• yoyo

    Awesome looking dog, im scared….

  • Loon

    "Get…. this …. damn… baby …. away …. from …. me"" -dog

    • AwkwardCanadian

      He's pretty much Brian from Family Guy:

  • kryptonian

    Awwwwwww so cute, beautiful dog!

  • justabill

    OOOoOOoOOooOO… I wanna be…
    God, that's annoying.

  • Piero

    First, gay!!

    • kryptonian


      • McBeastie666

        I don't know…he could have been the first gay to comment.

  • Zac


  • ChrisTheChiver

    30 sec would have been enough

  • kryptonian

    Why do idiots say FIRST when they clearly a minute or 2 posting behind others. DICKS!

    • JohnD

      Why do assholes hurry up and comment and then tell all the "firsters" that they fail and they are too late (in all caps, no less), then post an entire new post trying to trash them again? You sir, are wrong. Go home.

    • Mike

      Dude. You are a loser. Really? You have nothing better to do? Go whack off to flbp or something… Your comments are a detriment to The Chive.

  • Calgarian

    It's all fun an games until the dog gets pissed. It happened in Calgary, and the ending was tragic for the baby.

    • guest

      there are no signs of that dog getting "pissed" and there are no indications that the incident in Calgary was from a "pissed" dog or just a dog trying to move an unsupervised infant. I wouldn't be the least bit worried if I was watching my dog and baby interact like this video, but I would never leave my baby with a dog unsupervised, regardless of the breed.

    • Airdronian

      Honestly, I'm not comfortable myself around large dogs. And this video made me more uncomfortable then I would like.

      • allizdog

        Thats because you know nothing about canines. We fear what we dont know.

    • Duh

      You're right. A dog is still an animal. It happened here in Las Vegas too, and they put the dog down for it. I guess people assume that can someone how stop a large canine from permanently injuring or killing their infants, but it only takes ONE bite.

  • ps86

    anybody else expect the dog to snap at any second?

  • jreddy23

    Jesus…the dog sounds like Free Willy.

  • Crazy_Jake

    The dog is pleading that he stop that noise.. Its hurting his ears..

  • echogeo

    It's all adorable & cute until the baby grabs a fistful of fur and rips it out. Then you'll really hear some howling!

  • whatsmyhouse

    This is like the Family Guy bit with Brian yelling at the crying baby.

    • Gigitty

      I was just thinking, this must be how Stewie and Brian sound to everyone else when they're talking together.

      • Kirstie

        hahaha thats awesome!

  • kryptonian

    I love the thumbs down comments from the idiots who I told wasn't first. cry to mummy!!!! Little trolly boys

    • You're Mom's Mom

      Dude, you are more annoying than that dog and baby.

    • JohnD

      God you're a loser. Also, if you're going to call someone out on spelling/grammer you better use it right yourself. Weren't*

  • Sterling Rod

    Don't all dogs mimic that particular range? I guess I can talk to dogs too.

  • What

    Pause at 0:37. "Aint my paint brush!!!!"

  • Hurricane Harri

    I guess the owner of the dog doesn't understand pack mentality. That baby is going to get bit! it is obvious that the dog is competing with the baby for attention from the owner (Alpha Male/Female) against the baby who it sees as a pack member equal to it. Eventually, the dog is going to challenge the baby for hierarchy in the pack and attack. This is not a cute video! it is a warning.

    • ps86

      Hurricane Harri does not approve of cute dog/baby video

    • bcanddc

      You are correct! My wife trains dogs an is an animal behaviorist and said the same thing.

      • Oneupper

        That's nothing. My dog trains wives and said it's all good.

      • @z0phi3l

        I think you and your wife need to be reeducated in Dog behavior, there's no indications at all of the dog "challenging" the kid for attention or a spot in the pack, but it was a nice try at sounding smart

    • Davis

      If you armed the baby with a chainsaw I'd say they''d be about equal.

    • rebecca

      ALL huskies talk like this. I trained mine to do it when he's hungry or needs to go outside. He'll, he tells me stories sometimes. They don't do it because they're challenging anyone. They do it because they were either trained to, or learned to imitate themselves.

  • Eder

    When dog gets in babys face:

    Baby: Bitch I said let me ride yo' back

  • ps86

    lol seriously?

  • Jacob

    I cant believe that these parents would let a WOLF near their first born

    • Azairian

      seriously? thats not a wolf. and if youre sincere in that statement, then you are truly ignorant

      • Open your mind bro

        How about shut your mouth!!! You think this dude was serious with that comment !! Open your eyes and see the humour

        • Ivan

          Also, I think Jacob may have been pointing out that dogs are genetically about 99.8% gray wolves, and maybe pointing out the potential danger of this situation. BTW, I love dogs, but I would never let my infant or toddler be in this situation. All it takes is a quick snap of the teeth and permanant harm or death could occur. The parents of this child are complete idiots. I worry for this child's future…

          • Red

            I figured if I read enough comments I would find an idiot. Sooner then I expected though. Congratulations Ivan.

    • Joseph

      It doesn't look like a complete wolf. Pure and even half breed wolves are at least twice that size. It looks to me more like a husky

    • Lora

      That is not a wolf, it is a Siberian Husky. I know, I had one myself.

      • Anonymous

        dogs aren't panthers, they don't just randomly snap and murder everything. the ones that do that are dogs that have been/are being abused. dogs, when raised correctly, can easily be the best companions for kids.

  • Danno

    I'm the baby now not you

    No, I'm still the baby

    Nope, I'm the baby now not you

    No, I'm still the baby

  • Beverly Glover

    Dog, "please make it stop. I can't bear it!"

  • Hypper


  • Jimbo

    Was just hoping that the dog would go psycho and bite the babys face off.

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