Daily Afternoon Randomness in HQ (40 Photos)

  • Dak


    • lemurfart

      wtf Dak, you're giving me a bad name commenting first. btw that your real name? cant say i see it very often, or ever.

    • Herb

      Yeah! You the MAN! The rest of us have crap like work, a life, girlfriend, responsibilities, hobbies, you know. Wow, I envy you.

      • Herbert

        You're so cool herb.

    • üäö

      John counts to potato

    • TheDoctor

      #26 Dude looks angry to me.

  • kyle

    #15 the best

    • urinal puck

      #39 the best…..there ya go, fixed it.

      • seattlechiver

        Is the best!

      • Drew

        That's a sexy girl

    • üäö

      at least the first meme

    • bdg

      I want to spend Christmas with #16!!!!!! Wooooooooo!!!

  • Catnip

    DAR a day keeps the doctor away

  • Steve

    Prayers for everyone in Connecticut. And thanks to The Chive for the much needed distraction

    • geno26kcco

      Agreed I wouldnt be able to keep calm if i couldnt chive on

    • Troy

      We really needed this…give everyone you know a hug.

      • geno26kcco

        you my good sir deserve a thumbs up

    • Oltimey

      a HUGE KCCO for everyone over there.

    • Brian

      I don't know what we can do, but I think it is time for another Chive charities benefit for the families effected in Connecticut.

      • Carl

        We can begin by supporting gun control

        • Oltimey

          debate tomorrow…grieve today.

        • keystone183

          Ultimate ignorant fail.

          • SureDid

            I think he actually wins at ignorance.

        • Tim

          Hurray for grave dancing Carl!

        • ShakeyTheMoil

          Or concealed carry. Maybe someone could have shot the mother fucker?!

        • a thought

          Guns don't kill people, people kill people. Gun control or not, stuff like this is going to happen. Sad I know, but gun control is not the answer.

        • Carl

          41 thumbs down in a few hours? I thought the Chivers were more than a bunch of gun toting rednecks. I guess I was wrong.

          • Wisti

            You know how pot is "illegal and controled"? Tell me, how long would it take for you to get some if you wanted it? Are you really ignorant enough to believe the killers would not get guns off the black market (as many ex felons already do because they are banned from buying)? The ONLY people gun control would stop would be the innocent.

            Like a lock on a door, it's really only to keep honest people out, a robber will simply kick your door in.

        • certom

          Finally. I agree with you. I guess you're European as well?

        • Anotherwes

          Its the people, not the tools….

        • TheGnome

          you can have my gun when you take it from my cold dead hand.

    • Guy Incognito

      Hopefully chive charities can get involved once the aftermath settles down.

    • urinal puck

      You dumb fucking ignorant American's and your love of gun's has brought this on. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

      • jim

        And now we know how you got YOUR name……

      • ShakeyTheMoil

        So says the sheep….

  • ChivetteKellie

    #30 ftw. Go Zoe!

  • Lee


  • SVSumm

    #39… Speechless

    • Pontisan

      Hungry! That looks yummy!

      • 617Chiver

        Her name is Dylan…only an overwhelmingly beautiful girl can pull off a guy's name…we must see the hump and the face.

        • Anonymoose

          Ask and you shall receive. mydylan [dot] tumblr [dot] com

    • DaveB

      We are still going to need MOAR!!!

    • zackgonick

      Holy Odin! That's hot!

    • Teddy Roxspin

      Ermahgerddd. I don't think this homer will ever go away!

      • Teddy Roxspin


        • Unfkngblvbl

          I shall now name my dick Homer…LOL

    • http://facebook.com/daaneskjold Chazz_B

      always a big fan of transparencies

    • OlderWiserDude

      Would love to kiss her green mistletoe…Ahhh I'm gonna need a cold beer and a cold shower after I work out….

      If like me, you want a lovely dame in your life…then start taking the steps that will get you there…otherwise you and I dont get to bitch about not having (it)…cause we've made a choice not to work towards that goal.

      • Dontfearthecreaper

        You might want to do the cold shower before you workout, what with gym shorts and all…

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      FFS. my girlfriend is back from a three month stint in Pakistan and I'm going to be a dried up husk with nothing to offer if you keep posting these!

    • DrSniffer

      What a fucking whore! Nice pussy slut!

      • JAFitC

        Thanks for your distasteful comment, Mr. Grinch. We return you now to our regular programming.

        • Cornholio

          Is it more distasteful then sending a closeup picture of your pussy to an internet site? I hope her Dad see this and has a fucking heart attack.

    • Tomas

      Yes, photo two in this series is absolutely beautiful.

    • John (not that one)

      need more Dylan!!!

    • wrangler

      holy cow…
      that made MY nipples hard!

      • http://twitter.com/Tim_Coverdale @Tim_Coverdale

        Marry me

  • camboslice

    #6 and #39, stunning

    • bob_the_cook

      mydylan.tumblr.com .

      • majorfathead

        I know she has an amazing body but she;s kinda got a SJP face "Whinny"

    • aosidnasd

      these ruined the rest of it for me.

    • Clint

      At first I thought #6 was the greatest ass ever. Then realized they were just boobs. Geez I really miss hump day 😦 and yes, #39 is AMAZING.

  • Tillman61

    #14 We knew you guys led charmed lives, but to have Michelle stop by… #22 That is a HQ show stopper.

    • FarmBoy

      After watching it for the 100th time, anyone notice the two creepers in the background.

    • bollyver

      I took the time to watch complete Michelle racing video. She actually won that race and was very sportsmanlike afterwards. She probably could have beaten the men's team as well, they couldn't run after watching that warm up.

  • sfb101

    #31 2 of my favorite things!

    • kcford

      what about Bill??

    • curiosity kills

      What are the chances that is Paula ??

      • Yuppp

        0% chance. The girl in the picture doesn't have tots that sag to the floor. Plus I don't see a troll snout sticking out.

    • Bob Wiley

      I thought hat sideboob looked familiar…

      • JHL1

        but good eye

  • BigtotheD

    #14 Her hotness factor went way up with the chive vid.. so hawt

    • Thank you

      please give an entire post of the visit. Outtakes and all

    • They're Mesmerized

      Please notice the guys in the background watching

    • just4fun88

      are you shitting me? Cant believe that, well maybe cuz Iam druck…

      • just4fun88


  • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

    #16 Thanks for the encore.

    I'm devastated by the developments in Connecticut. Stop for a minute and pray for them.


    • charity

      please start a collection to help those in their time of need

  • sarah

    pray for those affected by CT tragedy…..much love to the victims ❤ ❤

    • urinal puck

      Prayers all the way.
      I heard a man in China tired to do the same. But they have strict gun laws and he tried to use a knife. Didn't kill a single person.
      It's amazing that with all the issues in the world, the biggest issue most Americans have is the right to bear arms.
      Time to re-think your priorities.

      • dedubs
        • Deep Dish

          I feel kind of weird giving a thumbs up to a post that says "22 kids were stabbed"

        • urinal puck

          wounded 22, sorry but there is a big fuckin difference.

      • Tim

        You're a sick grave dancing fuck.

        Anti's just love this shit. Sickos.

      • Jawbone

        Coming from a cocksucker named urinal puck I'm hardly surprised. Anyone thumb upping that dickmunch should be ashamed.

      • thedude325

        Dude seriously? By the way the same sort of thing happened last year in China and 21 kids died. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/School_attacks_in_Ch… Still think it's the guns fault?

        • jared

          No one is going to win this argument here – I think I'll pray now and debate gun control tomorrow. This story is truly heartbreaking.

        • McBeastie666

          You've got a list of multiple killings and killers from a two year period on that wiki page. Not exactly the same thing. Not stepping on either side of the argument right now but you guys seem to love the fact that some Chinese people are killing with knives, which doesn't seem to be the most intelligent way to approach the gun debate here in the US.

          • Frank

            That's becasue it's not a gun debate. It's a debate on how to stop crazy fucks from killing children in schools, whatever the meathod.

            The people that scream for gun control the moment the bodies hit the floor care little of the people that are dead. They are more interested in using the tradgedy as a soap box to push their political views.

            I have little doubt that the guards that stopped the man in China saved lives. We use men with guns to guard our money, but not our children. The purpertrator of this was obviously sick in the head and needed mental help. Sadly, I think the solution to the problem is more complicated than trying to ban an object that was already banned from being there, commiting crimes that are already banned from doing.

            • McBeastie666

              So basically, "whatever the method," unless it's seriously talking about gun control. I think you're very wrong when you say that everyone that wants to talk about gun control is using tragedy for political gain. Maybe the talking heads on TV, but not real people. And if we can't talk about it after a tragedy, then when? Because just when things settle down, out comes another maniac with an arsenal. Also, we just want a reasonable discussion….nobody is calling for a ban on anything (nobody that's trying to be reasonable)…just some serious debate about our gun culture and how it affects our citizens and what we can do about it. All I'm saying is bringing in statistics from China isn't a reasonable or relevant debate.

              • Frank

                "Whatever the method" the killer used.

                See how you only think of it as gun debate? And not how to protect children from a madman? Kids stabbed to death or shot, I find one no better than the other.

                The fact that you think the mass stabbings in schools in China are irrelevant is typical isolationist American thinking. One day you might want to try and learn from the rest of world, and not just dismiss it as irrelevant and unreasonable.

                Connecticut has some of the toughest gun laws in the country. School shootings happen in countries with even tougher gun laws. (Sorry, I forgot you have no interest in anything outside of the US.).

                Perhaps part the problem is creating "Gun Free Zones" and actually expect people that are going to commit murder to listen to it.

                And you must be really out in your own little world if you think no one is talking about banning anything.

                • McBeastie666

                  Wow. I don't think you even read my response because I don't believe the nastiness of yours was called for.
                  And yes, in response to the wiki article that I originally responded to, it is not relevant. Stabbings in China over a two year period are relevant how to our debate? Because I'm sure if you pull shootings over a two year period here in the states you'll notice the extreme disproportionate nature of that conversation.
                  And again, REASONABLE people are asking for a dialogue, not a ban. It helps to be reasonable on both sides of the issue…which you don't seem to be.
                  And yes…it's a gun debate because that is what it is….if you feel more comfortable calling it an ammunition debate than so be it.

                  • Frank

                    It's relevant to the discussion because it shows a madman with a will to kill will do so, gun or no.

                    The nastiness stems from you trying to say that dead kids in a school can't be compare to each other because they were killed in a different method. I guess I see the problem as kids dying, not kids getting shot. Someone doesn't need a gun to kill kids.

                    I don't know of another situation where people are killed where people focus more on an object than on the killer.

                    Unfortunately reasonable people are a tiny minority against the unreasonable people trying to ban guns as a knee jerk reaction. Quite frankly I have yet to see an article asking for reasonable debate. I see most championing gun control.

                    It's a gun debate because you say it is I guess.
                    I would call it a mental health issue, because I don't only focus on the fact a gun was used instead of a bomb or fire or knife. Trying to make it a gun control issue is skirting the real problem, the one with tougher answers.

                    • Frank

                      I also like how you pretend you are not about gun control. You are about discussion. About what exactly? Gun control.

                    • Frank

                      You want to talk about our gun culture and what we can do about it.

                      I wish more people were discussing about mentally unstable people, and what can be done about them, how they can be helped before things get this far.

                    • Frank

                      But I guess that wont happen, because like you said, even "reasonable" people like yourself see it as a "gun debate" not a mental health problem.

                    • Frank

                      Reasonable discussion occurs all year long. The day of a mass shooting doesn't lend itself to reasonable discussion, only emotionally charged knee jerk ones.

                    • McBeastie666

                      I'm not pretending to be anything. I'm simply calling for a reasonable discussion and not the same old "I could kill someone with a spoon, so we should ban spoons?" infantile debate (not your words, I know). It's time to take this seriously.
                      And if you are still adamant that knife attacks in China are relevant, how exactly does 21 deaths by knives by multiple attackers between March 2010 and September 2011; and 26 killed in the US by one gunman on one day in December of 2012 exactly help your argument?
                      When the object that is used is so disproportionately responsible for the cause of death than any other object, and is also disproportionately a problem in our country versus any other country on the face of the planet…it deserves to be part of the debate.
                      Or we could reduce ourselves to talking about banning spoons or some such nonsense. I think I know where you stand.

                    • Frank

                      I don't know where you get the disproportionately part. Heard of cars? Yeah, it's an object that kills more people than guns do. In Canada knives are killing more people than guns.

                      My point is not that a knife is equal to a gun, but that the object isn't the root issue, the person using it is.

                      Gun crime has been declining for years in the states, even though there are more guns than ever out there. I think that needs to be part of the debate too. I think its not the availability of guns that is the problem (Most gun crimes in the US are occurring in the places with the tightest gun control), I think its the attitude of the people using them.

                      I just noticed Michigan is allowing CCW in schools and churches as of today. I'm glad there is still some out of the box thinking going on out there. Especially since all but maybe 1 mass shooting in the US occurred in a "Gun Free Zone".

                      Peace out buddy. Have a safe and Merry Christmas. I'm out.

                    • McBeastie666

                      Cars? Knives in Canada? There's exactly the inane argument that I was trying to ask everyone to rise above.
                      Where do I get the disproportionate part? Statistics. That's where.
                      I'm gonna go talk to a brick wall…I think it might be more receptive.

                    • Frank

                      And it wont ask you to back up your argument.

                      It's a win win for you.

                    • McBeastie666

                      my argument is was for rationality. for some serious debate.
                      you successfully brought be down to your level though.
                      well done.

      • NameEmailWebsite

        I'll bet you think the war on drugs is successful too right? Government control does nothing. Pandora's box has already been opened and putting everything back in is not an option.

  • geno26kcco

    Erhmagohd DAR……KCCO my fellow CT chivers and chivettes

  • Gmoney

    #31 Delicious

  • dirty_toenail

    with all the crap news of the day, early DAR is much appreciated. KCCO everyone

  • The_Orange

    Sweet Baby Jesus… Keep 'em coming Dylan #39

    • SVSumm

      No, don't.. Too much of a tease; it hurts. Haha

    • Yeahhh

      Dylan is way better than that underboob chick that has zero creativity. Keep up the good work Dylan.

    • bob_the_cook


      • Jon

        thanks bobcock!

  • Porkins

    Just love a woman's POV #6

    • Miyagi

      If you look carefully you can also see her pussy.

      • tralfaz

        Now I see it.

    • urinal puck

      The cat's POV ain't that bad either.

  • Whoopi_G

    #6 Holy tits Batman!

    • Jeremy E

      And a nice pussy…cat.

  • bad

    Very Reddit-heavy post.

    • geez

      eff' you and eff reddit.

    • HatBomb

      Reddit doing in house videos with Michelle Jenenke bouncing around these days? Didn't think so. Move on chump.

    • FarmBoy

      Show me a copyright document or a cease and desist! It's the internet!

    • John Frm Ft Wrth TX

      I see that you've posted a comment but all it says is ("bad" is a douche bag)

    • Yuppp

      Very lame comment. Go away.

    • Blot

      That's true but at least the chive has all the good pics + hot chicks and no random penis'. So Chive wins.

    • Chive4Life

      What's a reddit?

  • BigtotheD

    #30 I kinda teared up a bit… just awesome people here

    • HatBomb

      It is truly amazing, I had $10 to spare. A whole bunch of us did. And we just changed that beautiful little girls life forever. Makes a Chiver proud to be a part of it all.

    • Justin


      Incredible how big the hearts of chivers are ❤

    • cheers

      Cheers BigtotheD. Indeed good peeps at the chive

  • N2MotoX

    #31 I think I see something puffy!
    #39 I definately see something puffy!

  • jim thorton

    Dat mound!

    • OhioChiver

      Respect The Mound. 😉

  • Random

    Fantastic post.

  • Whoopi_G

    #39 This girl for president! You're almost too hot.

    • CowboyChiver

      Heavy on the "almost." Smokin'.

    • dedubs

      she is definitely too hot to be president though.

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