On the set of some of your favorite classic films (40 Photos)

  • Eder

    #21 Someone MEME this. Now.

  • Bigdogx

    #22 – love the Sandlot, great movie!

  • Foxy

    The perspective is odd on #34. Looks like a giant MJF.

  • spliggs

    #37 Sloan – so hot!

  • Chet Lemon

    #30 #37

    Lost all credibility with the inclusion of the two.
    So close.

    • Chet Lemon

      er . . i meant #36

  • thekid91234

    Is that Jimmy Page next to Eric Idle? #1 also king arthur looks shitfaced

    • Guest1

      He was shitfaced. All the time.
      John Cleese always talks about what a terrible experience it was trying to make the movie with him drunk all the time.

  • beto

    That was awesome! Bunch of my favorites. Thanks Chive!

  • ChristophersonofGray

    #37 hmmm, Mia Sara. Loved her in "Legend" also.

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