theCHIVERS take class photos (20 HQ Photos)

Here at theCHIVE we're not a corporation. We're a family run company. Our employees are a rag-tag band of brothers, sisters, cousins, and a few close friends. So when our 'General Manager' told us he needed pics and bios for our Resignation Media website, we gave him these photos instead.

Meet theCHIVERS….

  • kait

    Lmfao love it

  • MannyMoe

    #7 MOAR!! #20 Mac your a frickin genius

  • Caleb

    hahaha I love all of these

  • Jimbo

    Did Zach piss himself?

  • @Mel_Fab

    #19 oh Dougy! I love you!



  • Lboogie13

    Is it a coincidence that there are no ugly girls working at the Chive?

  • Tla

    Well done!!!!!

  • L2J

    Can we order Justina from the Chivery now?

  • Canucks_Rule

    #2 – ok, i fucking lol'd hard when i saw this!!

  • Allie

    Who would you do?
    All of the above.

  • tjo55555

    You guys hiring?? God damn, that would be so much fun working there!!

  • DJ Long

    umm…so is it possible to have MOAR of justina #13?!?

  • VanCan

    #2: ahahah so wonderful!

  • bob

    you guys are so nice to give Will Wheaton a job

  • Sam

    Why is no one telling us what is in front of Bob? #2

  • Kigely


    Can I be your second token black guy after Brian or do you people only allow one at a time like my High School?


  • itsashlib

    Alec… be my boyfriend, k?

  • loverboy

    I think all the ladies should be featured in the 'happy hump day.mind the gap,sweet swim suits shots etc.

  • Ugo

    #1 Thank you for bringning so much creativity, sexiness, and laughter , and all sort of wtf into our lives! Be confident that your site is probably the best…Laughter and sexiness has been extremely powerfull healing helps and ever so freqently eye and mind "awakener", in my life anyways.

  • Juston Muggle

    #13 anytime I buy anything from theChivery I do it for Justina McMahand.

  • @magix5

    #20 is that a stuffed cat?

  • Wisti

    #17 is my favorite. Wasn't expecting it and it made me laugh ^_^

  • whiskaleafa

    #12 i want that board!!!

  • Carey

    I just want to bite that cute little birthmark off her cheek!

  • ApolloB

    Where is the humility and anonymity that we enjoy with leaving a huge tip and a KCCO note for a waiter/waitress or supporting an underfunded EMS team in a struggling community? It has to be a slippery slope, success and enjoying the fruits of your work, just try to remember (as in place a huge anchor upon) the success is the result of your pointing out what was already there, not your creation. Really, watching Anakin turn into Vader was easier…

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