• Hank

    Go home Alec, you're drunk!

  • Larry

    yup I laughed. good stuff.

  • Motofoxe

    Sorry. I didn't laugh.

    • Anon Coward

      With you on that one… really is that the best you could do Chive?

    • Smitty

      I didn't laugh or find it amusing enough to even smirk. . . . . Lets all have a few more drinks, then try again.

  • Hoovus

    BWAHAHAHA!!!! I don't know if its cause I've been studying all day or what, but that is some prime comedy right there!

  • A.J.R

    I couldn't help but laugh

  • Canucks_Rule

    steve carell from bruce almighty ftw.

  • Ty4

    Damnit Chive, you got me again.

  • LeO

    I tried to keep a straight face but wasn't expecting that haha

    • Anonymous

      my first thought was "i can hold in my laughter just to say it didn't wor on me" 1 second into i was cracking up a bit.

  • Jamie


  • jdubslc

    Who has that much time on their hands to watch a cow video, realize that it's timing is just right to match Steve carell from Bruce almighty, and post it to YouTube?

    • gclark

      The internet has infinite time.

    • Almost

      Alac from the chive

    • alexsierra

      what if that was steve

  • Bryan1019

    I just peed myself. That. Was. Amazing.

  • SUPer4Life


  • addspole

    milk came out of my nose

  • Chris

    Goddamnit… Yeah, you got me.

  • orangenod18

    HAAAAA! Yay! i got a good sense of humor.

    • Spelling Police

      *have – stay in school.

  • Roeheyleo

    That's the same teqnique I use when I go down on my girl, minus the sound effects 😉

    • Fnp 90

      Oh my friend, the noises make it even better. Of course, they're a little muffled, but…yeah

      • Roeheyleo

        Haha! Maybe ill make those noises when we make out.

  • jokerz4fun

    That is the best part of that moive. It made me lol

  • Juan R

    "Doo Doo Caa Caa Poo Poo" a classic!

  • Bluedognever

    I said I wouldn't laugh, you know, because I have such high standards.
    Dammit Chive! Almost choked, coke thru the nose, the whole gambit

  • kjg

    Holy cow.

  • papahem

    Wholly cow.

  • Doc

    That's bull.

  • BeanBag

    Oh. Nuts.


    Blaahs fjsbdj dise skahdvs CACA POO POO!!!!

  • Offspring22

    No laughing here, I just don't find Steve Carell funny.

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