FPS Russia + theCHIVE = lights out!

FPS is apparently a BIG fan of theCHIVE, and he is launching a new mobile game which will include CHIVE in-game gear. If you are not familiar with FPS Russia, he’s nucking futs. He’s known for shooting and blowing up, well, just about anything. Check out my favorite video here.

FPS is currently utilizing Kickstarter to fund the development of this game and is offering Chivers an exclusive package:

theCHIVE PACK – $45: You get theCHIVE + FPS Russia EXCLUSIVE long sleeve black t-shirt, CHIVE + FPS poster, access to virtual Chive gun in game, $30 in game credit, your name listed as a CHIVER in the credits section off the game, FPS Russia dog tags, digital art book of concept art, FPS Russia stickers, Kickstarter exclusive in-game weapon PLUS early access to the Chicken Gun.

Check out his Kickstarter video below:

Click HERE to check out the Kickstarter campaign!

  • wheresmybeer

    He's not even Russian…he's an idiot

  • Verbal_Kint

    That looks remarkably similar to the Metal Slug series.

  • http://twitter.com/TheWiggelsworth @TheWiggelsworth

    aaaaaaaaaaand there goes $45

  • http://www.facebook.com/Betz.23 Brandon Betz

    When you aren't recording does he go back to sounding like FPS Kyle or does he stick with the fake accent?

  • Annonymous

    In soviet Russia, the chives…

    Oh wait this guy isn't from Russia. Damn 'mericans.

  • Ryker

    I'm am now backing this as well. I love both theChive and FPS Russia. I ordered theChive pack ($45), but when will we be able to choose what size of t-shirt we want? I understand they probably aren't even printed yet, but I don't want to get a small or an XXL 3 months down the road when these things ship out, lol. As always, Keep Calm and Chive On.

    • ericblair

      PLANT!!!! your an intern doing b%^ch work…..!

  • Paul B

    Jeeze, wish you guys would've pounced on the Kaiju Combat video game that was looking for backers……. But is Professional Russian. Is good.

    Have Nice Day.

  • David

    Isn't that the dude with drone helicopters in the COD Black Ops 2 commercial that kills the horse lady?!

    • http://vtdispatcher.blogspot.com VTDispatcher51

      Yes, he is.

      • ericblair

        Its all Cod advertising!

  • M82A1 SASR

    STOP! You had me at .50 BMG Raufoss. Oh the memories.

  • Marc

    I fucking love that guy!

  • Ern

    He sounds like a tool.

  • WTF

    what the hell happen to the more underground chive…the chive that was spread only by word of mouth to other good people…..This seems way to much like commercializing

    • ericblair

      damn right they are paid to post this kind of stuff.. and the videos on youtube of this guy.. they vet your coments so you cant call it out as obvious fake viral vids….

  • Bill

    I'll pay $75 to keep the Chive out of this. It's a neat gesture but there are thousands upon thousands of Tweens that will start flooding the Chive….."first" will be welcoming after what's about to come.

  • Tony

    Ummm You all understand this is all an act and he is really American. Entertaining but not Russian at all. Google FPSKyle and yo can find some videos with his real voice.

  • ericblair

    This is just viral advertising! for Cod etc. now the chive is trying to advertise by posting stuff and claiming its not an advert….. they get paid loads for hyping this…

  • David P

    Wow. I just heard.

    Chive, care to comment about the murder of Keith Ratliff? Weapons manager at fpsrussia?

  • Clint F

    RIP Brother….. You will be missed, KCCO in the great beyond!

  • Evilution

    FPS Russia kicks ass but have you seen the crap design of the Chive/FPS crossover t-shirt? It's pretty sucky.

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