Former fattest man in the world before and after losing half the weight (12 Photos)


  • Anonymous

    Good for him, but I wish I could unsee this.

    • fat guy little coat

      pretty sweet wing suit he has there

  • Yup

    #12 those biceps are huge! Everyday is upperbody day for this guy

    • lol

      Triceps* lol

    • Karl

      those would be triceps

      • em3

        I thought that was bingo wings

    • Anon

      I believe I can fly! I believe I can touch the sky!!

    • savagecabbage

      he looks like stewie when he came off steroids

    • Turk February

      he looks like a deployed airbag

  • ston

    #12 All this is merely a back story for when he becomes the super hero "The Flying Squirrel" . Fighting the evil fast food companies that plague our society today.

    • ECA

      How about personal responsibility or would that make too much sense?

      • Derek

        It would have ruined the joke, similar to what you just did.

        Pro-tip: If the comment opens up by stating that this is simply a back story for a man who has yet to become "The Flying Squirrel", you are safe to continue reading the rest as if it were intended to be humorous. Because it was.

  • El Guapo

    I bet he doesn't need blankets when he sleeps

  • BigOtis

    Not from USA???? How 'bout THAT!!

    • ZiaChiver

      Where is he from?

      • emmylou

        Suffolk, UK.

        • emmylou

          (pronounced "suff-ok")

      • Englishchiver

        England. Ipswich, Suffolk to be precise.

  • Jeb

    He didn't pay a penny for the operation. It was paid for by the good old National Health Service, that's just what I wanted my taxes to be spent on.

    • Ashly

      It is cheaper to help him this way than for him to stay overweight or for him to keep the extra skin. Having all that extra skin just causes massive rashes and infections, where he will then be taken to the hospital multiple times. And considering that it is both wrong and inhumane not to treat him, well he could end up being treated for years and years. Healthy, normal weight people cost taxpayers less money over time… even if he has had surgery.

      The U.S. could benefit from paying to help its citizen become less obese. Obesity here costs taxpayers billions a year.

      • Wisti

        Americans who are obese live off fast food. Reducing the amount they eat wont fix the problem, getting rid of the fast food places is the only real way to fix it and that's just a start.

        • Mike

          And there's the typical "ban everything" approach. There are tens of millions of people in the US that AREN'T obese despite the proliferation of fast food restaurants…..It's called self-control.

          For the love of God, please stop assuming the answer for everything is for the Federal Government to simply tell us we can't have it anymore.

        • socalmarti

          Sorry but I have to agree here… fast food is cheap, healthy food is expensive. Why are children in America obese? Because a double cheese burger is a $1 and a salad is $8.

          • CanadianMedic

            fancy salad eh? You can eat healthy on a budget but you're right it is harder and takes alot more planning.

            • socalmarti

              Go feed a group of children at McD's V. Subway and then get back to me.

              • tic

                I like how those are the only 2 options

                • I don't know

                  I also like how subway is the healthy option there.

              • Derek

                Scapegoating, as far as I am aware, has never resulted in actual solutions to problems. Sure, fast food makes it easy and affordable to become obese. However, with a bit of self control it is entirely possible to eat only McDonald's and still lose weight. Nearly every restaurant in America puts enough calories on your plate to fill two meal slots. It is not exclusive to fast food establishments. Teaching kids portion control would go a long ways towards solving the problem. Don't get me wrong though, I'm not suggesting anyone sustain themselves on McDonald's. I'm just sick of everyone blaming a lack of self control explicitly on fast food establishments. Put the blame where it belongs; those with low or nonexistent self control stuffing their faces with more calories than they require.

              • CanadianMedic

                Id rather feed my kids at home as I do. Also contrary to their ads I wouldn't call subway healthy way to buy into the media campaign though

                • socalmarti

                  Did all of you miss the movie Supersize Me?!!? If you don't like the McD's Subway comparison fine, lets do Whole Foods v. Regular Grocery store. White Bread v. Whole Wheat, White Rice v. Brown Rice…. Salmon v. Hambuger.

                  • CanadianMedic

                    Sure I can argue all of those with you if you really want its about taking the whole healthy foods and making multiple meals from each and shopping around to get the most for your dollar. Also are you really going to base your argument on a movie? You can choose to believe what ever you want but I choose to feed my family healthy choices. They do cost slightly more as I already agreed to in your first post but that is a cost I am happy to incur. As I said before it is much more of a challenge but worth it in the long run in my opinion

                    • socalmarti

                      Ok, obviously what you're looking for here is validation and a pat on the back for your choices, so here you go buddy! Thumbs up on being a good Dad and taking good care of your family, I know it costs a lot, I too make the same choices for my family and I'm a single Mom.

                    • CanadianMedic

                      I don't need your validation or a pat on the back I was just refuting the concept that bad food is the only option. And I say kudos to you for being an awesome mom! I grew up in a single parent household and have nothing but huge respect for single moms KCCO nice lady and congrats on being an awesome responsible mother

                    • tiborpickens

                      really we have to teach kids (and many, many adults) that fast food is not a form of nourishment – it is a treat. Eat at home and they will prefer healthy food. So well done to you both and all the parents wanting to teach their kids the right way to eat!!! (me included…pat on my own back)

                    • Skillin'sotherSelf

                      Debating on the chive comments is forbidden and will result in the DAR being posted to you last… Your argument is invalid because Bacon!

                    • CanadianMedic

                      that is a very solid point I have no argument to that

                  • UN Translator

                    hambuger = pig snot

                    • Thror

                      But "hamburger" is delicious, and can be a healthy part of a well-balanced meal. (I see what you did there….)

              • craicaddict

                you can also cook and buy groceries in bulk which is cheap, but you're probably fat so you have to eat out because cooking and cleaning require too much movement.

                • socalmarti

                  Wow, did you just really try to call me fat over the internet? How old are you? And apparently you reading comprehension skills are lacking also!!! LOL!

      • LeftFlasherOn

        I choose to eat healthy and exercise. Why am I not rewarded for taking care of myself (besides the obvious)? If you choose to do this to yourself, then I should not have to pay for it.

        • johnny

          want to hear the sad part? you're going to pay for it either way, like if he stays fat or gets the operation. but if he gets the operation, you end up paying less in the end. I hate the idea of paying for these people who don't give a shit about their bodies, but theres nothing you can do about it.

          • Idk

            The sad part is this is what you two idiots are raging about your tax dollars being spent on (btw unless you're English you didn't pay for shit in this case). Instead of complaining about the ridiculous perks congress has given itself like being taken care of for the rest of their lives and their families not having to pay back student loans. Or complaining about the billions in aide we send to hostile nations like Pakistan or the trillions we spend on pointless wars. Nope lets complain about helping citizens who actually need it. Fuck both of you.

        • Derek

          It's nice to know that your money specifically went to this man's surgery. I do wonder though, what the overhead is to run a department that allows all of your citizens to see where his personal tax contributions end up. What's that? That's not how it works? You say that if your personal contribution was spread amongst all government spending that your contribution to this surgery was an infinitesimally small fraction of a pence? Your other meager contributions went to things that you DO use? Like your own healthcare? (This is all assuming you are in the UK, otherwise please shut up entirely)

          Facts are facts, if you consider your tax contributions as being divided evenly amongst all government expenses, then your contribution to each individual expense is going to be immeasurably small. If you like to pretend that your specific money goes to specific expenses, just pretend it only goes to the ones you like.

    • Donkey

      Yep, because part of expectations for living in a society should be that only things you want are done.

    • @phops802

      Like Ashly already said, obese people cost us all more money in the longrun.

      • Jackie Treehorn

        They shouldn't though. No one should be forced to pay for another person's lack of responsibility either in the short or long term. If people ate too much, got fat, and had a stack of medical bills to pay, others might reconsider being so irresponsible with their health. No country can afford to attempt to save everyone from themselves, and stealing money from one person to pay for another's stupidity is just wrong.

  • onekelevra

    price of implants have dropped

  • Matt

    Not only did he have the operation on the tax payer's money, but he now wants more surgery to get rid of the excess skin – again on the NHS.

    • I don't know

      Would you rather pay for the more expensive costs associated with him staying fat? I like how you people are cool paying for the family who's ancestors oppressed yours to live in the lap of luxury but you rage about paying to help someone who needs it.

      As an American I would take paying for things like this than having to pay for every single congress members bills for the rest of their life, an ineffective war on drugs, ineffective wars in general, and sending money to hostile counties like Pakistan.

      Point is you need to stfu.

    • judasp1

      Matt, I know a guy that our welfare system did just that. Paid for him to have the skin reduced. Now he is putting all the weight back on. Great system we have

  • Bubba

    To bad the damage is already done, no matter how much weight you lose.

    • KiTT


    • catmoustache

      Actually, one of the specific causes of Diabetes type 2 is a poor diet associated with obesity. The main treatment, aside from metformin, is weight loss and dietary changes. So in effect, the damage is done, but your chances of an improved quality of life (and life expectancy) are significantly increased with weight loss.

  • @Paul_Bunyon

    #12 "I am batman."

  • marktheshark

    seems like a top candidate for the worlds first built in human wingsuit

  • Lolmao


  • tpenkethman

    He's from my home town of ipswich, england. he has dropped from 70stone to 24 stone, with his excess skin weighing 8 stone!

    • Bojo

      What type of stone? A famous english fella once said very small ones can float on water.

      • PDiddily420

        He's a witch! Burn him!

    • MylesofStyles

      I'm not so sure. He doesn't look much like the stoner type to me.

    • Tim

      You crazy Englanders and your stones.

  • Yes!

    FLBP !!!!

  • Canucks_Rule

    #12 – anyone else reminded of rocky and bullwinkle?

  • 29er

    #12 He's probably happy to see his penis again.

    • Rog


    • Stewie Griffin

      #3 Stewie Giffin: "Find your penis, one dollar! One dollar, find your penis!"

  • Rick

    Now he'll have to pay thousands to have a dangerous surgery to get rid of all that excess skin

    • LeftFlasherOn

      I'd pay thousands to get these images out of my mind. Chive, you owe us a "Hot Chicks Just Being Hot" post!

  • HardyHar

    #12 I Belieeeve I can fly.

  • AnItalianChiver

    ohh man.. How did you get yourself into this state?

  • socalmarti

    Jesus Christ people are ignorant, you realize this is a human being right?

    • Ashernyc

      Why have pity on a person who has no respect for themselves.

      • I don't know

        Because that's what separates normal people from sociopaths. And while this guy obviously didnt have respect for himself to allow himself to get this big, he is now trying to do something about it.

    • ...

      I thought it was a flying squirrel

    • brb google

      Get over it.

  • Disappointed

    For the fattest man in the world, I thought he'd be fatter.

    • 29er

      #3 and #5 aren't good enough for you? For crying out loud he was 20 pounds away from being 1,000 pounds!

      • CanadianMedic

        he`s pretty big, I guess……

        • 29er

          He could almost be a snorlax if he were a pokemon.

  • Jonathan

    Chive. Seriously stop posting things like this. I really mean that. How awful.

  • M00seKnucklez

    #3 girl gimme that… Pussy.

    • banananah

      imma eat it too

  • ...

    Where are the after photo's??

  • just saying

    funny how the guy's face wasn't that fat

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