• thechevron

    that was fucking shit

    • JP13

      I'm assuming you have met quite a few people in your life that don't like you. But, you probably don't notice it anyway.

    • Justin

      is that chick pushing the stroller in the first scene topless????

      • Zane

        I fast forwarded through over half the video because I don't have enough time to watch it.

  • Insnsprtn

    Stop moving so fast and just KCCO.

  • Dan

    If it helps, Faramir narrated it

    • Eze_Kiel

      "The Persians made their way far too quickly, and didn't take the time to enjoy the unspoiled lands. We Spartans however, always knew just the right speed to stab our spears into their hearts."

      • America


  • RealZoo

    <img src="http://weknowmemes.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/true-story-neil-patrick-harris.png&quot; alt="true story neil patrick harris meme" width="325" height="250" />

  • invalidusername

    Couldn't watch the whole video, too much of a rush

    • the roadrunner

      I dont know why you are getting thumbs down! Hilarious

  • A2_tha_MFK

    That's fine but today I'm in a rush, so GET THE FUCK OUTTA MY WAY!

    • joshua tree


  • Ken

    WOW I'M FROM PERTH, HOW THE HELL DID THIS GET ON THECHIVE!?!? about three things has made it on to the web from perth, some optical illusion art (in east perth), Heath Ledger and the Red Bull Air Race (barely, and not anymore)

    • Guest

      You should be proud mate! You have nailed it. Im that slow driver that laughs at the speeding bafoon because we reached the red light at the same time!

    • Paddy

      I'm from Perth too!! Cool as haha

      • What_Tha

        I'm from Perth three! Finally, something cool about Perth lol.

    • Para-noidAndroid

      Perth Chivette here! I got far too excited when I realised the guy driving the car half way through was going down Riverside Drive!

  • basic

    Some of us relax at high speeds. Driving fast IS breathing slow… get out of my left lane and keep right, fart knockers.

    • The_Dood

      I'm going to have to agree. My "me time" is when I'm behind the wheel. I enjoy going fast. I don't generally speed, just five miles over like everyone else, but I love driving. Taking turns as fast as I can, accelerating quickly, etc,. Nothing clears my mind quite like seeing cars disappear in my rear-view.

      • yessir

        >100% agree…

      • America

        over 9000% agree

  • Iowa

    This sounds good in theory. If only my job allowed me to slow down👍

  • Pandas Kill

    "Modern" "economy" doesn't allow for that. When your shareholders are asking for a 15% yearly growth with 20% ROI growth or they shut your company down, you can't slow down.

    Fix our economical system so that it's not based on money that goes to 1% of the population, but on the well being of the 99% remaining, and you'll see how many problems we don't even know exist are solved.

    • Pete

      Sure it does. It's just one of the choices you make. What's the modern economy good for again? Fuck that shit, get out of the office. Take up carpentry, cartography, dive instructing, whatever. I ditched offices for a trade, I'm now a stonemason and spend my days restoring heritage buildings.

      • mr_thai

        i fully agree…I used to live I big cities, Bangkok being one of them. I had enough, so I moved to a sleepy beach town, now I live out in the country and fish and hunt and stress less! KCCO!

      • yeah!

        Cartography (GIS). Right on man!

      • Aussie Chiver

        work to live, not live to work.

      • joeseph

        wanker with numbers. just chill out.

  • gclark

    Maybe if my city councilors could open their eyes and realize every friggin road that runs past a house doesnt need to be 30km/h Id be willing to follow the speed limit. I hate Victoria councilors 🙂

    • eMTee

      yeah screw those kids playing around their homes!

      YOU are the reason our country has these ads, wanker.

  • grandma

    if you're a man everything is a race!

  • indiana chiver

    I fast forwarded to the end. I hope I didn't miss anything.

  • toni796

    but racing is fun

  • Laurie

    I want the narrator to read me a bedtime story, what a soothing voice…

  • Lyra

    And to record my alarm….What a way to wake up 🙂


    GO PATS!!!

  • Cracka_ass_cracka

    "If you're not first, you're last"

  • Carl

    When my bank calls, telling me my mortgage is past due. I'll tell them just to breathe

  • OliverKLOSOV

    Second is just first to lose.

  • Col

    Made in Perth, Western Australia, not a bad ad really, clever and all. Lol at all the prior comments being knobs 🙂

  • KayMan

    the funny thing is that we know this already, we know what we should and should not do but it takes a clever ad like this or a traumatic event to solidify it our brains and actually make that change.

  • Canucks_Rule

    oh those aussies. anyone ever seen the one where a dumptruck hit a real care with ppl in it?

  • MarkyMark

    Made me think of Office Space..

  • MikeGhengis5

    Wow. I'm surprised how resistant people are to this idea.

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