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  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    Who cares? Is she hot?

    • JSJ

      Doesn't matter, he's already in the friendzone.

  • Juan R

    #19 It's You're

    • DaddyD

      There's the door

    • MeowMix

      Your response should be posted on this thread.

    • Simon

      Yep, sorry to say it ruined it for me.

      • rightsaidfred

        It was distracting. I thought it was part of the joke, so in the end the real joke felt flat.

        See kids… THIS is why you should learn to spell.

    • http://twitter.com/Exile714 @Exile714

      I thought that was the joke…

  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    Nadine, why don't you try talking to the government and ask them why mental health care in this country sucks. Aurora, Colo., Virginia Tech & now Newtown, CT. are all about mental illness & inadequate mental health care.
    Leave these families alone. FUCK!

    • guest

      While she's at it, she can ask that douchebag who tweeted why he's so intent on putting others' information out there.

      • Craigery

        Yeah, I don't get why "Art!" tweeted that in the first place. He's not asking for help in contacting his friend, so I assume he just wanted everyone to know that he knows someone in that town. Seems like he was looking for attention, not help.

        • Vet

          You're right. "Good Friend" really just leaves that guy open to all sorts of unwanted attention.

    • drunkagain

      she posted her email address… let the dong pics begin

      • Courtesy Flush

        Lolz. Thanks

    • some people

      could any of these problems be from a lack of good parenting? That some people feel there is no need to teach their children the value of life itself? or the fact that we all buy into the sensationalism of the event caused by the media?- if you haven't noticed; how often have you seen the news speak of an armed person having stopped what could have been one of these events, be they a police officer or regular citizen?

      • Craigery

        Good parenting doesn't prevent mental illness. He shot those kids because he was mentally ill, not because his parents didn't teach him about "the value of life".

        • 509 chiver

          A good parent wouldn't have bought his kid violent video games and had guns at his reach!!

          • http://geektriumvirate.wordpress.com geektriumvirate

            What are you talking about? My parents bought me violent video games, and I turned out just fine, and I'm a bit bi polar as well

      • aaa

        Although those who commit these crimes are obviously in some way mentally unstable, I don't approve of "them" using that as an excuse, especially when it comes time to their sentencing hearing and they can plead insanity, thus getting off with a lesser sentencing regarding either time or severity level or the crime they committed. Parenting, media, todays educational system, as well as a persons mental state and behavioral characteristics do play a huge role in this, the sooner people realize that this better.

  • tv_paul

    #16 Who doesn't like to go bear foot .

    • MylesofStyles

      I had to paws and think about what you did here.

    • Eric_Le_Awesome

      If your puns weren't always so awesome, they'd be unbearable.

      • tv_paul

        Some people think I'm the polar opposite.

        • sigh

          I just want a pair that matches the print they photographed… matching fail

          • Joey

            C-C-C-C-OMBO BREAKER!

          • HUH?

            i'm with you. not even the same species.

    • Oh Yea

      Oh, I see what you did there.

    • marty s.

      those are wolf prints

      • cdnSamSquanch

        I don't think so, the heel pad of a wolf isn't shaped like that, and the toe nails do not make such a distinct imprint.

        • u r not smart

          google it, dipshit.

          • cdnSamSquanch

            Because everything on google is right?…dipshit. I'm pretty sure my college diploma in wildlife tech > google

            • Simply Joe

              I don't.

              • gimmeafknbrk

                he has more knowledge than the internet! what a magical piece of paper!!!

            • hahahahahahahahahaha

              your "diploma in wildlife tech"????????????????????? GOOD ONE.

            • jfc

              LOL. wildlife tech. how many cereal box tops did you have to mail in to receive such a distinguished "diploma"??

              • mitter78

                At first I laughed at this comment…then I cried and used my wildlife biology diploma to wipe my tears. FUCK

  • saveferris1007

    #16 WANT!!

    • sigh

      The shoes or the unrelated and not matching print attached to it?

    • Livin' Legend

      Sorry guy. Assuming you're an American, while you have the right to bear arms, no one said anything about the right to bear shoes.

      • Ponderous

        you know the unibomber had shoes like this. He put a woman's size 6 on the bottom of his boots to throw people off the trail.

  • tv_paul

    #21 I think you need to work on your oral skills.

    • Hrdwood

      And if you're really good, you can work your way up to be head of the company.

      • tv_paul

        You might have to swallow more than just your pride to achieve that status.

        • a-nom

          Just don't chock on the opportunity….

    • Dr_StrangePants

      beleive in yourself. stick around long enough and you'll eventually lick the competition.

    • MylesofStyles


      • tv_paul

        I just hope in this case you're not self-employed ( or deployed)

    • Lola

      weird, on my copy that article is aligned on the left side so "job" isn't under "blow"

  • Swizzle dick

    #11 pure scum…fuck you ABC

    • Aaa

      It's appalling that the media interviewed CHILDREN in the wake of this event. WTH

  • IrishInNJ

    Pretty sure I spend more time enjoying this part of Chive than any other collections. #15 is classic.

    • DaddyD

      And most likely shopped.

      • some-dude

        We would do this in my high school civics class all the time…

      • Jess

        I doubt that it's shopped, I just don't think it's real. The handwriting from the "teacher" looks a lot like a teenager's handwriting.

        • Kristen

          Nobody cares what you think, whore.

          • a-nom

            You're such a d*ck…but I still laughed…

    • Murph1908

      I tried this in high school. Part of a multiple question assignment where the teacher had us write out the question and the answer for about 20 questions. The resulting product ended up being about 3 pages front and back. He taught 3 periods of this class, so 60 or more students turned in this item.

      I couldn't find the answer to one, so I put something like:

      I looked for this answer in the book for quite a while, but couldn't find it. I am going to hope you don't read every one of these, and just fill this space with something. Pardon me boys, is that the Chattanooga Choo Choo.

      He wrote:

      I do read them all. -1

  • Gonz


  • Cgyachilles

    #23 good job buddy

    • awww shit

      its probably his sister cousin mother

      • grossed out

        Sounds like that's acceptable in your family. Ewww.

    • Craigery

      Yeah, good job on eating too many Twinkies!

    • Lukeatmacock

      Is that the dude from Pauly D show??

    • Dale

      Lottery winner

  • NebraskaGuy

    #7 Has never worked for me, no matter how many times I've tried it 😦

    • Dr_StrangePants

      the answer is a Bigger Mirror

    • Craigery

      It has never worked for you because it doesn't work. The driver behind you isn't going to be blinded by the reflection in your rear view mirror.

    • DrGarnicus

      I've tried it too. Will keep on trying because fuck those people!

  • organix85

    #6 I see what you did there…

    • NonBlondelol

      I don't get it. Sorry – go ahead… =)

      • organix85

        The symbol for Potassium in the Periodic Table is K… the others are what they look like they should be… e.g. Fluorine is F…

      • Hunter

        The chemical symbol for all of those elements is the first letter of the word, except for Potassium which is a K

    • Salas

      i had to google it 😦

    • NonBlonde

      Ah… figured it was something like that. Can't possibly live without it! j/k – thanks!

  • KCJake

    #14 NDT for the win.

  • Endo

    Really? #19 we can't even spell correctly?

  • Matt

    #30 FILTHY SLUT!!!

    • Hunter

      I like to look at 'slut' as a term of endearment…

      • Frosty

        Me too! I don't get it when my friends get so wierded out when I call my dog that…

  • organix85

    #10 I get the joke, but if you are on a high elevation, you may not want to walk all the way down to the 2nd. It would be the equivalent of rid of the first floor button.

    • Dr_StrangePants

      High on elevation?
      You're talking about Vertigo?

    • Craigery

      "Hey, you, in the wheelchair. Why are you so lazy? You can't wheel yourself up one flight of stairs?" – Douche

      • Otter

        Yeah, because, only people in wheelchairs take the elevator to ride down one flight.

  • Tiber_Septim

    #29 awesome

    • You're a cunt

      Reminds me of your comments

    • ^etcrr^

      did you ever see him in person stan? you were around back then.

  • TheYesMan25

    #31 well that was a waste of a minute. Stupid building never ends

    • Greg

      Dude. How do those guys in the window get from floor to floor so fast?

    • Parker

      Yeah, I was watching that for an amazingly unnecessary amount of time

      • Methos

        I too watched for a bit. But the clip is just too long to hold my interest. How did it finally end?

        • JSJ

          He fell

        • Sceptic
  • Anonymous

    #20 that's actually kind of cool.

    • jim thorton

      Go Canada!

      • Bob

        ive met many shitty cops, even had one try to plant a bag of pot on me when he couldnt find anything legit.
        but at least ive experienced and/or read of exponentially more stories like this to help counterbalance it out.
        seriously would YOU drive for 20 miles looking to return an item of NO value?
        i'd like to buy that patrolman a brew.

        • Craigery

          You expect us to believe that cops drive around with bags of pot in their pockets, just so they can plant them on innocent people and arrest them for simple possession? Seems unlikely.

          • Single

            I was married to the daughter of a state patrolman. They tend to accumulate "contraband" in their cars from confiscation.

          • Bob

            i dont care WHAT you believe.

  • fromtheholler

    #11 -That's the media for you. Apparently during the Columbine shooting, a few stations had called in and were talking directly with the dispatch officers during the whole thing. Some people just have no sense.

  • Dr_StrangePants

    #28 Didn't see that coming. Well played, awesome astronomy graphic.

  • guest

    That is literally the dumbest shit I've ever read. Can I have those few seconds of my life back?

    • betty

      No you cant.
      and while you're at it, put a $20 in the d-bag jar.

  • Ishbar

    #2 true story!

    • bczxsf

      That they are just putting ads right in the pictures now? It's just an ad fest on the chive

  • A BiPolar Guy

    #17 hilarious – even epic. I wish I had the nerve to do it next time the Gideons are on the campus where I work. BTW I'm a christian just so you know we aren't all stiffs.

    • Craigery

      "Epic"? really? I don't think that word means what you think it means.

  • Andy Valentine

    #30 – Sure, he's scaling that building quickly, but the guy in the blue shirt manages to get up a level before him without you even noticing him moving.

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