Some faces just weren’t meant to be swapped (36 Photos)

  • jdubslc

    #5 and #27 wakka wakka! And #32… Where is the swap? I think that one was meant for another gallery… Kcco

  • tkk

    And a good laugh was had by all

  • LeO

    Lmao #35

    • HereWeGo

      Kinda looks like Sarah Jessica Parker

  • Anjin-San

    #23 LOL

    • jim

      Kind of looks like Josh from Drake and Josh

    • Ca nadakent

      The common factor is both of them badly want to be American.

  • Lol

    #10 & #32 The REAL Justin Bieber! Hahaha…

    • MonkeyMadness

      What's the difference?

    • Mike Hunt

      He's such a little bitch

    • Dee

      they forgot to swap the faces…

  • Doc

    #19 In Soviet Russia…

    • Firefighter23

      Whoa whoa whoa. There were black people in Soviet Russia?

  • Cringer


    those eyes make me cringe…

    • IrishChive

      Its horrifying

    • Ergggghhhhh

      My dreams are going to be haunted by this

    • Willie

      Resident Evil?

  • computer blue

    I feel like i need to purify myself in the waters of lake minnetonka.

  • MonkeyMadness

    #3 It's Amy Farrah Fowler from the Big Bang Theory. 😛

    • poopman

      i think i just fouled my pants.

    • Holmespump

      and Tom Brady.

  • fibonacci5150

    it was a bit early for that lol

  • William

    #10 i dont see anything wrong with this picture.

    • Not American

      Just two girls out on the town, nothing to see here folks.

  • Anonymous

    #31… the hads look more menacing in the second picture

  • Biebers a douche

    10 and 32 look as they normally do!

  • spliggs

    #11, #27 made me LOL

  • Kiki

    Best one hands down #34!

  • roger

    #15 this one gets me every time.

  • Paige

    #10 and #32 seriously look real lol

  • Anthony

    #12 is just full of win.

  • Zaedrus

    #10, cuz it's well done
    #24, #34 cuz they're funny.

  • Shiguy

    Seriously Chive….stop with this post.

  • Brandon

    That was cool. You added like three pics into the same set that Buzzfeed posted a few days ago.

  • dbrown6535

    #35 !! I made this one and submitted it to the chive months ago. Somehow it was grabbed from ""?? Weird.

  • chris

    #10 well, aren't you going to switch them/

  • TXChiver

    #10, #32 Really seem natural

  • Dawg


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