• zackgonick

    People, talk to your cats about catnip.

  • boo

    Cats have a very sensitive nerve towards their tail. What people think is funny, really bothers the cat 😦

  • Open minded

    Look at the cat…it's "nursing" on it's arms. That's the reaction cats get when they never nursed and were taken from their mom when they are young…the petting sets them off. The cat isn't angry, it's reacting to it's "mother" stimulating it.

    I learned that on the internets.

  • mr_thai

    My cats go nuts when u scratch the base of their tail…but in a good way, like this one…he's not hurting, and being a cat owner of several different cats for over 15 years, I can say they all loved having their backs and tail base scratched. No fingering buttholes going on here, perverts.

  • Okram

    The cat is not enjoying it. So dont do it!!!

  • Smitty

    YAWN — this is so February 2012 . . .

  • sleazydz

    Reminds me of gremlins

  • dgambit

    Also having a cat with sensitive nerves on its back will make it act all batshit crazy, but hey hurting animals is funny right?

  • Canucks_Rule

    anyone seen that old 80's sci-fi movie called innerspace? when martin short's face was changing back to normal, that's the sound he made. lol.

  • Bryant

    Trololo Cat

  • Andrew

    It's a neurological condition that causes the car to have involuntary spasms when you scratch the area of his back above his tail.

  • cybergeek

    ya know, that bothers the cat, hence why they act that way – hate it when i see ppl do sh*t like that and think it's funny…. it's like ppl don't educate themselves – "oh i just go pick up a cat"… poor little guy.

  • Crash

    Cats spazz out when you rub them on their back by their tail

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