Hot Right Now: Definitive survey breaks down Sex in the great outdoors (9 Photos)

If you live in any of these houses then you officially win at life (35 Photos)

  • Ben

    #12 That phone isn't even plugged in!!

  • FoilSquee

    I never thought I would hear the Chive admit that hard work alone can't get you there.

  • Zaedrus

    #21 Puts the GR in swinger, Baby, yeah!

  • BOB

    #12 This guy didn't want to kill the tree to build the house… he wanted to cage it and slowly watch it die from lack of sunlight………… sinister!

  • RobbyRob901

    #29 add a tv, mini fridge and ps3 and I would never have to leave that room.

  • Treybo1

    #13 and #24 = lovely. And the rest don't exactly suck.

  • Buckethead

    #3 i'd settle for watching mma in this pad

  • Acdc

    #29 – Best jerk off chair ever?

  • theMAN

    I saw all of these pics yesterday in a single post on Reddit.

  • Crazy_Jake

    Pretty cool shit i must say..

  • von Mises

    Every one of these homes should be sold and all proceeds given to the gov't. Anyone who owns one of these homes should be forced to pay 85% in taxes, which less than their fair share. They're lucky we don't put them in prison, and we just might.

    *signed – every f***ing dumb ass who voted for the tyrant we call Obama

    • theMAN

      And that was your crazy ass rant of the day. Brought to you by THAT GUY ^^^^

  • Uhyah

    Gotta say #31 wins for me. I can even live with the Chive-like coloring.

  • K-1

    #3: This made me drool… What a set up!

  • JustTrollin

    These houses are ok, but a bit too much, even if you winn the lottery. I'd still prefer a simple 3 or 4 room cottage on a tropical beach somewhere…

  • markkens

    you too can have one if you just create something like the Chive and receive bacon

  • Canucks_Rule

    #3 #33 – want.

  • Coincidence

    OMG! One of these is my parents new house in Pahoa! Weird beans

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  • MohawkJon

    Outdoor waterfall shower??
    Fuck… These were my work pants…

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