What a sh#tty park (40 Photos)

  • jokerz4fun

    #26 lets play spot the American

    • ColaChiver

      Fuck you, commie. Wolverines!

      • Blue eNVy

        Haha, first thing I noticed too. Go Blue!

        • lpop

          i think bob hates asians hes always making fun of them.

        • Silent Brutus


          Go Buckeyes!

          • jokerz4fun

            Michigan leads series 58-44-6 also longest winning streak 9 and largest win 86-0

  • Bhodi

    This post is full of shit

    • guy

      HOLY SHIT!

    • what

      no need to be such a turd about it

  • Harry Balasagna

    wtf did I just look at?

    • gclark

      The on-going struggle between Japan and South Korea on which country is more fucked up and weird.

  • Adam

    It's a real life "Flushing Meadows"

    • Connie

      There is a Flushing Meadows Park in NYC

  • BRAD


  • Juan R


  • Juan R

    Oh yeah and Find #38

  • Salty Chiver

    Excuse me, where is the nearest bathroom?


  • Hara

    I feel celebrating the rush to modern sanitation is a good thing because cholera.

  • Daily Chiver

    haha That is the best wall art ever

  • The Brown Stuff

    Shit post!

  • MylesofStyles

    This is a literal Shit Show…literally.

  • mitch

    #33, Why does this kid have a tail?….. OH GOD!

    • Ba Durr

      better question…why is the mom catching the baby shit?!? #12

      • PJX

        Obviously to feed it to the dog. Dogs love baby poo.

    • what

      don't force it little guy

  • rsa

    We see the word "fuck" spelled out on this site all the time, by thechive, not readers leaving comments. Yet you couldn't spell out "shit"?

  • Dude

    Ha ha it's ironic I'm looking at this while I'm on the throne

    • Dr_StrangePants

      no, Irony would be shitting your pants while viewing this, because you couldn't find a suitable spot to defecate on…

  • cels0_o

    wtf jap….oh wait

    • Col Doolittle

      Never thought the Japs would get out weirded

  • Kevin

    This is the shittiest thing I've ever seen

    • what

      no need to make such stink about it

  • 3Monkeys

    You really had to post this around lunchtime? (At least for those of us on the east coast)

  • cooktiludrop

    total waste of resources that could have been put to better use.

    • Jen

      oh, shut up.

  • ColaChiver

    I'm sorry, and I'm usually tolerant of other cultures….but what in the actual fuck would prompt someone to come up with this idea?

    • NOOO

      Korean crack

    • huh?

      i think someone at city hall has a poop fetish.

  • CowboyChiver

    What the actual fuck??

  • Sappy

    Saying the word "poop" makes your lips do the same motion that your anus makes when you actually poop. 😀

    • G_Had

      Same thing can be said about "explosive diarrhea"

  • jim thorton

    I have not been over there, so I have not had the privilege of shitting Asia style, but I have no idea how you shit squatting over without filling your pants with the mess? I think I would have to de-pant before embarking on that adventure. Seems messy.

  • Lucky

    Not on my "bucket" list of places to visit

  • JWoeBMoneY

    #12 Is this woman really catching baby shit with her bare hand? WTF is wrong with these people? Everyone knows that you can never get the smell of baby shit off of you, no matter how hard you try!!

    • Wisti

      I hadn't noticed that…This park is to "educatepeople on proper hygiene" and THIS is considered proper!?!

    • Kevin

      I hadn't noticed that so thanks…. I guess.

      Sometimes it stings when I pee

    • ColaChiver

      Also the little girl is preparing to block the family dog's spray fart.

    • Gallus

      The story goes further. In a society poorer than dirt, nothing is wasted. Human poop was used as fertilizer. That practice continued well into the 20th Century, and continues in some places. That is one reason why tourists are told to choose their food carefully when travelling in Asia or Africa.

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