The heart warming story of Francis the dog (31 Photos)


  • Blunt

    R.I.P. Dave on Wheels

    • diogo

      hahahahah 😀

    • Anjin-San

      LOL, genius…
      why thumbing u down?

      • True

        It's getting old.

      • Static

        and not really funny….

        • deez

          umm yeah that was funny. way better than "First"

    • Bud

      I LOL'd

      • dutch

        Me too. i thought it was hilarious.

      • 16inchzipper

        Me too!

    • Yan


    • Nigel

      This makes me laugh EVERY SINGLE TIME

    • Dan

      I still feel bad about that. Poor guy.

    • Blunt

      I still cant believe this is getting replies when there is a perfectly good moose-knuckle shot in the Sexy Chivers Among Us to discuss.

  • maxchiver

    #31 dogs are awesome.

    • SmokeyTheBear

      Fucking right! Awesome story! Looks like a cute little German Shepherd/Border Collie 🙂

      • MylesofStyles

        I don't know. Looks more like a dog to me.

  • Vennexx

    AWESOME!!! love this

  • Rhuevyk

    First! To be heartwarmed.

  • ChiverOnFoot

    Great story!

  • Alex

    All these posts are convincing me to get my next dog from a shelter instead of a professional breeder (No I never buy from a pet shop at least)
    (Damn onions cutting ninjas)

    • IrishWolfhound

      Y'know if it wasn't for breeders some dog species would have died out long ago.

      • Alex

        Sure I know, I currently have an awesome Siberian Husky, but now that I have the Husky I always wanted I think the right thing to do would be to rescue a dog for the next one 🙂

    • SmokeyTheBear

      The stigma of pets from shelters is very upsetting. Of course you will find animals with a bad history that might not work out, BUT there are many very loving cats and dogs who really deserve a good home.

    • Static

      you MUST.. we have 2 rescues…. they are they best dogs ever. Except now while they are barking at the UPS man… who isnt even stopping here.

      • deez

        yeah both my dogs are rescues, really no reason to buy a dog when theres so many that need a home

    • trl87

      Must be some badass onions to be cutting ninjas.

    • walter sobche

      mutts are the smartest. the blood lines are to close with pure bead dogs. derps

    • pr0n

      Nothing wrong with pet shops, that's where the breeders send the runts. Honestly runts make the best dogs.

      • ImpressMe

        pr0n…WRONG…..Pet shops get their puppies from puppy mills…which are beyond horrible…. Adopt a rescue, save two lives…the dog you take home and the one who can be rescued because there is room for another…… Never, ever buy from a pet store….or God forbid, online…. if you google puppy mills and look at the pictures…it will tear your heart out.

  • Mr. T

    #26, awesome story!

  • Jonny Apps

    What is this salty discharge falling from my eyes?!

    • Perkins Maxwell

      sorry, I was a little… excited and aimed too high. I'll calm down next time I fap.

      (Sorry couldn't resist. This post made me sniffle too)

      • cum

        Probably cum…hahaha

        • Jonny Apps

          Wow! Your imagination is SO profound….Nobody thought of that……

          • Hmmm

            I'm wondering how so many dudes seem to know that it tastes salty….

            • Idk

              Well I'm sure there's dudes who've probably tasted their own cum which is what you're implying, but I'm also sure there's guys who have been told by other or read it on the Internet or whatever. Kind of a stupid question.

            • deez

              your mom told them

            • Rich

              all bodily stuff is salty: tears, blood, sweat, urine, semen, ever suck your own…..thumb?

  • anewmein2013

    I teared up…always remember to save a life and adopt a shelter dog!!!!

  • Kabobs

    I….the onions man …. Sniffem away…

  • Ron burgundy

    Damn, think I got something in my eye. People who would drop a dog in a box on the side of the road need to be out down. Assholes

    • MylesofStyles

      Not just out down, but out downtown. Motherfuckers.

  • MatteOh

    what an amazing story. sad that such an adorable dog would be left for dead like that
    humans are the cruelest animals on the planet.

    • Dork

      Humans and domestic cats. What my cat will do to a bird or mouse just for shits and giggles is sick.

  • DBallz

    Awesome story!

    Handsome little guy he is!

  • jjj

    people amaze me more and more each day. who puts an awesome puppy in a box to die? thats gross

  • tv_paul

    Great story but may the person who left him to die burn in hell.

    • SnakemanDan85

      I concur!

  • Kristi Dawn

    At the end this made me smile 🙂

  • Chuck

    What an awesome story….there are no companions more loyal than a dog….Great work CARA!!

  • echogeo

    Can I spend some time with his physical therapist?

    • cum

      grow up

    • Hurricane Harri

      And this one too!


    • savagecabbage

      Looking at all the women in this post, this must be a story from New Jersey

  • dan

    Sawdust in the air

  • Jonathan

    The dog is awesome. I hope it learns how to do eye makeup so it can give something back to the physical therapist.

    • Kabobs


    • iskra9

      super LMFAO

  • Justin

    Amazing story. The longer I look around, the more compassion I have for animals and less for people.

    • socalmarti

      Me too!

  • echogeo

    That there damn near choked me up…

  • travioso

    #22 warmed my cold dark heart

  • Kirstie

    awww this is amazing!!

  • JakePic

    And where are Francis' parents? They probably aren't even married. Just running around having promiscuous dog fashion sex and leaving their unwanted offspring on the side of the road? It really starts with the parents.

    • Alex_5280

      Up next on MTV, Fluffy and Pregnant

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