FPS Russia + theCHIVE = lights out!

FPS is apparently a BIG fan of theCHIVE, and he is launching a new mobile game which will include CHIVE in-game gear. If you are not familiar with FPS Russia, he’s nucking futs. He’s known for shooting and blowing up, well, just about anything. Check out my favorite video here.

FPS is currently utilizing Kickstarter to fund the development of this game and is offering Chivers an exclusive package:

theCHIVE PACK – $45: You get theCHIVE + FPS Russia EXCLUSIVE long sleeve black t-shirt, CHIVE + FPS poster, access to virtual Chive gun in game, $30 in game credit, your name listed as a CHIVER in the credits section off the game, FPS Russia dog tags, digital art book of concept art, FPS Russia stickers, Kickstarter exclusive in-game weapon PLUS early access to the Chicken Gun.

Check out his Kickstarter video below:

Click HERE to check out the Kickstarter campaign!

  • JonV

    Fps is the man

  • LeO


  • Aidan

    FPS is Awesome






    • Livin' Legend

      Have nice day.

    • IMVHO

      When you have a chicken on your cock, the relative nature of morality becomes quite clear.

    • ggg

      Hey Mao. Here's the thing about capitalism: if you "do not want", you don't have to buy.

      • That Guy

        Except for health insurance- you are forced to give to them.

  • DeAnna

    Hafta admit, I enjoyed watching his Kickstarter video. Well done

  • KevinSunBurn

    In soviet Russia $45 turns into $75!

    • ali

      its the $30 dollar game credit that he "gives" you

  • Shabooms

    FPS: shoot shit and chive on.

  • Brent

    FPS kicks ass! His videos are hilarious!

  • Da_Boz

    How much do I have to pay to keep theChive out of this thing altogether…?

  • Romansipated

    He is about as russian as my great aunt Myrtle.

    I like shooting guns as much as the next guy but this is just some poor little rich kid from Georgia using a gimmick. His accent sucks.

    • Rob

      Yeah his name is Kyle Myers. Anyone with any decent google-fu knows that. Sounds like you're just bitter you didn't think of it first.

    • IMVHO

      You just need to eat some bran to get the Romanian out of your back-end.

  • Skomad

    He says theChive pack is $75 in his video….. Someone is trolling….

    • Mewtwo

      Omg whytf are you complaining its LESS money be STOKED

  • Big Bad boy

    KCCO+FPS! Awesome! I'm IN.

  • Phil

    Make paula one of the skins and I'm sold

  • beavercleaver

    I've already backed this, FPS is tha Boss

  • Fred Cooper

    This is genius! Just bought my pack!! When do i get my Tshirt???

    • TommyKnockers

      srsy if $45 gets me a chive on t-shit and anything like a FPS game I'm in… somehow I'm not sold that there really is a video game and I'd be pissed paying the 45 for a $20 T (when they are in stock).

      • TommyKnockers

        ….just a T….just saying

  • http://twitter.com/Yunacef @Yunacef


  • Chive Luvah

    Totally BOSS. Chive rules. FPS shoots the coolist stuff

  • Adam

    Shut up and take my $$

  • alla

    DONE!! I can't wait to be part of something so exciting!

  • dan005

    LOL…in leo's favorite video of the guy, hes talking about a remote control helicopter and says the technology is 10yrs ahead of anything we have now…that shit looked 10yrs behind if anything. It was all wobbly and and had difficulty aiming the gun.

    • Dudelover

      Mad quiet tho

      • weaksauce

        also mad fake. was proven to be a promo for a video game.

        • Dudelover

          wait the helicopter was fake or it's fake because its a promo

    • Guz

      And would seem to rely on the enemy not being able to hit a stationary target ten yards away. Basic training week one.

    • MohawkJon

      Black ops 2 gimmick.
      Did you think that was real?
      I bet you believe in man-bear-pig too

  • thenotoriousklg

    Best money I've ever spent. FPS is THE MAN!

  • Cory

    I'm IN! Seems much easier than trying to get your hands on a keep calm and chive on shirt the old fashioned way.

  • Word up?

    I hope this is nothing like the Russian mail-order bride ordering. Long story short… I got the Russian hustle!
    In Soviet Russia… video game plays you!

  • burstis

    can't wait– this game looks sick.

  • Jess

    Keep Calm and Have Nice Day.

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