• Craigery

    Do you mean "bass"?

  • Ihatefish

    Base keeps the fisherman away

  • luka_

    Guy is amazingly good!! Hopefully he can 'cash in' his talent…

    (and yeah, it is "bass" not "base" ) 🙂

  • manicmachine

    Dubstep of the mouth

    • justme

      Was thinking the same. Was amazing.

    • Justin

      Closer to Breaks/Drum & Bass.

      • admiralperry


    • TonyM

      Definitely Jungle… do people still do Jungle?

  • captainmalcolm

    Amazing talent!

  • 617Chiver

    Kid has some tallent, that's for sure. I don't know of many other beat boxers that can create a "dub" growl.

  • http://twitter.com/weavty1 @weavty1

    Sorry, had to.

    • SmashasaurusRex

      I was waiting for it to blink

  • http://www.scraptitching.com Donna


  • hoboextreme

    That was an okay beatboxing compared too some of the other beatboxers like alem, reeps one, skiller, babeli, and etc.

    Now this is beatboxing:

    • Guest

      Easier with a Mic

      • downfall616

        the other guy used one to record his sound. you mean a PA?

    • Dumb

      Half those sounds are made with the mic. Also, that was incredibly stupid.

      • janus

        prove it.

    • Alberta Chiver

      Alem should have had that one, but still that kid rocked it with no mic like the other guys said,,

    • Guest

      beatboxing has devolved to see who can make the fastest noises now?

    • Serinanth

      Guy in the original vid had musical training, he had structure, rhythm and flow.
      I enjoyed his performance way better than these two guys.

    • mike

      Sucks to be the mic

    • 0235

      not too bad, but he uses alot of overloading the mic and jams it in his face quite a bit.

    • Mike

      sooooo…because they all dress like douchbags on stage, they are real beatboxers compared to the kid in this post? I see I see..

    • Geraldo

      His shirt says 1up, when that clearly isn't a '1up' mushroom. Very disappointed.

  • yup

    this is beatboxing

    • ern23

      This is the best beatbox EVER.

      • Marvin

        my mind just got blown…

    • Dan

      Ya i gotta say this one is the best!

  • https://www.youtube.com/user/19ExecuteTheSounds87 AnItalianChiver

    sick bro..

  • Bentley

    Sounds like a frog orgy if you close your eyes.

  • Guest

    Sounds like my girl quiffing. (look it up )

    • camplejeunesucks


    • admiralperry

      Don't even try to pretend that you're one of the few that know what a queef is.

  • cymru Am Buth

    must be in the Friends Zone.

  • Minha Lenha


  • http://OrangeEmail By Michan Lechan


  • Piper

    Speaks French and dubstep..

    • lingh0e

      Just so we are clear… that was not dubstep. It was drum and bass.

  • Not what I need...

    It's like a younger, French and just as relevant Biz Markie!

    • Not what I need...

      But I thought it was cool/talented

  • Scott

    Translation of what he says at the start: Hello everyone, I'm big ben. I'm 19 years old and I've been beatboxing for about three and a half years. Yesterday I ate pasta.

  • billy madison

    oh my god its goldberg from d2

  • Charlesard

    Damn Big Ben making it on the chive! Shadow Sumo!

  • gstarjuggernaut

    Ladies? Think about the tongue & lip musculature!!

  • Jon

    He reminds me of Boss Nass from star wars

    • Orukal

      The first thing that I thought when it started up.

  • MylesofStyles

    His ability to drop bass is directly proportional to his fatness.

    • davo

      the same way your personality is directly proportional to how many women you get. (hint: it's a good, roundly number)

      • MylesofStyles

        The same way your success at humor is directly proportional to your intelligence.

  • Canucks_Rule

    saw this dude on some talent game show.

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