Kitchen gadgets that might just be game-changers (33 Photos)

via Buzzfeed

via Buzzfeed

  • Ian

    #20 those are snails

    • gotcha

      Chive fail…

    • rae

      that is what i said…

    • Ike

      Can't blame them for the mistake. After all, both snails and bunnies have a shel…

      Well, they both move very slowl…

      They're both animals.

    • Really?

      When the peel comes out, it looks like bunny ears. They're only partial bunnies before you peel the orange. How is nobody seeing that?

      • Hazel

        you're an idiot. that's a snail.

      • Davedoesn'tgetit

        Because it isn't happening?

        Unless there is a species of rabbit that slides along the ground on its belly, leaving a small trail as it goes.

        • really slow rabbit

          chive just trolled all your asses

    • Andi Moritz Barber


    • Ryan

      They are snails….. I have a pet rabbit, and last time I checked he doesn't have a shell on his back…. The point of this product is to make it look like the snail is climbing on the fruit. They're even life size. Just goes to show ya…. Everybody's mind works differently. Rabbits…. Ha, not laughing at you whoever said these were rabbits, laughing with you.

  • Wes Jones

    #20. They look like snails.

  • bignewf

    #27 shit just got real

    • Silverstone

      I have GOT to get me one of those!!!

  • xjrich

    #29 for lunch please

  • echogeo

    Good thing it's lunch time. Tacos & waffle sticks with a side of pigs in a blanket. Maybe a cone for dessert.
    #19 #16 #3 #27

  • JimmyP06

    Not enough bacon in this post

  • Bethany Salyer

    #20… did you mean snail?

    • Geno

      my thoughts exactly

  • bigcityreem

    #13 Would be good for parties.

    • KatieOKCCO

      I have the 6 bottle version and it is perfect for parties. It pours exactly one shot.

      • Tommy Callahan

        the six shooter is awesome

    • Verbal_Kint

      Except my hammered friends would be trying to get 9 shots out of it, knock it over and smash it on the ground. Other than that, yeah, it's awesome. I might need some new friends…

    • Steve_French

      Meh. Looked into these, but most are meant for 0.75 L. If you buy handles, it's useless.

      Also, see Verbal_Kint comment.

  • DeAnna

    um…yes please for most all of these!

  • dar

    #23 & #33 but my names not Ted or Bob?

    • Dexter

      The cubes BOB in your drink.

      • ...

        And the pancakes Ted in your mouth

    • Jeff

      Then you clearly can't use either

    • So_english

      #23 misses an "O" 😛

  • NoodlumNad

    #33 AKA a water bottle

    • knaimoli

      My thoughts exactly!

    • Silverstone

      …or an empty ketchup/mustard squeeze bottle!

  • Verbal_Kint

    I seriously need to invent some useless shit to solve problems people don't have and get rich.

    • SouthernRebel18B

      Or rename the things they already have, show a new way to use it and bam. Like #33

    • BygNick

      So you're going into pharmaceuticals??

  • LCR915

    Where is a woman? They're the ultimate kitchen gadget for making sandwiches. And they clean up after themselves

    • louistulley

      Too expensive

      • GatOner

        They seem to be very noisey as well…

        • ...

          And bring around bears with their menstration

    • SouthernRebel18B

      They cost a lot up front, then there's all these hidden and sunk expenses during ownership and don't even get me started on their buy-out. For the love of God, that buy-out is costly…

  • johnny

    da fuq is a martini atmoizer?

    • eastcoaster

      vermouth sprayer……..dont want too much!

    • theBoognish

      it's used to spray the glass with vermouth

      • ...

        What's vermouth??

      • Steve_French

        0.5 thumbs for knowledge. 0.5 thumbs for Gene and Dean.

  • Mmm

    #22 Who in the hell "wants" more beer foam?

    • JEREMY

      my thoughts exactly…

      • Mark

        I'd love to flip a switch and get more head.

    • Socrates

      THANK YOU!

    • Pshaw!

      And for $44?? Looks like some cheap crap from Spencer's

    • Sam

      This 'invention' needs that jackie Chan wtf picture beneath it

    • DavidZH

      Some of you guys around the world might not know it, but some beers actually get their flavor form the foam.
      That is also why you get those beers in a different kind of glass (bowl).
      Use this gadget, but wisely…

      • Etown

        Looks like we're dealing with a badass over here

    • Notknowing

      Dis shit won't work on 'Mercian beer cause it goes flat in less than 5 minutes.

      • Canadianother

        You need to be educated on American craft beer.

        American beer is NOT only the macro garbage most people consume.

        • Orukal

          Craft beer. When micro brew is too mainstream.

    • Guest :)

      People that drink real beer?

    • JohnnyDingo

      German's those guys love it.

  • Joe

    #17 I distinctly remember being in a useless inventions album… and #20 is a snail, not a bunny.

    • guest

      My wife is paralyzed on her left side….perfect for her to eat pasta. (#17)

      • roger

        oh, and she could never, ever, eat pasta before this amazing fork was invented.

      • ...

        How would she get it to her mouth ?

  • Forest

    Most of these are awesome, but why in the world would you need #22? Do they also make a device that puts the skin on top of your pudding?

    • Keither

      Everytime pudding is mentioned, reminds me of this.

  • StarboardEngine

    Why would you want foamy beer?? Must be a European invention, for European beer. Fail.


    #22 why would you want more foam?

    • gr8fuldad

      If you're drinking a beer with flavor, the head will release the flavor in the beer. If you're drinking Miller Lite just keep punching a hole in the side of the can and shotgunning it.

      • Clay Morgan

        ^this…also makes the beer less filling if its not completely carbonated

  • sfb101

    Most of these items seem pretty useless to me. There's more than one way to do what a lot of these do. Personally I could use #14

    • catmoustache

      Your comment contradicts itself.

    • roger

      no one buys these for themselves. you buy them as a "gift" for someone else.

    • gr8fuldad

      for the most part vermouth is extinct in a martini, if someone insists on having it, do an 'in-n-out' martini; splash in the glass, swirl it and toss it before filling with vodka or gin

      • GatOner

        Thank you for that. And I'm not being a sercastic asshole either…

      • Yes?

        Burn the glass?

  • Brian

    Here comes the Easter Snail!

  • mrmostlymittens


    I ALSO think its a snail…

  • Brian

    If you put salt on a bunny do the die?

    • dar

      If you stomped on his head to keep him from running away.

    • Silverstone

      Brian, WTF were you trying to say?

  • StarboardEngine

    Perfect for anyone looking for that elusive power-up to finally achieve Expert Level on the Laziness Scale.

  • Sho Nuff

    Shopping for my step-dad Bob – done.

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