Of all the photos I’ve posted, I think these are the funniest (60 Photos)

  • fsasadf

    why dont you leave the watermarks of the original artists of these ON instead of ripping them off?

  • Dat Guy

    #57 lost it on the cat cab one hahaha

  • Jocko

    #24 is, word for word, a Tim Vine joke he did like 15 years ago. Nice try, but I was watching TV in the 90s.

  • gra

    Erm #24 is a Tim Vine joke. Credit where credits due people.

  • Kevin

    Some are pretty darn funny, but most of them suck. Alec your sense of humor is lame.

  • noobs

    that was the worst "funniest photos ever" – pretty sad humor – i feel sad for whoever posted these as the funniest he's ever posted. sad life

  • http://www.grated.com/of-all-the-photos-ive-posted-i-think-these-are-the-funniest/ http://www.grated.com/of-all-the-photos-ive-posted-i-think-these-are-the-funniest/

    […] 1 Source:thechive.com […]

  • Kyle

    Here's a list of the funniest things I found on the internet and tried to pass off like I had something to do with them.

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