I’ve put up a lot of weird, weird photos, but these are definitely the weirdest (35 Photos)

  • blub_glub

    #20 #25 #35 STAHP IT!!!

    • littlegreenwoman

      #25 is an advert for "Little Baby's Ice Cream" – the whole thing is way freakier:

    • mynameis

      Kill it with fire!!!!!

    • Paula'sWannabeLover

      Anyone else have a problem with the concept of theChive having a Best of the Year series? I mean, most of their content is taken from other sources and then reposted five times over the course of the year. So we have the best posts that were posted five times and originally taken from other websites. It's like ABC running the best reruns of other networks all year and then running them again in late December.

      • MylesofStyles

        No. I believe you're pretty much the only one who remotely cares about the sources of internet content.

  • http://www.facebook.com/cassandra.boulanger Cassandra Boulanger

    #35 thanks.

    • i8paula

      I have the weirdest boner right now

      • http://thechive.com/ Paula_


        – the one you love to hate

    • PizdusInc

      Aaaaaand there goes being able to catch up on sleep before New Year's.

    • drewplp

      This one makes me laugh every time!

    • d.c.

      bwwaaaahahhahahaah what in the fruck, is that!

    • don'tfearthecreeper

      The full video on YouTube is even weirder, just look up "metal dong bang"

      • tim

        there is actually a full 10 minute video of the whole play on the interwebs somewhere. This part is actually one of the more "normal" parts

  • dr smell


    • majorfathead

      umm no

  • Its ok

    I'm angry at myself for viewing this over Sexiest photos of all time.

    • haley

      youre not alone

      • HumpDan

        …save the best for last?

  • waitingfordeluxe

    #35 Definitely made me laugh the most this year!

  • Cracka_ass_cracka

    Thanks for being as bored as us, and thus, aiding in spicing up said boredom with this collection of fearfully freaky shit

  • majorfathead

    #4 made me snort coffee out my nose and I just don't know why

    • Med

      quit drinking coffee at 2 in the afternoon

  • Hrdwood

    I was going to wait until New Year's Eve to begin drinking heavily…. until I looked at this gallery.

  • Yuppp

    #2 what's weird about that, doesn't everyone handle that situation in that manner?

    • Bob

      no they dont, i sing "friday"

    • Sean

      Tell that to the cops

  • penguin slayer

    the is Sooooooooo much WTF in this post! i don't know where to start!

    • Please Proofread

      Maybe start with your spelling?
      *there is…

  • Kevrhutch

    OMG! Sooooo Funny!! LOL

  • Open minded


    Halloween 2013…for sure!

  • Alberta

    #9 #35

    My favourites!!

  • Miles

    Ummmm wow so much WTF…i dont even know what to think

  • sharon

    #10 I laughed at this harder than i should have

  • yoav^^^

    #25 creepy!

  • jones

    A contender in the next "Black is Beautiful" post

    • jones

      That would #13….oooops

  • halfsmoke00

    #34 Cannot be unseen.

  • Bobby Klobber

    No Alec……….youre weird.
    A very weird was of time.

  • bkibbs

    #20 What has been seen cannot be unseen

  • AvsFanTRD

    #25 The creepiest WTF post
    #35 A close second

    • zackgonick

      My thoughts exactly. Both are just disturbingly weird…

  • derek

    #28 #34 get me hard

  • derek

    #2 than when the light turns green step on the god damn gas

    • blake

      next time EYE will…

    • Logic

      *then, sorry for being that guy

      • BAC

        Why apologise, (those that speak American substitute the Z) is grammar really that difficult?

  • boneprovider

    Is it OK to give a gorilla a condom…..#13?

    • frank

      take it outta da jungle!

    • bigdeal

      i friended her on facebook lol

  • 1833 YAT-YAS

    #25 wasn't easy and almost gave up but I finally managed to jerk off to it

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