Well put (30 Photos)

  • Morgan

    #12 has gross nails… just saying

  • wheresmybeer

    #3 There's a shitload of straight people too, but you don't see them advertising it on billboards. enough already, we get the idea

  • MattyDeuce

    yea, how was this "well put?"

    • Wisti

      I think it's that without glasses everything looks plain and solid colours, glasses make you realize there are details. Like leaves…I definitely didn't know people could see tree leaves from 100 feet away. I always thought they were green blobs before I finally got glasses…

  • UncleRoast

    #7 #18 this trend of captioning that old photo is hilarious! One of my faves is "Legos? You mean my carpet?"

  • paigelenee1025

    The "If it's in stock, we've got it!" is from Austin, TX!!! It's about a mile from where I live 🙂 So much fun to see it on here!

  • cdnalor

    #3 How can people "get over it" when you won't shut up about it?

    • misscsr

      but…people would shut up about it if you'd get over it…

  • http://twitter.com/KyleMasson @KyleMasson

    So "Alec" is double dipping. He has the same post on: http://bepersian.com/well-put-30-photos/

  • Chickle

    #26 is right by my house

    • Chickle

      #24 actually

  • alex

    #7 #18 Way to take a funny meme and turn it into shit.

    • gmc

      It's already gone past funny and straight to tragic and sad. It is now in the same place as chuck norris, rick roll, "in soviet russia tv watches you" – that kind of tired shit.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #14 – so true.

  • gma

    #10 right, I'm going to take advice from a fucking pincushion.

  • gma

    #4 what a ridiculously tragic point of view

  • K-1

    #19: Or a doctor!!!

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  • HillbillyNinja

    #22 Duane Allman was a genius and one hell of a musician. It's too bad that he had a lifestyle that was totally incompatible with life.

  • Scott

    #21 Gotta love EuroShopper

  • mongoose5271

    #1 Sage advice, young one…sage advice.

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