Daily Afternoon Randomness (52 Photos)

  • http://www.facebook.com/jbcorey Jcore3

    #1 Happy Holidays and thank you for your service! KCCO.

    • Firefighter23

      Damn straight!

    • Benjamin Pember

      I know exactly where that sign is, east ECP at australian/ANA patrol base Wali in uruzgan province afghanistan. I'm an american who was stationed there earlier this year.

      • Doc


      • Lisa Martin

        Thank you Benjamin. I have a friend that's over there now. It wouldn't surprise me if he helped set this shot up. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

      • KC from KC

        Luckily the Taliban doesn't read the Chive, otherwise your major OpSec violation would be a bigger deal.
        Maybe if they did Chive from time to time they would be less fanatically insane too, just a thought…

        • Sir Caustic Sergeant

          What major operations security (OPSEC) violation? A photo of two cool dudes standing in front of a cool sign and somewhat less cool blast walls? Hardly a security violation.

          Wait, let the high-tech Taliban use their facial recognition software and GPS location metadata from within the digital photo itself to determine that these two highly trained killers are the ones they've been looking for all along and that there is indeed an infidel base right there, that they somehow just weren't aware of already… Maybe then the Taliban can send a GPS-guided missile or rocket to that exact location in the hopes that these two heroes are still standing right there waiting for the moment it was posted on the Chive! War over then, mate! Oh, yeah. OPSEC. Right.

          KCCO to all my former comrades-in-arms!

          • KAFman

            Sir Sergeant…
            More of an OPSEC violation is the "exact" location described by Mr. Pember.

            Please don't take Operational Security lightly. While anything as insignificant as a picture and its location seem innocent, ANY information that the enemy can gain can kill a soldier and a friend.

            I've seen too much complaicancy that leads to our soldiers being wholey unready to handle a situation only because it seems to be "no big deal".

            • Sir Caustic Sergeant


              Sorry you didn't appreciate my literary work, or the point I was trying to make. This is not an OPSEC violation, including Benny P's details. This particularly vague photo and the somewhat specific location details will NOT result in harm done to a soldier or friend. Do you honestly think the bad guys don't know there's an Aussie/ANA base (with an ECP, even!) at some particular province in Afghanistan?

              FYI, I definitely DO NOT take OPSEC lightly. It's the over-reaction to this non-operational photo and so-what location that ticked me off. Bennie Boy may have stated more than was necessary, but his point was that these guys are in the shit and that we should appreciate that, which I'm sure we all do, even the Taliban bastards. The fact it's an ECP at Shit Base Alpha in Fukmeupistan relates NO operational information. So what that these guys are there? That is no mystery to the Taliban. Sadly, I'm sure they have much more detailed photos of INSIDE the camp taken by some of the ANA guys…

              Way to "keep it real", though, brother! Hope you leave KAF and come home soon!

              – Retired USAF NCO (24 years mostly "outside the wire"… Yeah, we do that, too.)

              • Lawling at KAFman

                Thank you for noticing his name of "KAFman" I was about to hop on that.

                Anyone who thinks this is an OPSEC violation is an idiot.

                -SSG currently in Afghanistan, not in KAF.

                BRB, taking a picture giving KAFman the "brain" in front of my ECP with a 10 digit grid…

                • KAFman

                  You're impressive SSG.

                  If you notice, I give no information about rank, nationality, location (other than KAF).

                  Also, on a side note, you have no idea what I do. You're vast knowledge of "Lawling" and "10 digit grids" leads me to believe you're quite knowledgable, so I won't insult your intelligence with any more information.

                  As far as Sir Sergeant; thanks for your response; and thanks for your service.

    • ginger120687

      oh hey guy to the right… youre hot. (guy to the left…you are too)

    • Scully

      The cutie on the left- FIND HIM!

      • mary


    • http://twitter.com/jolange2 @jolange2

      I'd let either one re-spawn in me whenever… just sayin

    • tits

      Fuck off, aww lets wank over servicemen just because THEY chose to become a soldier. Don't even know why they are fighting over there. it's just another job. I have a lot more respect for doctors, nurses and teachers than soldiers..

      • Don Von Basco

        I think tits is onto something.

    • Not American

      Stolen from reddit.

  • El Pato

    Chive Charities for Newtown!!!

    • Carry_On_

      Dear El Pato, you don't need Chive Charities to take action. You don't need the Cult of the Chive to define how to proceed. While your desire to serve is noble, please don't wait for someone else to tell you what to do. Here are some ideas: Write to you congressman, write to the NRA, spread a little love in your local corner of the world, feed the homeless, etc. Best wishes to everyone and remember to carry on!

      • Evan

        what, good sir, would writing a letter to the NRA accomplish?

        • Carry_On_

          You're probably right. I'd like to give myself a thumb's down but the system won't let me so I'll give you a thumb's up. I just posed that as one of many possible ideas thinking maybe writing a letter would at least be cathartic and help El Pato clarify his own thoughts. But I suppose it's overly idealistic thinking the dinosaurs in the NRA would care what a critic thinks. Heck, I don't even know that El Pato IS a critic. Someone please give me a thumb's down!

      • El Pato

        eh? I am perfectly capable of reacting to the tragedy on my own. I was trying to "rally the troops" so that our collective action could show where we stand on the subject. I think we can leave the politics behind, by raising money for funeral costs or, perhaps, by starting a scholarship fund in the names of each victim.

        • El Pato

          You know… so that the survivors and the victim's families can KCCO.

          • Ivan

            Well said…

  • Jason Dean

    I would dress up as their Princess anytime.

    • http://twitter.com/LosTorre @LosTorre

      #18 I got a mushroom for yous

      • Dr_StrangePants

        "Hums the Starman Music While humping the Screen"

    • Firefighter23

      I don't think girls find cross dressing attractive in a guy…I really wouldn't know. Haven't tried it yet

    • SmokeyTheBear

      Booty Booty Booty Booty Rockin' Everywhere

    • Child Please

      Be Bowser. In my castle, bitch!

    • Anonymous

      Damn, mushroom pun used:(

    • biggles

      Luigi is the best out of that bunch

    • shhhh

      I would make sure I was in the first castle

    • Kato

      I think I found Ms. New Booty.

      • davo

        that pic made my pants funny

    • Frank M

      #18. I never thought I would ever write this but…

      "Mario's ass is amazing!"

  • Ron Burgundy?

    Sweet new fad coming…toileting… #21

    • DrGarnicus

      It's the shit!

    • DirtBag


    • Rusty sheriffs badge

      Sewer pickle diving

    • zackgonick

      After YOLO and Honey Boo Boo became popular, nothing surprises me anymore.

    • SomeoneWantsToKnow

      #46 And would this guy find a way to get arrested for it?

    • repeatd

      Ummm that's old shit, and its called a swirly.

  • OhioChiver

    #43 Well hello to you AND you butt. Nicely done Chivette. πŸ˜‰

    • Txheat81

      Wow, if you are not married engaged or have a BF, please call me.

    • JoeMamma

      This woman is a treasure

  • SkyVader

    #27 – Excellent!

    • Flying Monkey

      Party on, Little Garth

    • Jen

      Dad of the year!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jbcorey Jcore3

    #18 That's definetly Peach in the middle…..

    • NO ONE

      POUND da round!

    • Yoshi


    • TECH

      they can go up n down my pipe any time

    • Chiver

      I could eat a peach for hours…

  • Kelowna Chiver

    #36 a sex chair where the gf can do all the work. Want and need!!

    • Electric Boogalo

      How many reps did you count?

      • KissMyA$$

        I lost count at like 84

    • AnthonySyl

      with that attitude i doubt you even have one.

      • Kelowna Chiver

        My attitude is great! You can misinterprete what I say and be a douchebag all you want. I have a Chivette that I love. Kcco

        • anthony

          Calm down guy. I was just reiterating the fact want your girl to do all the work. Which led me to believe that you did not have one because you just want to sit and do nothing.

          • UninterestedObserver


    • Slim Jim

      i stared at this for way too long

      • db3300

        Was it longer than 10 minutes? I'm trying to determine if I stared for way too long.

    • Ouch.

      It's a trap! She's trying to lure you in with bait, then crush your head. (Still would.)

      • wise

        still no youtube link? 😦

    • testudo321

      And if you also put it in the kitchen…..

  • evk

    #52 you miss are beautiful

    • NOLA!

      Here here! I believe MOAR is in order.

    • SmokeyTheBear

      That gorgeous girl has class… Pretty eyes and a cute smile…

    • Fowtweny

      She looks high?

      • dub

        So high. I like it.

    • http://twitter.com/LosTorre @LosTorre

      Smile is the curve…true beauty

    • http://www.facebook.com/maki.jon Jon Maki

      Agree with smokey, keep it classy, but MOAR!

  • Swizzle dick

    #39 look at dem puppies! How cute

    • biggles

      sweater puppies?

    • LuvsHorror

      There's a little dog there too.

  • sfb101

    #8 #18 All I can say is WOW
    #27 Is fantastic!

  • wantomas

    #8 #24 Little red riding whore!

    • SmokeyTheBear

      She is not a whore, she is clothing impaired…

    • longshot421

      My favourite fairy….tail. Yeah, that's right. A homonym joke. I'm not proud.

      • Luddite Grammar PoPo

        Points for knowing what a homonym is and using it correctly…

        • longshot421

          Haha, thanks!

    • https://www.facebook.com/yann.mathieu Yann Mathieu

      #8 & #24 is " Paula Labaredas " ….She's a Cosplay FYI ! πŸ™‚ …and YES, she's HOT.

      • wise

        She's a Cosplay FYI??… are there girls that dress like that thar are not?

    • Who'sthatIseewalkin'

      As the song goes" Hey there Little Red Riding hood, You sure are looking good. You're everything a big bad wolf could want"

      • PizdusInc

        Will she 'Huff and Puff and Blow' that house…

        • Kato

          Wrong fairy tale bro…

  • Bababooey

    Can I be the Wolf? He gets to eat Little Red Riding Hood.

    • wantomas

      Actually the wolf eats her grandma. Gross dude.

      • bill the butcher

        what if the grandma is like Susan Sarandon or some other hot old lady

        • Not Jackie Martling

          What does 80-year-old ____ taste like? Depends!

          • Pablo3520


  • winfields

    #19 – The Cleveland Browns get better every year

    • OhioChiver

      Well dam, I thought it was a five dollar footlong commercial. :p

    • ChalupaBatman

      Being a Cleveland sports fan is a hard life 😦

    • Ears

      It's pretty hard for them to get much worse.

      • http://twitter.com/LosTorre @LosTorre

        I think they are getting better. Young team…my next bet , next year

        • jason

          I'll take you up on that bet!

        • CRV

          i don´t think they win next week against the broncos

          • Turd F.

            Gee, you think?

    • thereal47

      Ray Ventrone is a Chiver? Now an even bigger fan.

      • theKid

        went to Villanova, too.

      • CV COLT

        Chive on Bubba

    • tits

      You look like a total bellend/girl/numpty/muppet/wanker/prick

  • Kodos


    A fine exercise program, I must say…

    • longshot421

      A must have piece of fitness equipment. Her, not the machine.

  • Tiber_Septim

    #22 looks like fun

    • MilfThis

      Lets bring back MILF Sunday!

      • Rhe-Tard


        • Kato

          He's clearly talking to a person named Lets. So Lets, what are you waiting for? Bring back MILF Sunday!

  • SmokeyTheBear

    #36 I watched that for way too long..

    • winfields

      sure knows how to work that beaver

    • http://twitter.com/LosTorre @LosTorre

      apparently, it goes forever…..

    • BFM's son?

      Not Possible

    • TheVanityScore

      now i know what i will be doing with the remainder of my work day

  • Vic

    #6 FTW sooo sexy!!

    • tits

      Not sexy whatsoever although she thinks she is…

      • thatguy

        Quick question… are you a fat jealous cow or a guy she dumped? Just wondering…

  • TheYesMan25

    #50 YES!!!!!

    • Pepper Brooks

      Effin A Cotton! Effin A!

      • http://www.facebook.com/marcjwrzphoto marcjwrz

        Pepper Needs New Shorts!

    • RogerThat

      possible cause 4 global warming!!!

    • tyroneshoemaker

      yes, yes, merry christmas, now kindly unwrap those presents

  • Vic

    #38 sexy texas girl…

    • Teddy Roxspin

      WOW, Fuck this…. I'm moving to Texas!

    • SmokeyTheBear

      Another point for TX..

      • matt

        hell im in texas wish i knew where to find her though

        • JustSayinIsLameSayin

          Uhhh… find her?

    • Matticus

      waaay the hell out of my league… that's for damn sure… an astrophysicist like me could never get a smokin chivette like her 😦 …. p.s. i work out πŸ˜‰

  • Jason Dean

    Looks kinda like an Oompa Loompa.

    • Willy Wonka

      Kinda plays like one too.

    • dhost78

      If Steve-O and an Oompa Loompa made sweet sweet love.

    • FarmBoy

      Someone's jersey sales are going to go up

    • foreverrebuilding

      He's still incredibly fast and an amazing special teams player. Go Browns!

      • Mark_Chris_Top5

        ^^^^ ahaha the team is "foreverrebuilding"

    • believeland

      doesnt play a lot, but puts a lot into every play he gets. plus hes a chiver, which means hes probably a pretty good guy too

    • tits

      American football, the worst sport on earth. Faggots in shoulder pads that play about 5 minutes game time per game. Actually worse than golf…

  • GatOner

    #22 #36 #43 For post apocalyptic human regeneration.

  • NO ONE


    I'm using this one!

    • miles.v

      Jean Carmet in Palace

    • nico

      this is jean carmet a famous french actor RIP

  • PR151

    #36 Wow

  • gettinIT

    #52 b.e.a.utiful

    • tits

      Very very average, no tits either

      • http://www.facebook.com/jesse.kelaidis Jesse Kelaidis

        Looks like we got a badass over here.
        Keep your downers to yourself. If you don't find her pretty, be glad someone does. More of your type of lady to yourself. And also her breasts are none of your business. Chive is getting creepy because of creeps who encourage girls to get all softcore on us. I don't come here for porn, and I'm turned off by those who do. Not that I mind looking at pretty girls, but I'd rather see more of the randomness and less of the predictable.

        • tits

          Fuck of Jesse (PS your name is so gay as is your hat), they are all attention seekers, posting pics of themselves half naked usually. If they cant take the comments then dont post the picture. If you dont like my comment then just ignore it. Also are you her boyfriend or something? I hate the chivettes on here, all a bunch of slags, look at me, look at me, am I chive worthy oh fuck off…..

          • Danielle

            Hey thanks a lot. Those were my pictures. YOU fuck off.

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