These nuts take their graffiti seriously (6 Photos)

  • seanbear

    anyone with a harsh comment clearly doesn't understand the art of graffiti. they aren't throwing up gang signs you morons, those are their tags and you can't even see if they are good or not because the picture is too far away. think the plain ORANGE bridge in the middle of the forest looks better without graffiti on it? lol, really? and if you think they have buffers to paint over graffiti in the middle of the damn rainforest your mistaken. pretty sure those tags will be there for a while.

    secondly, they had to spray from a weird side angle WHILE LEANING ON THE WALL which makes it almost impossible to paint. how they even sprayed the tags that big with that kind of positioning is beyond me…. it's impressive to people who aren't ignorant fuck-tards. stupidity is not to be confused with huge balls, confidence, or dedication. idiots…..

  • These nuts take their graffiti seriously

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