Found: Alana Blanchard (32 Photos)

Alana Blanchard has quickly become one of the most recognized surfers in the world. Just about every photo she takes is dripping with internet gold. Alana's not only the proud owner of a world-class tush, she's also really good at her job.

Alana's won just about every big event from the Women's Pipeline in Hawaii to the Rip Curl Girl's Fest in Spain. Alana designs Rip Curl Bikinis, lives in Hawaii, and keeps a flawless Twitter Machine.

Did I mention her Twitter Machine?

Alana’s Twitter Machine.

  • momo

    sweet mother of god

    • boB

      I second that…

      • gunnar


      • Poop Stain

        I would crawl thru a mile of broken glass just to eat the peanuts out of her shit.

    • max

      ummmm is that tori black on the left?


    • Big_James

      She also happens to be best friends with Soul Surfer Bethany Hamilton and was with her the day she was attacked by a shark. She is an amazing surfer and one hell of a cool chick. Great job Chive for showcasing her.

    • StickyWickets

      If you have instagram she's definitely worth following

  • yeahhh buddy

    Love that ass#32

    • Forty Creek

      and that gap to boot #16 #17 WOW just WOW.

      • Alana Blanchard

        Thank you, Forty. Would you like to slide your penis into my vagina then into my back door for a yummy cummy good time?

  • Sebastian


  • maf

    Full of win

  • gman

    Enter text right

    • JHL1

      Exit, stage left.

  • xjrich

    #19 omg heaven!

  • MOAR

    #28 Looks like a hell of a party.

  • Chiefhenry27

    #27 Her + Hawaii = heaven

  • MW88

    by the beard of zeus!

    • mike

      great odens raven

  • Porkins

    So young, beautiful and talented, and I am so jealous #19

  • Jones

    and she is an amazing surfer to boot!

  • LeO

    I'm loving that ass! Hell yea ❤

  • echogeo

    This could be a Summer Olympics Sport with Victoria Secret models vs Sports Illustrated models.
    Just a thought…

    • Jack Wagon

      Vs chivettes

    • passwordistaco

      Get this man on the Olympic Committee

  • Dumpster

    Take a warm squishy dump

    • Gross

      Just did. Didn't come out quite as planned. 😦

      • Got the runs

        Me as well and right now I could shit through a screen door :/

  • 617Chiver

    #22 I'd grab that buoy of hers in a second.

    • spud

      Tunnels, Kauai

  • Jesuitmurray

    You guys running this shit are way late on this broads train…been around for years…wake up murray sucks by the way..

    • Anon

      Nobody gives a shit about what you have to say.

    • Nigga_ass_nigga


    • hmmm

      how dare you speak of Murray that way!! COMMUNIST !!!

    • Yuppp

      Were you beat up a lot in school?

    • roger

      yeah, looks like she's been around for 22 years. way late. (rolls eyes)

      • wow

        you tough guys really showed Jesuitmurray

    • Cody

      As a site who deals in randomness and hot chicks I believe it has nothing to do with her skills on a board. Simply that it has only recently become okay for the general public to spend long hours admiring her "assets" without being called perverts, pedophiles, or just down right creepy. So before start hunting on a site remember what the site is about and recognize that if you have an opinion they are like assholes. Everyone has one and I don't really give a shit about yours

  • RyaNAKED

    Pffft – who's the other hot chick in #26

  • pimpninjaa

    #22 #29 pure beauty

  • moses

    No me gusta. Muy flaca… A mi gusta las gordas

    • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

      bullshito, moses.


      • Jeeeeez

        Enough with the CKTAM already, you are embarrassing yourself.

        • Belly

          ^^What he said.

  • jkmcdermott

    #28 – #19 – Am I sensing a (really hot) lesbian angle to this story?

    • FormBeeKnow

      I mean lesbi-honest

    • the internet

      #19 The other girl is Coco Ho , another hawaiian pro surfer.

  • Tillman61

    She's definitely recognizable… #4

  • NorCal420

    shes such a sav on a surf board. oh that booty dont hurt either 😀

  • sdsurfn

    this makes the sweet baby jeebus smile

  • GeeGonkey!

    Go there she has a new webisode every monday or tuesday, definitely worth the view

  • wokka

    #7 I bet she's a champ at more than surfing!!!!

    • She'sgay

      Champeen muff diver too…thats what she is.

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