• Tiger

    #2 is the best T EVER!!

    • Fukem'

      Agree, fuck those douche bag -1,-2…etc who the fuck cares if you like someone's opinion! " I get older, they just stay same age…."

      • thatguy

        Maybe more people would like it if they were in seventh grade and still smoked weed. Grow up and do coke like an adult.

        • HumpDan


        • trumped

          ok daniel tosh…

    • DJG

      See again… 2nd.

    • Grammar police

      It would be A LOT cooler if it was grammatically correct. Alot is not a word. Why do people insist on trying to make alot a word?

      • Ribsta

        I see "a lot" when looking at that. The a and l aren't connected…

  • Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

    yay now I can know which 3 shirts I will not buy

  • Mr. Berg

    #1 Looks like a good way to get slapped in the chest…this should be a female only shirt.

    • UncleRoast

      Yeah, that's what I thought.

    • Designit

      Yea there's def a missed opportunity in there somewhere. Something about hands and boobs.

    • Acdc

      This looks eerily similar to the Body Glove T-shirts from the 90's….. How much fun was that game???

  • MacGuyver

    #2 is lame.

    • Paul

      It'd be Cooler if this shirt didn't exist.

  • Suck me dry

    All the way off

    • Yuppp

      Yeahhhh, missed you buddy.

      • Just do it already!

        You two should just suck each others dicks already. Whip 'em out and get it over with.

  • IrishInNJ

    Ooof…..I'm amazed people find #2 a cool line from a movie….I mean McConnaughy is a about as douchy as they come.

    The other two are awful as well. Just make T-Shirts that say KCCO or TheChive or Bill Murray's mug on them…and again, give some proceeds to victim's families in CT.

    • Gingerscrap

      You know what's really douchey? Making a douchey comment and misspelling the word douchey.

  • Kyle429

    Wtf is #2 from? I don't get it. The other two are cool though.

    • XXX

      Dazed and Confused.

    • Megamahr
    • Check you later!

      Only one of the greatest movies, Dazed and Confused!

  • Loki

    #3 is ok.

  • LarsfromNorway

    chivers really seem to hate this contest winning shirts

    • AlbertaFTW

      The losing designs were also bad :p

      • McBeastie666

        kinda liked the fear and loathing design they had this time….not that I'd actually buy it or anything.

    • jeff

      makes me wonder how they won….

      • thedude325

        Probably the only 3 submissions….

    • grumpy

      Chive missed the fact that "these ALL suck" actually got the most votes. But there's not money to be made off that result.

      • isawoj

        is there money to be made off any of these?

  • sfb101


  • Ian

    Great designs for shirts that will always be sold out!

    • Mick


  • rAs

    Maybe you should cut back on these contests. There hasn't been a decent design produced in the last 3. These are all painfully lame. Instead, hold 1 or 2 contest per year, advertise it better to attract more talent, and allow longer for submissions so artists actually work hard rather than just slap a movie quote into Photoshop.

    • Neumann

      Agree 100%, it doesnt take any talent to drop an image in photoshop anf hit live trace or paint.

    • scaggnettii

      Agreed. These are all extremely lame.

    • Jeff

      Indeed. I planned on working on this, but for those who work 40+ hour weeks and take time to produce quality work… one week deadlines are ridiculous.

    • HahnSolo

      Yeah we need to wait longer… things are starting to look like a Ironic/funny shirt factory line.

    • grumpy

      Maybe focus on producing enough ACTUAL chive shirts to stay in stock…

      • TheySeeMeChivin

        The shirts wouldn't be as cool if they were always in stock. Getting them is a challenge. Oh damn, you have to actually try in order to buy something? I can't believe someone would make you do that…

  • Jeff

    Yeah…not feeling it. Sorry. Makes me think I should have given it a shot and all I can draw are stick figures.

  • drewdeze

    the high 5 one is awesome

    • Nick Parsons

      I like it also, IDGAF!

  • Guyism Speed Round

    Meh, I had a design but nobody would get back to me regarding the use of my real name. Didn't want it used. I think it would have been awesome but that's just me.

    • HUH?

      cool story bro

      • DennnyCrane

        "Cool story Hansel"…I'd actually buy that T

  • Stephen

    Chive has lost one punch from its man card. Better work hard to redeem yourselves on the next picks, these sucked. Almost got my money and respect… 2 was a good idea just done poorly

  • tv_paul

    Wow, I'm going to buy them all said no one

  • Phox

    so were these the only three submissions?

  • Erik

    #3 is kind of a rip off of the Crystal Method "Tweekend" album cover

    • Diggler

      It's totally a rip-off of it. Good call

    • icanmaketshirts?


  • Andy

    I admit I am biased but I don't get how mine didn't make the top 10, if these are the winners.

    • cole

      its a bitchin shirt!!!

      • Andy

        Thanks good sir.

    • homerss11

      Well done and I agree with your sentiments.

    • Kells Bells

      I'm with you…that's a fabulous design! Eff it, put the design on zazzle or cafe press and post the link for it here – there are a bunch of us that would buy it.

    • grumpy

      Probably out of fear of liability issues stemming from using the name of a celebrity. Bill urray might be cool with his face on a shirt, and Banksy can't sue anyone, but Not.BIG might.

      • marcjwrz

        parody laws should protect it.

  • RI Chiver

    #1 and #2 were good. For those of you who did not like the designs……DON'T buy them. Chive, you will get plenty of takers on them. Some Chivers need to KCCO….or go support a different community. It's X-mas chill out.

  • bdnnbd


  • AlbertaFTW

    We're just a little edgy, what with the world ending in a couple days and all.

    • RI Chiver

      O.k. I'll give you that. Point taken

  • Freework

    Way to go people! Give the chive free graphic design! They need it, they're too poor to aford to pay for it and certainly they'll only make tens of thousands off your design.

    • Blue Bronco

      I'm a professional graphic designer. Why would I give my designs away for free, to a website that doesn't produce it's own content? Oh, that's right, Communism.

  • cmb

    # 2 is awesome, should have won for sure.

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