“Baguette-me-nots,” are more proof that the internet doesn’t care for your logic (40 Photos)

This is one of the recent trends I can’t explain. I will let the photos speak for themselves.

Via Baguettemenots

  • Rick3381

    Really Bob? You're the new Mac!

  • P. Ennis

    Fuck baguettes, and fuck this post.

    • Berty

      This is about as cool as planking.

      • Pit_Boss

        Or that whole sneaker sniffing/licking thing. Pretty pointless

    • thebeefinjector

      That was stupid….

  • lex

    massive Baguettion

  • what?

    thanks….now I dont wanna live on this planet anymore…..or maybe Im just not trendy enough?

  • Wim

    Bizarrely brilliant!

  • os310

    I've never heard of this in my life, I wish I could've kept it that way

    • Shay

      agreed… although oddly, I'm hungry now…

  • Tiber_Septim

    and I thought planking was stupid this is worse

    • akmarksman82

      That is so fetch…

      • FunKiller

        stop trying to make fetch happen! It's not going to happen!

  • cbb

    I really have no idea what's going on here…

    • ThunderKCCO

      This has pegged my "weird shit'O'meter" for sure. People are strange animals.

  • Jean K. Jean

    #5 If Ellie Kemper approves, I approve.

    • Kiki

      From The Office, totes adorbs.

    • IrishInNJ

      Best rack on NBC.

  • frenchy

    ahaha I love that post…might be because I am french and Baguette represents 79% of my life … !!!!

    • nice

      Nice choice of percentage there. A believably high number.

  • N8orius

    Same guy is in about half the posts. Seems like a singular individual is attempting to start a trend, and with the help of Bob, succeeding. This is worse than planking, owling, and all the other 2012 fads dismal enough to not be able to remember them less than a year later.

    • dude 2

      You mean like Tebowing or Faith Hilling?

    • rah rah

      you tell 'em

  • 2Dogs


    • Jroc

      Well-played my good sir

    • sfb101

      This made my morning, thanks!

  • SoTxOil1

    #38…Girl next door after hooked on baguette…sad world sad world.

  • rick t

    reason most pics have the same people is caause they're a comedy team just having fun .my god people have a sense of humor…plus it has ellie kemper!

    • Jen

      i think its funny!

  • G_Had

    I approve of this trend. Way funnier than "goofy" girls…

    • NYChiver

      Expect "goofy" girls is about girls being just that, and not necessarily intended to be funny.

      • G_Had

        I think it's the exact opposite. Most of the girls are just try-hards and not funny (or goofy) at all. This Baguette-stuff is funny to me because of its pure randomness and creativity. But as everything, humor is a matter of taste and therefore undeniable. (If this makes sense, great, if not, English is not my mother tongue so please be gentle 🙂 )

        • sixdeadelves

          i agree, some thought was put in to the Baguettes thing. the "goofy" girl bit, sticking your tongue out or pulling a funny face, please.

  • Worker 47

    Is this were humor is going? It's not even clever.

    • hehe

      I don't understand how someone who's never heard of this "baguetting" can see these pictures and no think it's at least a liiiittle funny. I'm not falling out of my chair laughing, but come #9 I couldn't help but chuckle.

  • epic ass is epic

    dafuq I just look at

  • Anders

    Why in the hell does this guy have a tee with Norwegian text, and why does it translate into "do you wanna go home with me and check out my heat pump"?!

    • derrr

      maybe he's norwegian? why do so many people wear a shirt that says "chive on?" how is that perceived by people who don't know this site? might as well tell somebody to "cilantro out"

      • Bishop

        I would buy a cilantro out t right now!

        • thom

          Yeah, like that is the only thing in this post that doesn't make sense.

  • greg

    #16 o that aint no baguette baby

  • Otter

    #5 #34
    Ellie Kemper and George Takai <shakes head>

    • Imzkid

      And Janeane Garofalo. #39

      • Also loves Bart


        • Unknown

          Shes right there… on the leash. Its her.

    • George Takei

      Oh My….

      • look

        and Rob Loewe #40

  • m.c.

    look at these fucking hipsters…

    • justsoyaknow

      Way to kcco m.c. There's some humor here. Too bad you can't appreciate it.

      • l00p

        Where is the humour? Do you need special humour glasses to see it?

  • IGotWorms

    This was straight up weird.. No moar!

  • crazydog

    You silly baguettes, you made my morning with this silliness, especially #29.

  • joe

    Two minutes… pointlessly gone forever.
    Just because you can,doesn't mean you should.

  • le' bla!

    Why the hell am I having a dirty grin right now?

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