Derpy tattoos unite! (38 Photos)

  • Yeffro

    Some people have too much free time

    • danyeager464

      til I saw the draft which said $6591, I have faith …that…my mom in-law was truley earning money parttime at there labtop.. there mums best friend had bean doing this for under 8 months and by now paid the mortgage on their apartment and got a gorgeous Acura. I went here,

      • Fuman Zybar

        Why don't you take some of that great money and invest in a dictionary?

    • davo

      the sad part is that most of these people have procreated

  • Cchh


  • Yeffro

    #23 Butt-head as a child?

    • KCCOorDIE

      huh huh huh hu

    • Butt-head

      Shut up, Beavis!

  • Yayo

    O my fucking god that shit is horrible

    • thom

      All tattoos are horrible. What sort of mental issues are going on inside people that feel the need to mutilate themselves?

  • Du mas

    #8 ohh hell nooo

    • Adrian Maguire

      It looks like grannies beating up sly Stallone

  • Wesley

    #29 I can't see anyone ever going down on that again..

    • Michele

      Amber Portwood from Teen Mom
      Even before that tattoo, she was nasty.

  • Rich1

    #11 not much of a loving memory

  • jOb

    #27 Working on his doctorate in medicine, be sure.

    • Brewdy

      The funny thing is that is one of the better portrait tatoos in this set

    • hmm

      sorry we're not hiring….

      • Welfare fo' life

        Well said!

    • whatchulookinat

      meth is a hell of a drug!



    • Jake

      Nobody is THAT stupid

  • Richh

    The price is wrong bitch!

  • jamie

    #4 #7 #11 #16 As the Old saying goes regarding tattoos……" Good work ain't cheap…Cheap work ain't good " !!

  • Visitohr

    #33 sums it up right. Some people expect a good portrait for 100 bucks, yeah right. Do some research on the artist first and pay a bit more.

    • awww shit

      the one on the right has something funky going on with its eyes

      • hmm

        It's Mufasa if he had survived the stampede…

      • PappyCrux

        Don't you remember "Clarence The Cross Eyed Lion" from the TV show Daktari?

    • lemurfart

      even 650 is for a cheaper nice one. super epic lion would probably run 2000 ish depending on where you go.

      • Derek

        Agreed. Detail is nice on left, but eyes / forehead still offt

      • Cody

        2k? that probably a 4-5 hour tattoo.. if you're paying $500 an hour for a tattoo you're retarded. my artist charges $150 an hour and is amazing, you don't have to spend a fortune for a nice tattoo

        • Frank

          No, but you do have to be a fool to get one. and an absolute moron to get more than one.

  • DDD

    #15 watcha gonna do

    • Irwin R Shyster

      Grab another double Whopper with cheese and bacon.

    • Stiffy13

      Whatcha gonna do when hulkamania destroys you, BROTHER!

      • hey_cw


  • DDD

    You cant fix stupid!

  • Bmoney

    $650 for greatness, or $100 for who f'n knows.. Save ur damn money seems like the obvious choice. Wow…. That's on those people for life!

  • kevguy

    is #22 avril lavigne?

    • Yea

      I thought so

    • Swarley

      Yes. Now the guy has chlamidia.

  • jodi

    #22 Avril lavigne??

    • socket2me

      I thought Jenna Jameson

  • Duffman

    I'm almost feel bad that people have this on them…it would be funny to see the follow up cover-up piece these people get (assuming they came to their senses and got a cover-up).

  • thisGuy

    #29 did she give birth to a cabbage patch doll? #33 Simba on crack

    • rosco

      noooo, thats a lion. Simba was a cartoon.

      • hmm

        of a lion…….

  • brewdy

    #22 is actually pretty good

    • Jayrod

      It's good work, just…unsettling

      • youwannaknow

        Those eyes.

      • bekkison

        She looks like she's waiting for the money shot

    • mynameis

      phenomenal color

    • Saul Hernandez

      It looks like Nikko Hurtado's work. He's the best.

    • Josh

      Artist is Mike DeVries in CA

  • VT Surf-N-Turf

    References, references, references…

  • guest

    Have any of these people ever thought of just getting a T-shirt with the design on it first? If you can stand wearing the t-shirt like 2-3 x a week, maybe you'd like a tat. If after a month you hate the design or your friends blast you over it's sheer terriblness, you've saved yourself a lot of misery.

    • Anonymous

      Every tattoo I've gotten I hsve had as my phine background I had it on my bedroom door so I looked st it several times a day. You were on the right track of giving someone a good idea but you are gross if you think it's ok to wear a shirt two or three times a week. Friends would crack jokes at a person's hygiene before the design of the shirt.

      • Anonymous

        Also, as you can see, you can have a picture of an adorable child and the tattoo artist makes it look like an angry leprechaun/graden gnome/elf.

      • Frank

        Of course a person with tattoos wouldn't think of WASHING THE DAMN SHIRT BETWEEN WEARINGS.

  • ambercr20

    #36- pls take a moment and realize HOW HUGE AND NASTY HER THIGH IS!! F* THE TAT! EWWW

    • Joris

      I don't think it is a "her".

    • Wut?

      I think the artist did pretty well considering his 'canvas'…

      • Bojo

        With a "canvas" that big he coulda gotten away with using a railroad spike and sledge

    • lex

      amen 😀

    • Jim W.

      Is that Steve Buscemi?

    • Canadian Farmer

      Probably the closest a guy or girl will ever come to eating that out…

    • Derek

      Keep in mind Those heads are 2x life size

    • Bob

      Spare a thought for the artist who had to spend hours working up close to that and imagine the smells that emanated from the area.

  • Allan

    Some of these tattoos remind me of Walking Dead zombies.

  • CTM

    #36 still better than the movie

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