Accidental racism…it happens (25 Photos)

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  • ben

    #3 He's covering the word "for" so it's purposeful, not accidental. Also, what's racist about "smart white kids"?

  • jfree600

    is that Ja Rule in #3?

  • What teachers think

    Awesome post! Laughed at every single image.

  • Badamn

    Whitestown and Brownsburg are in Indiana, and I'm pretty sure that's no accident

  • Canucks_Rule

    #13 – hahahaha!!

  • unknown

    All of these are funny, but I don't get #1
    There's no racism in number one is there?

  • K-1

    #10: lol
    #11: I actually ate at one of those places in Chile
    #13: another example of Apple being racist

  • David

    when I was at the store with my mom looking at nutcrackers I said "hey look at all these crackers!" I looked up and there was a family of white people staring at me. I felt so bad

  • Bob

    #1 is not racist
    #9 neither is this one, people are just stupid are see racism whee there is none

  • Bob

    #1 is not racist

  • Ally

    #24 made me spit out my coffee. And I wasn't even drinking any.

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