• Calieb

    well that is 3min i will never get back

    • mhmm

      well that's 2sec i'll never get back

  • beerich

    LOL I enjoy going fast. Get out of my frickin way, old lady.

  • Jimbo

    I watched the whole thing, but was completely distracted by the tush on the girl pushing the stroller.

  • Iceberg

    the steering wheel is on the wrong side.

  • Mike

    Why are there so many high speed ads? Statistics show that more collisions occur due to people driving slower than "normal" traffic speed? Speed limits may be the law but they are also conditional. If the majority of traffic is traveling above the speed limit then it's no different than if they all drive at the speed limit.

  • Stick

    Shame, I thought 'you could kill someone, you selfish prick' was reason enough.

  • TheHolmes

    Wow this is fucking stupid. Talk about unproven conclusions – blaming everything on speeding? The authors don't even get that speeding is sometimes fun and enjoyable, releases endorphins, and does the exact opposite of this junk science fueled load of BS. Plus, speeding isn't the cause for people being in a rush – its a symptom. Good use of tax dollars Ausfags.

  • Eddie Calderon

    Dammit. I get those symptoms

  • WannaBeNAVYbutMechE

    Sounded like Temuera Morrison to me. Turns out D. Wenham is a British theologian. Hmmm..learn somethin' new every day.

  • Clik

    Here are some reasons of why people speed:
    1. Late
    2. Hate the drive, driving in general, assume getting from A to B is a waste of time.

    How does slowing down resolve either one of those problems? (Get fired or enjoy your drive…full of traffic…other idiot drivers coming up on your ass, tailgating, cutting you off, speeding around you, enjoying the ugly scenery of gray asphalt and a bunch of buildings…causing even more stress.)

    Now with self driving cars while I can sit on TheChive during my 2hrs commute through traffic is another story.

  • Racer73


  • What_Tha

    It isn't speed that kills. It's the sudden impact that gets you.

  • Anthony

    I think anyone passionate about cars would disagree with this ad. Knowing the Aussies, that's quite a bit of them too with their V8 supercar racing.

  • perry64

    They make a long commercial to get people to slow down, but they have no problem with all those people driving on the wrong side of the road????

  • Onoku

    Unfortunately, my chosen profession doesn't allow for this. It would be wonderful to just slow down and breathe. That's okay though, because when I retire at the age of 40 (if I live that long), I will get my chance to slow down.

  • Jack Mehoffer

    Don't be fooled by the fortune cookie advice. This is anti-capitalist propaganda.. The quicker people slow down, the quicker the need for more government control. Of course it's produced by a government agency. Read between the lines.

  • Rick

    Only on a TV commercial does:

    Travelling at 90kph take as little time as travelling at 100kph

    110KPH OMG that speed witll KILL YOU FOOL!!; 100kph perfectly safe.. ahh relax.

    It seem convincing that speed or time reduction in travelling has nothing to do with why we hop in cars in the first place instead of just walking…

  • Nicodemus

    I enjoyed it. I need to slow down. My engines are grinding after almost 50 yrs. I can feel that i need to actually breath

  • rick

    we want it all, speed, happiness, professional success, and the perfect marriage. we devour our lives taking gulps of time like it was water.

  • ChristophersonofGray

    What the hell happened to the "Next Post" button? It used to be at the end of the pictures or below the video, and then one at the end of the comments?
    Am I missing something?

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