Don’t want! (29 Photos)

  • Cracka_ass_cracka

    #2 would at least keep drunk friends from driving home from the house party..

    • Kev

      #22 Thanks Chive I felt like never ever sleeping again anyway…

    • Mari

      about the only reason to put one of those up.

  • echogeo

    #5 #10 #18
    It better be one hell of a Hump post this week…

  • michaelanthonyphotog

    #25 Make me

    • electric boogalo

      I could beat it.

      • MattKL

        I see what you did there.

  • Cracka_ass_cracka

    It's ok, I didn't want to sleep for the rest of my life anyway..

    • Brian

      Hey everybody, let's go to the beach for a swim!

    • morebeer

      I want to believe this is from an alien movie

    • glenngarf

      Goblin shark!

      • G_Had

        Don't google it.

    • G_Had

      I might have to watch about a thousand pictures of cute puppies to restore my faith in animals

      • Mikey D

        The goblin shark will eat ALL the puppies.

  • Bhodi

    #12 For all the people who had a problem with the fit girls. Is this more your speed?

    • Morosz3


    • MylesofStyles

      It was a bit of mission to fap to, but I love a challenge.

    • Berty

      Great post!

  • cum dumpster

    #12 still would

    • Dirrrrrty

      Twice on Sunday.

    • Red

      I bet that shit jiggles when she farts.

    • FNG

      absolutely no morrals there dumpster ^

  • 16inchzipper

    #2 WANT!

  • Mitch

    #22, Nope

  • sfb101

    #12 Bruised my eyes
    #20 Hello dog?

  • Morosz3

    #12 please God no
    #21 it's time to move honey

    • Chuck Schick

      It's a daddy longlegs, no biggie.

      • Yuppp

        That's a fuckin mutant daddy long legs.

  • Loner



    • amapolamorrison


    • thespiral

      You'll find moar than you ever wanted at the Juggalo Fest.

    • the credible hulk

      FIND HER!!!

      In a cage at the zoo.

  • tv_paul

    #25 The only way this would work if it made you see all women look like this#5

    • annoying_paul

      #5 submitted a family photo? no wonder you are on this site all day.

  • FunKiller

    #13 Those crazy Yetis.

  • JimmyP06

    #27 looks liken spongeBob ate out sandy during blowjob week

  • FunKiller

    #25 Challenge accepted!

  • Dave

    #22 what in the actual f*ck is going on here.

    • blues

      I saw it on a nature show once – I think it's called a goblin shark.

    • Plurp

      Goblin Shark biting a divers arm. Deep sea fish are messed up.

  • 6_Crack_rocks

    #29 I live at 666 Shades of Death road, yea Ill take a large cheese pizza.

  • Kris

    #21 won't do a thing to you

    • Van

      Completely harmless.

    • Do0zer

      Exactly. What happen to the men of this world that a Daddy longleg is "scary"?

    • Blue Bronco

      I heard they are poisonous to a point, but their fangs are too small to break skin.

      Probably old wives tale. I have 100's of those outside my house.

      • Hmm

        I think I remember hearing they have one of the most potent venoms of spiders, but the fangs can't break skin so they are harmless to humans.

        • Idk

          False, watch mythbusters.

          • MissVega84

            I think Daddy Long legs are cute…am I weird for that? 😛

        • Bob

          i made the mistake of telling my son that when he was young just as a joke. now he is pathalogically terrified of them.

        • Sweet D

          Yeah that is completely false. They don't have venom glands, and are not classified as spiders.

        • Kitten

          They are actually land crusteans. Not spiders. No venom

  • Mitchell

    that's that shit i don't like

  • I Eats Bacon

    #12 Hey, is that the casting couch?

    • Righteous

      That would be awesome haha

  • aaron

    #22 Very hard to keep Calm with this on my screen.

  • chron247

    #27 Sponge Bob looks like he has a really bad cold sores.

  • Jeremy

    I have these in my bar!!

    • MissVega84

      and they are way more healthy then you think. 100x better for you then Mcdonald's :p

  • teslawasrobbed

    #25 PETA should distribute this for free to save the lives of all those innocent puppies.

  • socalmarti

    #3 From the latest issue of Cosmopolitan magazine. I guess they finally ran out of ideas…

    • dollybakerton

      "inspired by fifty shades of grey" they say… i read those stupid books; no forks, just canes and shit

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