• Paul

    These Shirts Suck Major Testicles.

  • Kenny

    Lets all give some advice to group of people who own the best website ever created… And also lets rip on the designs they put up As winners even though you try to buy their shirts but their sold out as soon as they go on sale. Maybe start your own fucking website and sell your own shirts since your all experts

  • fymtge

    Gizmo didn't even get 3rd?! WTF?! That shirt was fuckin awesome!

  • smokin

    #3 is by far the best

  • LetDown

    Bought a KCCO shirt earlier; worst fit in the world. Tried to KC and CO and not be negative but with the super thin material, beyond stretched our hipster neck, and the under arms riding my pits, I freaked out and threw the shirt in the trash. Major let down after waiting forever to finally buy one.

  • Yann

    Seriously ? John, go home, you're DRUNK !

  • Rory Calhoun

    I'd rather buy 2 Nicolas Cage Blu Ray box sets than any of these

  • chive city 4

    You all are a bunch of haters. 1 was creative 2 from one of the best movies and 3 is exactly what it is a 3rd place tee shirt. Come up with a better tee shirt design than assholes

  • butthole

    The Dr.Gonzo shirt from fear and loathing was best. these are ghey. chive is cool but ghey. im ghey. your ghey. hey hey hey

  • sdarby2000

    I don't get these t-shirts. I really liked the Dry Clean only, with the picture of Gizmo hanging from a hanger. I thought it was great.

  • Richh

    these are very boring.

  • i commented

    I liked #3. Not so much on #1 & #2

  • Ken

    #3 Unless you're an IO Interactive/ Square-Enix artist, that idea could definitely be taken from Hitman Absolution's easter egg

  • RustyxTrombone

    All the chives tees are poorly designed ,and never fit as the should. at least the ones I have or people I know have.

  • adrian

    all crap chive….stop wasting money!!

  • Oyargar

    Shut up and take my money #2 #3


    ALOT IS SPELT A LOT, how could you allow this to be published and sold!

  • Astral207

    http : // www (dot) go fund me (dot) com /1iox44 don't be a mofo im not asking you to give, im asking you to share – mofo's that delete this dont really care see how that rhymes
    Dont delete my fucking posts CHIVE, you let every woman show there tits and arse and post up some chicks fucking etsy site because she went naked but i cant post this!!!!! Gee thanks i guess when i come back in 15 minutes it will be deleted……………..GREAT FUCKING GOODWILL THAT IS

  • Astral207

    http : // www (dot) go fund me (dot) com /1iox44 don't be a mofo im not asking you to give, im asking you to share – mofo's that delete this dont really care see how that rhymes

  • papyjunky99

    where can i get a winner t-shirt????
    to cool for school

  • Canucks_Rule

    like #1, but not enough to pick it up.

  • Mike_412

    High five shirt is fuckin rad, so glad it won, totally gonna pick one up

  • Shawn

    I don't know what the hell these people are talking about, the 2nd shirt in my opinion is ok but is marketable, and the other two are pretty funny. The "High Five" is a pretty damn good design as far as being simple yet clever. Literally these shirts fall well into theChive categories for shirts and if you don't think so than you don't look at their shirt designs

  • siki

    So to win i just make some hair and a mustache with no face then put a quote in a different font right?

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