Photographs that will move and inspire (48 Photos)

  • Ishbar

    So there is some good in the world…

    • Tiber_Septim

      #24 no greater friend hath he who perishes and the friend still visits for a beer

    • Surf's Up

      Yeah, except for the fact that half these pictures are stolen from a widely published gallery here:

      • KRS1

        It's the internet, get over it.

    • TheAutomaticMan

      Definitely, great post too, teared up through the whole thing….. well played Mac, well played.

  • Rob

    Great Post!!

    • motojunky27

      I think you meant "Best Post"

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      Tears rolling down my cheeks here.

      Thanks, Mac. A brilliant post.

  • brad

    wow great post

  • scott

    Great Post Chive

  • MylesofStyles

    #1 I don't know about inspiring, but this definitely moved something…in my pants.

    • Disgruntled

      I don't hate gays/lesbians or how they choose to live. I have many gay friends & acquaintances.

      Gay marriage is wrong though both morally and scientifically. And if it were legalized nationwide, it would open the door for worse things like marrying family members, animals, household items etc. Just because something would make you happy doesn't mean you should be allowed to do it.

      This picture is offensive to me and obviously to the women in the background. You shouldn't post stuff like this Chive, but do what you will.

      • MylesofStyles

        So if I married my PS3 and had an affair with my Bose iPod dock, would I go to hell or just end up giving half my shit to my PS3?

        • Disgruntled

          Who said anything about hell? Your path in the afterlife is between you and who you believe in.

          But to answer your question, yes. If your PS3 filed for divorce, then you wouldn't have much choice. Just do what's right for the kids, man.

          • MylesofStyles

            Damn. Now that I think about it, you're right. I couldn't just leave little MylesPSP and my dear little VitaMyles out in the cold like that.

      • Dan

        Here's the thing, how does it affect you? It doesn't, not any more than an interracial couple does. The biggest issue I have with people fighting gay rights is who are they to tell others how to live? No one is perfect, so telling someone else how to live is ridiculous, and this goes on to a number of other social issues.

        With that said, marriage is a religious institution, so if religion says no, hey that's the way the cookie crumbles. But government has no business in marriage. If they want to give on couple rights and privileges, they should give it to all or stop meddling with it all together.

        And c'mon, can you really blame the lesbians? Tits and ass, I rest my case…

        • Open minded

          Very well said…now if we can convince the religious right that gays and lesbians don't expect the church and God to change his "mind", then maybe bigotry in this country will slowly dissipate.

      • LennonsPa

        If you find 2 humans showing love, caring, and compassion to each other offensive, I'm glad I'm not you.

      • James

        You sir, are a fool.

      • Chris

        Disgruntled's post is offensive to me (both rhetorically and logically) and obviously to most of the people who read it, since his post has a negative vote. You shouldn't post stuff like this, Disgruntled, but do what you will.

      • Badger

        I feel badly for the gays and lesbians you think of as friends. Do you treat all your friends with such disrespect?

        You object to gay marriage on scientific an moral standing, but I doubt you have any more credibility as a moralist than you do as a scientist. Your argument about opening the door to marrying animals or household items is spurious. Homosexuals who want to marry are consenting adults, not animals or objects. And as for marrying family members, we prevent that because the children of such unions would suffer genetically.

        Gay marriage hurts nothing. Except maybe your feelings. Which I'm cool with.

        • Civil

          So you're saying that gay brothers should be able to get married because they're two consenting adults and there is no threat to any children? Should a mother marry her daughter, you know, because they're two consenting adults?

          The "hey, none of my business" crowd loves to pretend that their arguments have zero holes, and blast arguments from the "morally superior lunatics" by acting morally superior.

          • Graham

            Uhm, maybe I'm way off the mark, but I'm going with Yes.

            Any two consenting adults who want to marry and don't threaten children is okey-dokey with me.

            Can you explain why this is a problem?

      • Jess

        I just think the Chive should try to keep political issues and this kind of thing out of their posts. It's obvious that it divides their demographic, us Chivers, and that's not what any post should do.

        • Graham

          Gay marriage is a civil rights issue, not a "political thing". The fact that we are collectively crawling out from under a conservative rock is worth celebrating, and fits well with the inspirational nature of this post. YaY Chive.

      • Bucky Jones

        How is marrying another human being the same thing as marrying an animal or household item and so on?

        • Belrick

          How is two ovum carriers marrying the same thing as an ovum and sperm carrier marrying?

          One can never have kids the other benefit kids they can have by being married.

          Remember, love has nothing to do with marriage, dont need it to marry and love doesnt need marriage.

          • ...

            So if a women can't ovulate she has no right to marry anyone??

          • Graham

            So, marriage rights for women end with menopause?

            I always did want to protect our families from the threat posed by our older relatives getting married.

            Good Call.

      • Travis

        So you don't have a problem with gay sex in the privacy of their own home? Then I take it you also support bestiality and pedophilia as well, given your inability to understand the concept of "two consenting adults". Take comfort that your retarded fears will disappear as soon as you can understand that idea.

        • Alan Garner

          I could eat a bowl of alphabet soup and shit out a more intelligent post than Travis did comparing two women kissing to some one having sex with a kid or animal.

          Thanks for that little chestnut of knowledge, we are all a little more stupid for reading it.

          • AndySaximus

            Billy Madison… NICE

          • Travis

            Holy shit I worded that poorly. I wasn't advocating the comparison, it was an analogy to the retarded comparison I replied to. It would read a little better if it was right under the ignorant post of Disgruntled. As it is the lack of context completely makes it sound like the opposite of what I was saying. Guess I should quote the post next time.

            The point of "two consenting adults" is that those things are nothing alike. Disgruntled was claiming gay marriage could lead to marriage with kids and animals. I made the same comparison with sex to point out how retarded it was. (A point made even better by the fact that he has no problems with the lifestyles of his gay friends.)

            Sorry for the confusion.

      • wdh

        Not against gay marriage. Let em do what they want. However, I have to say i am against gay couples adopting babies. That's just wrong and selfish in my eyes. You would be setting the kid up for all sorts of ridicule and a child should be able to be raised by both point of views imo..

        • Stick

          Good thing we outlawed single motherhood…

          • wdh

            Good job at taking my comment and turning it into something else. Just like a spoiled hippy trying to be smart.. My comment stemmed from being raised by a single mother. I had to learn to put on a tie through pictures. Now when you condemn a child to this just because of your own desires and sexual orientation, i believe that pretty fuckin selfish. The world has gone to shit.

            • ......

              I was also raised by a single mother and learned to tie a tie through pictures it made me a stronger more self sufficient man I would have loved to have a second parent to love me though no matter their sex

        • ...

          Yah you're right in a world of divorce and terrible parenting it would be wrong to let a child have 2 parent that love them. What a fucking joke

          • wdh

            Sooo just because they're gay that automatically makes them loving parents? Fuck outta here..

            • ...

              Are you fucking kidding have you seen the adoption process and how bard it is to even get a child! No one but a couple who truly wants a baby would put themselves through that. Being gay wasn't my point it was that if you had the opportunity to provide a home with 2 loving parents why wouldn't you. I personally think it would provide the kids with a more accepting view of society

        • Graham

          Yeah, you're right man. Having a child grow up without parents is much better.

          Think about this a little bit. Adoption in no way splits up functioning families. Nor is there any shortage of children to adopt.

          What you're proposing is to deny the ability for two people who want to help a child who is in desperate need of help

      • Heather Ricciardelli

        really? Out of all the things theChive posts, THIS is offensive to you??? bahahahaha. Also, your argument against gay marriage is ridiculous. go ahead and repeat this to one of those gay friends you have and tell me how they feel about it.

      • Alan Garner

        It's sad you can't even be honest with yourself. I am not pro gay, I am just tolerant of other people's choices, ESP once that will never ever ever effect me.

        I blame your parents.

      • AndySaximus

        If you're cool with it, then why does the photo bother you? Says nothing about marriage………..

      • Gabs

        I have been wanting to marry my parrot for many years now, therefore I am desperately hoping for gay marriage to be accepted "nationwide". It's like a gateway marital right…

      • CanadianMedic

        I'd really like you to explain how it is scientifically wrong. Using genetic factors and studies showing that being gay isn't a choice explain how that is wrong. A duck may not want to be a duck but alas it was born that way and has no choice

      • Serge

        Well said sir!!

    • noctanter

      Faith in the internet . . . restored.

    • Belrick

      For an encore chive will be posting a pic of a 40yo old man making out with a 13yo child bride in front of a child abuse rally.

      • Alan Garner

        Yeah, because THAT is the same thing.

        So you went online and thought" I'm going to respond to a pic of gay people and compare it with pedophilia" congrats on your life.

      • Graham

        I would just like to point out that the extreme minority of social groups who would find this acceptable tend to share the quality of being ultra-conservative and religious. Which, I will just point out also happens to be the grounds for the anti-gay marriage crusade.

  • nope

    well, i guess i do have a heart in there after all. great post.

  • SmokeyTheBear

    #31 Balls, this guy has them.

    • weaksauce

      but a risk to be sure. News today had a story about a man and wife who died saving their son who went into the surf to save their dog. Animals are not worth the life of a human, and this act while honorable is not always worth the price.

      • MylesofStyles

        That would all depend on the animal and the human being assessed.

      • James

        But the feeling of accomplishment is completely awesome.

    • Daniel

      Oh look at those people risking their lives to save a baby sheep, should I help or take some pics?

    • brian

      Correction. #21 Balls. THIS guy has them

      • SmokeyTheBear

        Some how I missed that one, I stand corrected

  • ARymell

    @22 -Moore was England's captain….

  • sfb101

    My faith in humanity is restored.
    #21 AWESOME!

    • LambChopPlayAlong

      I read a Cracked article about this.

    • KRS1

      All I got from this is that he was incredibly selfish. Instead of using his means of escape to help his fellow prisoners, he used it to have sex.

      • Socket

        His only reason for returning to the camp was due to the lack of a place to go after escape as each camp was surrounded by German-occupied countries. The prisoners were well-aware of what happened to those that had tried to flee to other countries.

      • JSettle11

        If you'd bothered to read more about him you would learn he also smuggled in food for the other prisoners and even tried to get a radio.

  • 29er

    #19, #24, #42, #45 These get me every single time.

  • Frank Frankerson

    #10 "I can see my house from here!"

  • Lou

    one of the best posts from the Chive. We have the potential to change the world , are consiousness is not there yet.

    • Legion

      Neither is our* grammar or our spelling, but we'll get there.

  • @LosSaysSwag

    #3 is not moving or inspiring at all. Normal crowd surfers are already an annoyance at shows.

    • MarineChiver

      First of all, you have the word "Swag" in your twitter handle, so you're not off to a great start. Secondly, this kid now has the best seat in the house thanks to some gracious concert goers. Having a brother in a wheelchair, it's not easy to have a great time at a crowded venue. Also, you're a dick.

      • @LosSaysSwag

        First of all, congrats, you're the first person to comment on "swag" in my twitter handle.

        Secondly, there are generally accommodations met for handicapped individuals at venues and this doesn't particularly look like a small, "standing room only" show at a bar especially considering there is a virtually empty balcony.

        Lastly, this was a joke about douchebags who insist that crowd surfing is mandatory,

        But thank you for your service.

      • o no he didnt

        I'm hypnotized by his animated avatar personally. nice.

        • @LosSaysSwag

          I'm the hypnotoad of this century.

          • marcwrz

            no, you're just a douchebag who likes attention. Have a nice day!

            • @LosSaysSwag

              Thanks, sweetheart.

    • o no he didnt

      Guy is butt level when everyone gets up and rowdy man, they are helping him up.

      • @LosSaysSwag

        Once again, it's a kind gesture (albeit likely an unnecessary one), but the joke was about crowd surfers.

        • fucked

          just accept the loss

          • @LosSaysSwag

            Didn't realize people were so touchy about the subject.

    • @LosSaysSwag

      I'm so hated in this post, but liked in the next.

  • nomore

    Guess ill be quitting theChive…forcing your views on gays is not inspiring.

    • @LosSaysSwag

      What ever will we do without your anonymous presence?

      • nomore

        Well hopefully you reevaluate your morals and attend church. I'm nowhere near perfect but I do stand by my beliefs. Enjoy the rest of your time here on earth, this is as good as it gets…

        • @LosSaysSwag

          "Church" teaches love, compassion and acceptance. Your "beliefs" are in direct contrast to your religion. Moreover, there is so much in the Bible that has been invalidated by social change, but yet isn't treated as infallible.

          • nomore

            My beliefs are what they are. I voiced them you don't agree. One day one of us will be wrong.

            • @LosSaysSwag

              And neither of us will be able to say "I told you so" so who gives a fuck?

            • LennonsPa

              Actually, you are wrong today, nomore.

            • David

              If they were truly your beliefs, you wouldn't say them anonymously.

              • @LosSaysSwag

                Do you truly believe that? See what I did there?

        • Kyle

          Troll level 500

        • LittleMarie

          Being a loyal chivette and seeing the threads posted here daily, I am unsure Chive is the best outlet for you to find clean, christian, "food for the soul" entertainment anyway. This being said I feel it is in the best interest of your morals and soul to remove yourself from here anyway… Negative nomore Nancy. That is all.
          kcco brotha! ♥

        • Graham


          So theChive… an alcohol and sex-fueled picture site fits well with your religion until it posts a picture of two fully clad women kissing?

          Would it have been OK if they were hotter?

    • Jim

      Bye bye.

    • nope

      piss off.

    • Frenchiver

      So because you disagree on one matter with theChive, you're ready to give up all the others wonderful things that brought you here in the first place ? No problem mate, more FLBP and KCCO shirts for the rest of us 😉

      • Nomore

        That's kind of how morals work…

      • The_Truth

        It's called having morals, man.

        You can keep your overpriced shirt that you wear during your circle jerks. Oh, and FLBP isn't something you measure or get more of. You can look at it whenever you choose to, so you won't be gaining more FLBP.

        • @LosSaysSwag

          I actually take my shirts off during the circle jerks.

          • Ryan

            Ya, that shits too expensive to mess up like that.

            • @LosSaysSwag

              Could potentially ruin the softness of the fabric.

    • @LosSaysSwag

      Exploits? I do believe they willingly pose for these photos.

    • MylesofStyles

      AWW MAN! I missed helping out a retarded dolphin? For fuck's sakes. Like I'll ever have a chance to do that again. I need to quit working…It's really starting to get in the way of the internet.

    • Jan

      Honstly, what is so important about standing for your beliefs? If you lack KNOWLEDGE of something then standing up for what you BELIEVE about it makes you just another clown in the pop-christianity not-so-fun park.

    • Bill

      and they'll be better for it!

    • Knowledgeispower

      WIthout the Roman empire your views about gays being of bad decent would not exist. In fact Christianity wouldnt likely exist today. History before ignorance. Knowledge is power.

      • disgusted

        You've got to be kidding! Why is being against special rights for gays being an indication of Christians thinking gays are bad? If you expect others to accept your view of homosexuality in the name of tolerance, why can't you accept an opposing view with the same tolerance you desire? To believe that Christianity wouldn't exist without having had the Roman empire is a bold statement of your lack of understanding of how big and fantastic God is. I suggest you study a bit more before espousing your vast knowledge and power.

        • Diana

          I do not have anything to argue for or against in regards to the Roman Empire aspect of this. However I do feel the need to say that the fight for Gay rights is not to gain special rights for gays. It is to gain EQUAL rights.

        • @LosSaysSwag

          lol @ Being able to do what everyone else can being "special rights."

          I'm so glad my people fought so hard to get our special rights back in the 60s.

          MLK is my favorite Special Rights leader.

        • Graham


          If by study you mean looking into the history of Christianity he is far more correct than you are.

          If instead you mean studying the mis-translated scraps of highly edited fairy tales you've chosen to base your bigotry in, then GOOD CALL.

    • Sara


      You should have saved that comment for an actual pro-gay post. There are only 2 pictures about gays out of 48.
      If that's what you see, it's ok.
      If you are gay and are lashing out because you can't handle it, it's ok too.

    • gimletmike

      I find your use of the word "forcing" to be curious. It seems that whenever someone hears, or sees something that he/she doesn't like, he/she immediately complains about someone "forcing" him/her to hear or see it. You came across it on what is primarily a humor site. If you do not like this site, then by all means leave, but no one "forced" you to look at this. That is of course unless you were tied to a chair with a gun to your head and your eyes forced open. In which case you would be better off contacting the authorities than leaving comments on an entertainment site.

    • disgusted

      I agree. theChive has repeatedly mocked Christianity all in the name of inspiration? In addition, what's with the OWS? That was proven to be a union-backed effort with no redeeming goal or outcome.

      • @LosSaysSwag

        Priests mock Christianity when they touch little boys.

        How do you explain their actions when they're supposed to be "men of God?"

    • Tex

      what the hell does it matter if a gay couple wants to get married, love who you wanna love and marry who you wanna marry

      • adrian

        I think that's an overly simplistic view of things. Keep in mind the social impact of this decision, and the morals of the general population. That's why I think it should absolutely be a states issue. In New York, where I'm from, people overwhelmingly support gay marriage. Great! We have it here and people are happy with that. In North Carolina, where the general population is disgusted by homosexual behavior, it's illegal. That's fine too. Let's not force anything on anyone and keep this a states issue.

        • @LosSaysSwag

          But… the people in opposition to it are forcing their views on homosexuals….

          So your view is overly simplistic as well. In truth, all the people lobbying against it should have no say as they truly are not impacted by it. Gay people are still going to be gay whether you allow them to marry or not.

        • Graham

          I think that's an overly simplistic view of things. Keep in mind the social impact of slavery, and the morals of the general population. That's why I think it should absolutely be a states issue. In New York, where you're from, people overwhelmingly support emancipation. Great! We have it here and people are happy with that. In North Carolina, where the general population is disgusted by black people, it's illegal. That's fine too. Let's not force anything on anyone and keep this a states issue.

          • @LosSaysSwag

            lol The Carolinas would probably agree with this.

    • KCCOkevin

      you can leave quietly without announcing it. no one gives a damn dude

    • chris


    • Jfish13990

      Don't let the door hit in the ass on the way out

      • Teea

        Don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya!

    • Rob

      Since you're obviously a church goer, I would assume you've heard of the Bible. Ever read the part that says the judgement is up to God and no mere man? Don't judge someone just because their sin is different than yours bud.

    • DRWDWN

      What a ass clown. You won't be missed.

    • socalchivette

      I'll be praying for you in the meantime "nomore." It's Christians like you who give the rest of us a bad reputation. Our just and loving God made it very clear he wants us to practice love and acceptance amongst eachother — judgement is reserved for Him and Him alone.

      Preaching nonsense and ignorance on a website that celebrates life, the beauty of the female body, and the good left in the world seems a little assbackwards anyway.

      KCCO bro, take it easy

  • Mitch

    This was a great post!

  • Jesse

    #48 is a great way to end an awesome thread. While our world is filled with so much sorrow, hate, death and fear, there will always be good.

    • Tex

      lifes a trip, que no?

  • Paul1913


    Great way to end it.. Thumbs up!

  • TheBAMFinater

    #20 just a small part of the magic.

    • chris

      most magical place on earth

  • Roguelead

    Funny how the kcco's in black are still available, it's as if they are hidden…..

  • KWAL72

    Just what I needed…

  • Kevin

    #45 wow…real tough deployment buddy…lol

    • Toba

      Dumbass. Being separated from your family is horrible whether you're posted in a Ritz Carlton or a shack in Afghanistan.

      • @MontePreisman

        Having the ability to even use skype is a luxury. I spent months without that ability. This guy has it made.

        • Guest

          They'll never understand how nice this "Fobbit" is living. However, it's always been the POGs that get the recognition.

          • average Joe

            true story.
            I went 6 weeks in 03 without seeing a shower, cot, or meal that didn't come out of a plastic sealed bag, and we didn't have it as bad as a lot of other guys. Finally made it back to a larger FOB and the POG's were complaining about the PX not being big enough… =/
            Grunts, pog's and officers, same uniforms, completely different lives

  • WTF

    This whole post gave me goose bumps…faith in humanity truly restored!

  • Imperator

    It's very dusty in here….

    • Shade

      indeed it is.. indeed.. god dammit!

    • majorfathead

      Yeah here in my living room too

  • bdon

    #4 and #5 "Hold my chinos, brb."

    • PDiddily420

      if your dog can be blown away by a strong wind, you need a bigger dog.

    • jazzberry

      this tears me up every time I see this sequence of photos. Her face in the end speaks volumes

      • James

        I totally agree. That was a completely selfless act by this very kind gentleman. May god bless him and his family. KCCO sir!

      • Otter

        Same here. That dog looks just like my Maltese who passed away this summer. The pic with the guy in the water with the dog got me.

    • Drunkendave

      It's sad to see James Woods lose his dog in the ocean.

      • None

        I'm pissed at you because I laughed.

  • Advocatus

    Who's cutting onions in here?!

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