be a nerd". so now, when the nerdy girls from back in the day grew up and got pretty, you think ah man its just another "pretty girl" that want's to be a nerd cuz its cool, instead of realizing she was a nerd the whole time. you think she woke up and just knew star wars shit for no reason? don't get me wrong picking on nerdy people is dumb as hell and i never did it but you guys have a tendency to loop yourself in the same shitty category when you go and bash on a good looking girl that might actually know some shit. oh and yeah she might not have had to deal with swirlies but im not sure a lot of girls dids. by all means erin, call yourself nerdy don't listen to these fools. and i play video games and watch lotr and star wars and love zombies, but guess what? i have a wonderful fiance that is gorgeous and likes the same shit i do, and i don't put her down.

              • Kyle

                Exactly, except for the animated LOTR bit.

                • Ofthe9fingers

                  Friendzoned by all the true nerdy girls.

                  I'm not putting anyone down, I just don't like the Bandwagon approach. Yes I am generalizing because that's what humans do. I never felt the need to go out and uselessly compete with the so-called alphas and stuck with my Pog skills. For some reason my 20/800 cola glasses and high vocabulary turned off the opposite gender for about 8 years. I was a myopic, weedy, smart-ass kid.

                  Inspector Gadget beats The Turtles every time.

                  • TommyD

                    Pogs are legit.

        • Serinanth

          The pic just seems forced…. no pun intended, the controller in the pocket is just too much unless that is you were playing Rez or something =) Its like the guys that post pics of their entire video game collection dating back to the early days, its just over compensation. Just be who you are, you don't need to prove it to anyone.

        • Sancho Panza

          Here's some basic math that all nerds will get: Hot girl + nerd paraphernalia = tired marketing strategy done to death by Olivia Munn and countless others. Fools no one, especially not when attempted by someone whose twitter page includes what appears to be a professionally done bikini shot overwritten with the non sequitur quote, "I like being unimpressive".

          I think a lot of the negativity comes from the fact that people in general don't appreciate the sense that they're being conned.

          • TommyD

            Except Olivia Munn IS a nerd. The main difference, she just acts like a hot chick that is into that stuff. She never tries to play the "nerd" role. It comes naturally to her. Yes, she capitalized on it. Yes G4 is all that is wrong with the subculture.

            I totally get why O.G. nerds are resentful at the new hipster craze of being a "nerd". It's like how musicians get pissed when they are compared to Justin Beiber.

            Know how I know you're not a nerd? Everything you claim expertise about, is sold at Hot Topic. Not to mention, there is nothing nerdy about Star Wars. EVERYONE loves Star Wars.

        • TommyD

          Star Wars =/= Nerd

    • SmokeyTheBear

      Erin, you're gorgeous. Keep the pics coming, and I'll keep smiling.

      • Gmoney

        Amen brother.

    • Goons

      It wouldn't have any actual nerds in it though.

    • mim

      "You are not a nerd, you are whore who found glasses" learn the difference!


      An actual 30G (that's a bra size) 138 IQ girl (and I don't wear glasses, I just ace all my high level maths).

      • SmokeyTheBear

        You want to help me with…my homework?

        • Jack Wagon

          Hey mim aka huge tits girl with alleged brains. Its not nice to call girls whores just because you are jealous. Is your gut as big as your tits? Prove it. Send pics.

          • BudHa

            well said jack. dumped my ex when she went from a c cup to a g…cuz a lot more came with it

      • emnomnom

        *highfive* girls who are smart who happen to also have boobs

      • CanadianMedic

        Boobs on a fat chick don't count. -guy with an iq of 140 who would still rather do Erin

    • Mike Hunt

      Ahhhh this is good shit. I'm gonna go play with Hand Solo now.

    • MattyMo

      Need vs. Want?

    • TomCrooze

      I love all the dudes who could never bring themselves to even talk to a girl of Erin's caliber trying to run her down. Is this how super nerds think flirting works?

      I'm a geek. I collect assorted geek memorabilia. I wear Firefly shirts, I have Bantha Skull and kryptonian alphabet tattoos. I game daily (PS3…fuck 360). I also hit the gym, go out on weekends, and have a life outside of my geekdom. These things don't make me any less of a geek, nor does Erin being beautiful make her any less of one.

      Those with feelings of malice shall continue having malicious feelings. Keep On Geekin' On, darlin'. Much love…

  • Alberta

    #2 Makes me sad to be Canadian.

    So glad he got boo'd at the Grey Cup

    • keystone183

      LOL @ canada and the grey cup…..LOLOLOL

      • Ratllesnake

        LoL @ America and their healthcare….. LOLOLOL

        • Pikesville

          I truly hope you never need the benefit of any American cancer research.

        • captain12pk

          Is that all you got?
          Canada/Grey Cup
          Canada/that shit ham you call bacon
          Canada/Celine Dion

          America/ healthcare

          • Jimmy da Hat

            America/90% of populous Fat and/or Stupid (reference – the internet!) Most Chiver exempt!
            America/Tolerance (LOL)
            America/Economy (LOL)
            America/Education (ROFL)
            America/Honey Boo Boo – Seriously, COME ON!!

    • Dr.

      Wish someone threw another bottle of water at him. I didn't hear any booing. F**king Dweeber. How was that autotune working out for you?

    • sandy astroglide

      This was it? This is what it finally took?

    • Chuck

      Just back hand that kid. Any other Canadian would have dressed up.

    • ProudCdn

      No matter how stupid he looks, Ill never be sad to be a Canadian. Best country in the world.

      • Captain Canuck

        F'n eh!

  • brendan

    look what ya did you little jerk

    • Kevin

      It's his fault, he ate all my pizza. He knows I hate olives and anchovies…

  • BigManJones

    I bet your shits are epic in #51

    • jason

      Epiphany toilet (scrubs reference)

    • Dr_StrangePants

      I remember the most satisfying pee-break I ever had.
      Hiking back down a mountain
      Finding a clearing just off the trail
      rays of light and white-winged moths fluttering around me
      and the sound of my piss hitting Sage Green Grass……good times

      • Ryan

        I imagined that place you described in my head and ended up pissing myself in my chair….Fuck you.

    • NorCal420

      totally missed the bowl bro

      • hara

        Yea… I was gonna say that… you got that view and you STILL spray the whole thing?

      • TheVanityScore

        ya you would think he would clean it up before taking a picture

        • NorCal420

          good thing the sign in #27 was missing from this, otherwise it would be a completely different type of post

    • catmoustache

      The toilet is for epic dumps, the ledge is for epic pees.

    • Awesome

      Where is this? I must know…

      • HumpDan

        Same here, I want to poop there!

  • Miyagi

    # 22 Boy what I would give to be under her

    • The Giver

      #22 welcome sir

  • SmokeyTheBear

    #53 That smile is contagious!!!

    • gmen

      how'd she get one already?!?!?! they sold out 2 seconds after going on sale

      • dirtysteve

        Hot chick, work it out.

    • Firefighter23

      Just wait for the smile apocalypse.

    • Wiebles

      If your looking to find her I know exactly who she is!

      • http://www.facebook.com/bryan.carroll.39 Bryan Carroll

        Tell me…..PLEASE

  • Darrell


    Ask a stupid question…

    • http://www.thecharlottejohn.com yessire

      I'd so her, just like the girls on The Charlotte John Blog

      • Dea9

        Stop trying to promote you shit ass blog.

    • ________ Guy

      Is that Tiny Tasia?

  • jim thorton


    • moose_nutz


      • Too much porn

        Don't know if you'll find her there, but it's a possibility
        NSFW Morgan Bailey

        • J.D

          That's my friend from Edmonton.. You will most certainly not find her on some porn site.

          • KRS1

            Well the Chive is basically a softcore porn site so….

            • Kyle G

              Yeah i know this chick too. That's a fb pic

        • moose_nutz

          I just about threw up in my garbage can after chasing that link.

    • TheVanityScore

      that must be the most disturbing image anyone has ever givin me. that will not be going in my spank bank..

    • Mike Hunt

      Brazzers? Is she bonging jizz?

  • Zak

    #27 And to think i've been doing it wrong this whole time

    • FONZIE

      Had me laughing for 10 minutes!

    • Mike Hunt

      I wished we had this sign in the store I worked at during college. It's disturbing how often this happened.

  • Just sayin'

    #31 WOWZA! and WHO?!

    • joe


      lexa melisa mendiny

      google images is your friend…

      • Dale

        you got her name by googling her butt?

        • Sean

          Yes, actually. Go to Google Images, click and drag the image into the search bar and VOILA…

          You are welcome…

    • Forty Creek

      The bendy Mendiny twin's, NSFW

  • Miyagi

    or # 30 for that matter.

    • sparky

      #30 Again, welcome.

  • Chive chive

    #50 hahahaha because FUCK YOU!

    • thedude325

      Somebody got laid off….

    • bob

      well… that escalated quickly.

  • KayMan

    didn't buy any shirts today but I'll KCCO nevertheless
    #52 is awesome btw!

    • Kodos

      agree; Calvin & Hobbes FTW!

    • SmokeyTheBear

      This GIF sums up my childhood…

    • Kato

      Calvin and Hobbes is a constant reminder to everyone that it's okay to let your imagination run free. No limitations. The world is yours.

  • Kroger_Security

    #1 its a chode

    • joe

      'Merican giraffe?

      • bczu


  • I like sandwiches

    #53 #41 Perfect

    • Really?

      So she's the lucky one who got the 1 Chive Hoodie they had after advertising it for weeks.

  • Pat_Bateman1

    #51 epiphany toilet

    • Pel

      With what would appear to be piss on the rim.

  • RCT

    I scrolled by #31, paused, went back, and stared for a little bit.

    • OhioChiver

      Me thinks we'll need a bigger putter. 😉

  • Tiber_Septim

    #4 Dayum #26 same woman I think

    • Teddy Roxspin

      Good God!!! MOAR. Perfection.

    • Jeremy

      Not the same. #4 is Dani Daniels

      • TheVanityScore

        both are unbelievably hot though. where are these girls located that have perfect breasts without implants?

        • dirtysteve

          #26 are definitely implants, which is fine.

      • Peter Griffin

        No it's not

    • loser

      shut up e t c rr, loser

  • SkyVader

    #32 – it was attached to his hat all along!

    • amrith777

      I used to live right around the block from the historic house of the little girl who sent him a letter and suggested he grow a beard.The house is on State St. in Albion NY.It has one of those historic fancy signs there,and all.

    • Fur Sure

      This picture makes me think Cillian Murphy could have played Abe in the new movie…don't worry I had to google; Scarecrow from Batman Begins, before I knew who Cillian Murphy was too.

      • BudHa

        i thought the same thing fur sure.

        as to the erin nerd debate, c'mon fellas. if i was a polar bear, and she wore stupid white furry boots and claimed to be a polar bear, i'd allow it

        • Mike Hunt

          If they were polar bear fur boots I'd be a little pissed. Then relent when I saw how hot she looked in them.

    • Kato

      Am I the only one who thinks he looks like Kramer in this pic?

  • SmokeyTheBear

    #4 If looks could kill…well..I'd be fuckin' dead.

    • Keith

      That expression is supposed to be for when someone gives you a really dirty look like they wish you were dead.

  • The Guy

    Thumbs up for small boobs #8

    • Red

      Agreed, its quality, not quantity.

      Would I? Yes, sadly I would blow in the first 10 seconds.

      • kcco-pgh

        If you made her unhappy, she would likely kick the living crap out of you.

    • NorCal420

      shes so god damn hot

    • B_Willetts

      Boobs? I think you meant pectorals…

    • joe

      I'm a fan of smaller boobs. Those are not boobs, they're hard, lumpy pecs. I bet her clitoris is bigger than Bieber's penis.

      • ...

        Guys she has a tight sports bra on give her a break

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