On the set of some of your favorite classic films (40 Photos)

  • sicktoday


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  • Everclear

    #5 Mind blown.

  • john

    funny thing about #9, that's not De Niro. Their schedules didn't work out, so they each shot their half of the scene with a stand in double.

    • chiver

      from imdb: "viewing the film in correct letterbox format, as the director intended, clearly shows the two actors sitting at the table, though only in wide shots"

  • Andy Valentine

    #21 – Surprise Alien buttsex in 3…2…1…

  • broski

    That shit cray

  • dougvanniershow


  • Anjin-San

    that's no moon!

    • NOOT


  • rickacha

    #17 #18 #20 #22 #26 #37 don't ring a bell in my head 😦

    • Dr J Fever

      Please correct me if I'm wrong and I am often wrong.
      17 Rocky Horror
      18 Young Frankenstein
      20 Carrie [Sissy Spacek]
      37 original stop motion Rudolph the red nosed raindeer

      • George Zip

        #26 is one of the stop-motion Rankin-Bass Christmas movies made in the 60s. Maybe "Year without a Santa Claus" as I don't see Rudolph, but it could be a pre-Rudolph scene from "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer".

        • George Zip

          Wait; you got #37 as Rudolph…

      • Seth

        The one with the two kids is The Sandlot. Forrr… ever.

      • S'mores

        #22 is The Sandlot — "You're killin' me Smalls!"

      • wut

        26 The Sandlot

      • Tanis

        #26 is the Sandlot…come on guy.

        • Tanis

          #22 What S'mores said, guess I shoulda checked Dr J Fever's numbering.

      • rickacha

        thank you

      • austinite

        dude, how YOUNG ARE YOU?!!? geez.

    • https://www.facebook.com/jimmie.svensson.5832 Jimmie Svensson

      18 is "Young Frankenstein" (funny Mel Brooks movie, see it!)
      20 is probably "Carrie" a movie based on Stephen Kings Book with the same name

      • https://www.facebook.com/jimmie.svensson.5832 Jimmie Svensson

        Ack, too slow, the Doc beat me too it ;p

  • Egon

    #24 "I'm terrified beyond the capacity for rational thought."

    • Mother Pus Bucket

      "Aim for the flat top!"

  • Tough Guy

    On the set of ur moms favorite classic flims

    • a-nom

      Ya, maybe if you're now in Junior High or High school…you'd still be wrong. #1 is probably one of the greatest comedies and the majority of these films are classics in their own right. The modern generations' tastes for theatrics are depressing…

  • Dr J. Fever

    1 – Holy Grail, 2 – Ewok movie, 3 – Creature from Black Lagoon, 4 – Matrix crap, 5- Harry Potter crap, 6 – Spielberg gets Drew hooked on coke, 7 – Goonies, 8 – Batman #? the one with the dead druggie, 9 – overacting Pacino, 10 – my career ends here, 11 – Scream ?, 12 – Beetlejuice Or Mr. Keaton where did your career go, 13 – Pan's Labyrinth?, 14 – Edgar Wright director of Shaun of the Dead with zombie, 15 – Halloween 2?, 16 – Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, 17 – Rocky Horror [how far he fell to a Tom Clancy film], 18 – Mel Brooks at his best, 19 – There is Mr. Keaton!, 20 – @ least her daughter is hot, 21 – #? Alien [Does not matter because only #1 was good], 22 – Sandlot??, 23 – Hungover or just HUNG, 24 – Who you gonna call?, 25 – Whatever still sucked, 26 – Rudolph, 27 – Where is Kermit?, 28 – Dark Crystal?, 29 – RESPECT for 1st lady of Soul, 30 – Miami Vice 1? or 2? or [Just give me the damn paycheck and blow up some cars], 31 – No idea at all, 32 – Peter Weiler looking a lot heavier than on Longmire, 33 – Iron Man 1? 2? Avengers? [does not matter], 34 – Mike acting, 35 – Drug addict? before killed by Muppet twin?, 36 – New crappy TRON, 37 – Save Ferris, 38 – Memento [is that Guy?] he should have won for LA Confidential, 39 – The only Ape movie to matter, 40 – Before Band of Brothers 'Spanks' movie, 41 – Where is Natalie??, 42 – If only he was not back, 43 – Holy Shit she was just a kid?, 44 – Bill in one of his crap movies, 45 – "Light Bright!!"

    All but Memento off the top of my head so I may be wrong. I had to look up what movies Guy Pearce was in to place the clothes.

    • JamesG

      I think….I think it's time for you to get a job.

    • Dale

      You knew it was Guy Pearce but not memento ? I don't think so, you clearly looked them up which is sad because everyone should have seen all these movies before .

    • McBeastie666

      Do your friends stick their heads in the oven when you come over? Wait….what am I thinking………friends…

    • Jules

      Harry Potter isn't crap you ass.

      • Voldemort

        meh…agree to disagree

    • amalgamman

      31 = Watchmen

  • Jim

    Bob please include a link to tapiture on the top of the page next to the other tabs. Because we like to click links on your website, I know sounds crazy but that's what people do on the internet. Click.

  • socalmarti

    #13 #17 #28 Would still stop whatever I'm doing to watch these fine films!

  • Tugonmynuts...gently

    Anyone who didn't recognize The Sandlot had a deprived childhood.

    • Lyra

      So, where can I sign up for therapy?

    • McBeastie666

      Or maybe they are just older and have different movies from their childhood.

  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    "…and after your make up Miss Garland, we'll give you this little pill to help you feel sad during your crying scenes…"

  • Canucks_Rule

    #9 – one of the greatest scenes in movie history!!

  • Calieb

    #21 "ssssSSSSSSSSsssssss" translation "DAT ASS!!"

  • Justsay OyVey

    #21 wetting pants in 3…2….

  • Jules

    #1 #18 #29 #44 AWESOME!!

  • m.c.

    I don't know, Mr. President. I bet with a few small modifications, we can come in under budget. #10

  • http://twitter.com/LosSaysSwag @LosSaysSwag

    #14 There's a girl in the garden.

    • Ed______

      In the garden, there's a girl

    • Paul

      Holy crap. This brings back memories !
      I was standing just to the right of frame when this was taken.

  • @rallypointbravo

    #9 Best Movie Ever.

  • Iggy Catalpa


    Actually sort of impressed by just how real that looks, even in a close up shot.

  • Macro

    #39 Imagine how miserably hot that would have been …

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