Daily Afternoon Randomness (50 Photos)

  • Melvin the Marvel

    Nice tits is a compliment, in anyway shape or form, it' not a base, sexist remark. The sexual harassment myth was passed by con artists and scummy pigs called lowlife feminists who only wanted their lie to find wide spread public acceptance to dehumanize men by treating them like we are their whipping posts. How does saying nice tits have anything to do with "empathy" or having so "little" respect? Spring Break in Fort Lauderdale should not be the only place to compliment someones breasts. Why does everyone mistake compliments about breasts and cleavage all the time for sexuality?


  • I'm you homeboy

    Compliment her attributes "raise" "concern" "intimidation" or "threaten"? Passing a mythological lie called "sexual" "harassment" law in such a crass manner about something that has little or nothing to do with sexuality is a bit trashy and pervy. No such word as pervy that was made up. Perverted is the real word. The comment itself is not the problem, its the brainless moron who does not know how to listen to a compliment. Getting a compliment should not be called "demeaning" to say that is to dishnour the one who gave it. "Why is it "taboo" to compliment a woman on her breasts? Why does it have to be taboo to begin with, why can't it be as socially acceptable as telling her she has a lovely face? Why would anyone foolishly choose to be "averse" to their breasts and cleavage and rearend being complimented for, unless they would have known their evil thought is from Belial?

  • Bosomy Mistress

    How does one jump to conclusions that complimenting her attributes supposedly "raise" "concern","threaten", or so-called intimidation? It's not the compliment itself, but the reaction to it. When Richard Nixon in the seventies made a grave mistake by passing that myth called sexual hassling it is a complete disregard of the very feelings that constitutes me. Women overreacting to compliments suggests women are immature,lack confidence, have a bad personality, or simply suffer from a dysfunctional brain. Inexperience in women is not sexy. Sexual so-called harassment is blatant slander of men. The problem is not staring it's the so-called women who make such an issue out of it.

  • Pezski

    #8 wins the internet!

    and babes! Hallelujah!

  • greedy

    #38 picture needs to be a foot length frame down

  • greedy

    So generous of #11

  • greedy

    Hey #37 think i can have those when your done?

  • Jenifer098

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