Why can’t we all just get along? (25 Photos)

America isn’t the only place where politicians don’t get along. In fact, in some parts of the world politicians throw down when things get too heated. Warning: This isn’t your family friendly holiday post.

  • ChalupaBatman

    there seems to be a trend here…

    • Dr_StrangePants

      "Deep Breathe" I love Democracy

    • kaaaBLAAAM!

      Asians get down.

  • aryzewic

    Seems the Ukraine really has democracy figured out.

    • justabill

      What cracks me up is that Vitali Klitschko has a seat in the Ukrainian parliament, and he was just sitting back and watching. I'm sure if he stepped up, all the little congressmen would be all like, "Hey, it's fine. We were just playing. No need to get involved."

    • https://www.facebook.com/Kelo76 Ezequiel Marzocchetti

      Mental note: Do Not Run For Congress In The Ukraine!

  • jessica

    I was gonna say "pfft. Men" Then I saw #15 and I was like " whooo catfight!" I am such a hypocrite.

    • Logan Slogan

      Are they fighting or singing Yoko Ono songs to each other?

    • Oltimey

      cant help but think…"Ladies stop, please stop…..at least have the decency to oil up first!"

    • Bruce

      Is this the beginning of a porno?

  • MonkeyMadness

    Not Merica!

  • John

    All these countries suck

    • grebis

      So does your mom … she should be crowned Miss Dyson

      • kaaaBLAAAM!

        Even if his mom does suck a mean shlong, so do all these countries…

        • davo

          they should have had the U.S. on here then!

  • iYQYQr

    2 more days left.. kcco!

  • akaakaae

    jesus ukraine, you are every other picture in here!

    • Lefty

      And the other half is Taipei!

      • Ryan

        I think I saw an Indonesia picture in there so you might re-think the whole 'other half' thing.

  • AlbertaFTW

    fat cats fail

  • RatedR401

    #7 – FINISH HIM

    • Lefty


    • Pit_Boss

      Home boy looks like he got harpooned from Scorpian…damn it, now I just want to go and play the original Mortal Kombat.

    • Eder

      Dude…. I didn't LOL until I read that Finish Him bit. Thank you.

    • Alumni72

      Flawless victory

  • Mikeg01sf

    I reeaallly want a bearcoat for christmas

  • Anonymous

    I feel like a decision might get made faster if our republicans and democrats just duked it out. Any choice isbetter than none at all .

    • Michael Moorehotdogs

      Bring it down! bring it all down!

    • Gord

      And that's how we get so many stupid laws.

      "I don't care, as long as we do something"

    • louistulley

      Fighting each other would be more work than they've done in years

  • Hey.Now.HEY.NOW.

    I like that sweater guy. Looks like a BA to me.

  • S-8-N

    #15 we will allow this to play out for a while

  • tv_paul

    #4 " Godzilla would beat Rodan"
    "No, Rodan would kick Godzilla's butt"

  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    Oh, those crazy Asians/Russians!

    • Craig K.

      You mean "Asians/Ukranians", right? I didn't see any mention of Russians in any of the captions.

      • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

        Ukraine became independent again when the Soviet Union dissolved in 1991. I believe they speak Russian though. Just a guess. No matter. KCCO!

        • Yeahhh

          Smart guy is smart

  • Lefty

    Would like to see a gladiatorial style brawl between the parliaments of Taipei and Ukraine.

  • Adam

    #16 I wouldn't call this a fight. More of an intense finger pointing duel….to the death.

  • Travis

    #6 looks like he's giving a wet willy

    • chron247

      I was thinking the exact same thing!

  • tv_paul

    #15 " AAAAAHHHHHH, it's New Direction… I love you Harry!!!"

    • Robb

      I believe it's "Hawry"

  • Cory

    #6 looks like a dirttty wet willly!

  • Niblett

    Was I the only one singing "Murder Train" while scrolling down this page?

    • jasgat66

      Yeah… Thinking you were the only one..

  • Hrdwood

    Any one of these could have easily been photos from my relatives visiting during the holidays…

  • John

    at least they're passionate about what they believe in….our congressmen just want vacations

    • Kristen


  • Mark_Chris_Top5

    #17 that doesn't look like a fair fight

  • Daith_Lee

    #19 somebody knew that TODAY would be the THAT day they would get to use those eggs for that one sole purpose. When was the last time you saw someone throw any food items at someone other than in a high school cafeteria?

    • MrCoffee

      I like the fact that dude brought his umbrella to an egg fight…as if he knew he would need a shield that day.

      • Daith_Lee

        Oh I think he knew that at least one person has that one egg that was going to be used against him…They probably know each other, lol… "Effing Steve with his damnable egg throwing habit!"

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