Of all the photos I’ve posted, I think these are the funniest (60 Photos)

  • Brad S.


    • derp

      Your boyfriend must be proud…

    • Sachmoe

      Fuck you

    • mynameis

      Hi brad we just want to congratulate you on finally being first at something other than being an asshole!

      Aren't you the guy that once said "doesn't anybody know how to knock anymore".

      • Yeahhh

        Posting the "first" comment IS being an asshole.

  • Its me

    FINALLY!!!! A post. I have been so damn bored at work!!

    • https://www.facebook.com/chudacoff Alex Chudacoff

      Seriously. Thought the Internet broke.

    • yoyo

      Chive, don't every leave me again…

      • Bry

        Don't ever* leave me again. You're welcome.

    • http://twitter.com/Trollfric @Trollfric

      I am definitely agreed to this.

    • louistulley

      My refresh button hasn't been used in a week.

      • KnewIt

        Liar, don't act like you haven't been using it on Brazzers.com

    • John

      http://izismile.com/2012/12/28/pictures_that_woul… Really Alec. Talk about fucking lazy.

      • UhHuh

        Everyone stop with the izismile crap. If Alec didn't post it on here I never would have seen it. I have zero desire to go to that lame site.

        • John

          Thanks Alec.

      • Armed Ann Dangerous

        I was thinking the same thing.

    • CanadaChivette

      We should all work on chive time. If there are no posts, then we should get the day off. Simple. Effective.

    • Lucky one

      I'm glad I went on vacation for 2 weeks before Christmas…I have 2 weeks of posts to catch up on!!! Winning

  • The Guy

    #37 – Biggest fail ever! 16 yellow pages were delivered at my apt complex and 16 yellow pages sat next to the dumpster the next day. F you YP!! You even have a website bc you know nobody uses the downloaded internet version, jerks!

    • mshark

      Take it easy Guy, they're just needlessly killing hundreds of thousands of trees, we have plenty….if it pisses you off, you might consider recycling them.

      • The Guy

        Another down side to those books is that you cant recycle them.

        • Jay

          They're almost entirely recycled paper to begin with. They'll just be recycling into 2014 phone books.

    • Boomtube

      Its the law that the local telco print these. Some older people still depend on them.

      • Turrebo

        Yeah, they burn them when they can't figure out how to turn up the heat using that little thingy on the wall with all those numbers and weird signs and the fifteen buttons and the little display they can't read.

    • Frank M

      I had to deal with that crap for years!

      You want to know the most difficult phone number to find in the Yellow Pages?
      It's the Yellow Pages Goddamn customer service number to stop deliveries!!!!
      Ironically, I had to go on the internet to find it.

      And here's the fucked up thing that the customer service rep said to me when I told her to stop delivering all of those damn yellow pages that no tenant has ever picked up…
      she said that the deliveries will stop for a year & then start up again!!!

  • Bob

    This post sucked

    • d'oh!

      You read it. And commented.

    • johb d

      Second that

    • Bobby Magnum

      you fuckin suck

      • Bob

        You are right. Sorry everyone, I just realized that I am the biggest worthless piece of shit on earth. Somebody please kick me in the face. Also, I crave Justin Beibers tiny pecker. That is all..

    • Jack o' lantern

      Too bad your mom didn't

      • _DoC_

        No, she did…it was quite enjoyable.

    • Osgood

      You suck. 50 is funny as fuck!! Several others too. Later

      • Greg

        #50 assist

    • greg

      Agreed, I laughed once.

    • Mel_Gibson

      nobody likes a dick

    • Kevin

      There were a few gems but yes, it pretty much sucked.

  • jjh21

    wow…been chive depraved for 2 days. Guess this will have to do, but I'm left wondering – how did I procrastinate before theChive? Must KCCO…

    • Grammar Cop

      I'll bet you were deprived too?

      • socalmarti

        You think that was a Freudian slip?

    • therealstake

      I feel like its cheating, but damnlol has a good android app. not the site. the app. theChive should use their app designer. def has filled the void.

    • Matt

      They must have noticed all the web traffic comprising all us saps going to theCHIVE at least a couple times each day and tried to throw us a bone. I can't even say how relieved I was to see a post.

  • Interneter

    How many times have y'all been to the chive in the last few days?? About 30 here.

    • holyshit

      I'd feel better about myself if it was only 30

      • http://www.facebook.com/jbvancamp Jb Van Camp

        Agreed 😦

    • Ms smitty

      I was wondering if my app was screwed up. Nope, just a forced holiday break. Me no likey!

  • Hellerad



    • NonBlonde

      This shit CRACKED me up!!! Look at his arms! LMFAO!

    • Colin

      not sure why but can't stop laughing, maybe its the sheer look of terror on his face or his odd run at full speed. either way that is too funny.

    • NorCal420

      Pretty sure i had 5 solid mins of laughing for this one GIF. But question: is it pronounced "jiff, G. I. F. or Giff"? da faq i need answers!

      • CanadaChivette

        Just like gift, without the T 🙂

        • NorCal420

          thank you!!!! great way to explain it!

  • Porkins

    As the father of a four year old, I could not stop laughing at #53 because I think I have done that. Thanks Chive. I've missed you.

    • Simon

      I'm glad it was reposted. Wanted to share it and forgot which post it was from.

    • jamo

      I've read this 5 times now, and keep laughing every time… goddammit mr. noodles…priceless

      • Anonymous

        this post is exactly why my next dog will be name mr noodles. imagine hearing someone yelling to someone else "MR. NOODLES SHIT ON THE CARPET!!!"

        • MylesofStyles

          Is it okay if I don't? Thank you for understanding.

    • NikkeD

      I agree, it's definitely one of my favorites

    • train5188

      still laughing…I cuss Mr. Noodle daily!

  • Question_Mark_

    #53 is my favorite… I cannot stop laughing every time I read it.

    • 617Chiver

      I didn't stop laughing all the way to the end all because of this!

  • Mr. Mackle

    Helooooo ?? Where is everybody ??

  • Daniel Tosh

    Work sucks when there is no Chive

  • John Kenny

    #53 Can't breath! 😀

    • Spelling Police

      *breathe – stay in school.

      • fuck pigs

        Stay a fag

  • crazydog

    I laughed at #53 a fuckton longer than I should have

  • Cracka_ass_cracka

    Damn I wish Hedberg was still around

    • JSt31

      My thoughts exactly

    • Irritable Pundit

      No one is a round man. People are more like a perpendicular rectangles.

      /say it in Mitch's voice

      • darkohanzo

        Nope we've got spaghetti!…. and Blankets

    • crustybubblechunks

      I wanted to buy a candle holder, but the store didn't have one. So, I got a cake.

    • Murph1908

      I have an oscillating fan. It goes back and forth and looks like it is always saying 'no.' So I ask it questions a fan would say 'no' to.

      Do you keep my hair in place?
      Do you keep my documents in order?
      Do you have three settings?

  • kingofthecastle

    Lols all around..finally a post ,Ive actually been working these last couple days and I don't like it.

    • NonBlonde

      No kidding… I read an article about people taking periodic breaks for whatever really being more productive in the long run. I really do get it now….No joke…. because I have been doing less also.

  • LukeSkywalker

    I hope this becomes a weekly post.

  • Man dude

    We need more boobs

  • Cosmo Kramer

    Finally a post!

    • mers

      I love this place , a constant source of amusement. Feel sorry about this post though , if thats your funniest I think you've missed out big time. See funnier virtually every day of the week on here. Didn't find anything mildly funny in that collection, sorry.

      • UhHuh

        I think you need to acquire a sense of humor. I bet you are just a peach to hang out with..

  • KCJake

    #24 #33 and #53 are some funny shit.

  • reaperACTUAL

    #36 DIA has some pretty good bars too!!

    • Rooster

      You mean DEN

      • iFly

        I am sorry someone down-voted you for pointing that out. It's not your fault you're more aware than this man who has clearly never been to DEN and is pretending he has.

        I gave you an UP

      • reaperACTUAL

        No I mean DIA. Denver International Airport. While DIA may not be the official acronym for it, every Denver native that I know calls it DIA, because for a short time Stapleton (which was Denver's main airport long before I was around) was still open after the new airport was built so we had to differentiate between the two… I guess it just stuck. Not a big deal though.

    • MattyDeuce

      That airport is about as bizarre as they come..anybody else ever been there?

      • reaperACTUAL

        Yeah there is some weird ass art in some of the terminals…most of the conspiracy theory stuff about it is pretty much ridiculous though IMO

  • ImpressMe

    #53 just kills me… oh and Merry Christmas….and get the hell back to work guys….time goes sooooo slow when there is no new Chivey stuffs…..

  • Brian

    #38- "Hey Super Man, you need to get help for your flying problem." It's not a PROBLEM if you're awesome at it:)

  • wakkatraxx

    I lost it at Werfs Nebel…

  • Gimletmike


    Is still one of my all time favorites.

    • https://www.facebook.com/jonathanjmason Jonathan Mason

      I love the look on that Monkey's face, he is so sad that his job requires him to drown that child…

  • martiniman425

    oh my god, i dont know how i made it two days without a new chive post. did i kcco…no, i just looked at one of the other 86 billion websites.

    • Anus

      Do you think anyone cares?

      • martiniman425

        no one cares, and i really dont care either. it was a mockery of these whiny chiving little bitches and this "kcco" mind set.

        • yeahsure

          i hear ya!

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