• xjrich


  • xjrich

    bahahahah lol

  • Iam_Davey

    the guys got his finger up the cats ass.

    • tomchalm

      speaking from experience?

      • Iam_Davey

        yes u do.

        • Sean Logan

          Excuse me as I spit milk out my nose

  • Lawrence


  • Wittry

    What kind of drugs did they put in this cat's food dish???
    Oh right, cat nip.

    • Jon

      Mixed with some Angel Dust or PCP.

  • Dave Fitz

    I would say from the red areas that it has some sort of skin condition. It is hard to tell if the cat enjoys it or if it is hurting it!

    • JSJ

      It's bothering it. Most cats don't like it if you scratch right infront of their tail vigorously, drives them crazy and they get pissed!

      • Tim

        You'd think the cat would be biting and not licking feverishly if that were the case.

      • Anja Martha Gosc

        You Can See it dosent like it!!! Stupid girls!!!

    • Rose

      Agreed! I would bet on a skin condition as well. And, maybe the cat is too chubby to reach back there to scratch/lick herself (hence the propensity to lick anything that is near her mouth).

  • Moo Factor

    In soviet russia cat pet YOU!

  • Fisty McShtoop

    You have your fist up its asshole ofcourse its going to do that

  • HUH?

    the guy should check the front of his shirt for some "meow-mix" if you know what i mean.

  • Captain Tightpants

    One question… How is this not a Mac post? Bob, does Mac know you've done this? Guess that was two.

    • Ravienne_Cullen

      Mac hacked his account

  • sfb101

    I'd expect this from Mac…
    I think the cat's in heat!

  • Sean

    The rash and the incessant chewing and reaction to scratching seems more like a skin problem than a cute quirk, fleas or maybe even mange. Not that cute. Put the camera down and take your pets to the vet you dumb fucking kids.

    • KeepinCalm

      breathe dawg…breathe

    • Sme

      I agree, that cat doesn't look healthy. If you're not going to take care of animals right you shouldn't have them.

    • yesh

      dude shut up. just enjoy the video. its funny.

    • kim

      i'm a vet tech, that is definitely a skin condition. needs to see a vet

  • Random

    My cat, which looks to be the same breed.. and weight as the cat in the video, does the same thing when you scratch his lower back. Although he is less vocal.

    • earthling110

      Scratching on the back by the tail of a cat simulated a sex act with them which is why they act so crazy.

  • michaelscarn

    You took 1:20 of my life and i want them back….oh, nevermind I'll probably just waste em again anyways

  • 617Chiver

    Reminds me of nononono cat

  • Chiving Dutchman

    WTF Bob, is Mac dead?

    • Paula_

      There is no force on this planet that is capable of killing Mac…
      Even death fears him.

      – Fan testimonial: "Here's 3 fresh testimonials for you, Paula! – PDiddily420"

  • PeyKonzloas
  • earthling110

    Scratching on the back by the tail of a cat simulates a sex act with them which is why they act so crazy.

    • Josh

      Really? My cat starts biting when I do that. Guess she doesn't like sex

      • earthling110

        maybe if she were in heat, she would.

        • derp

          Maybe shes related to my wife

          • earthling110

            Honey, only you would know…lol

  • Tony

    Is that cat from Pet Semetary???

  • MeMe

    Sounds of a cat orgasm

  • Alex

    Catnip is a hell of a drug.

  • BTME

    Yeah, fingering a cat doesn't make it crazy, it just makes you perverted.

  • housetiger

    I bet Mac has the audio as his ringtone.

  • Wannabang

    Dubstep cat

  • OldMan

    Good grief – the cat doesn't like the aggressive scratching on its lower back like a LOT of them wouldn't. It's not a spazz – it just doesn't like that action. Why keep doing it?

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