• Guest

    Epic song, epic movie, epic old men in an epic country. Canada baby!

  • 16inchzipper

    So one of those guys is wearing a name tag of sorts. Is this some reunion of a brotherhood? Don't recognize the song.

    • Tijn

      Did you not have a childhood?
      Have you seriously never watched the Lion King?

    • Ted

      …your childhood SUCKED.

    • http://dcpierce.wordpress.com Piercewise

      The song is from the Lion King. The guys themselves are "barbershoppers", people devoted to preserving the old barbershop quartet style of 4-part acapella singing. Obviously they sometimes sing newer songs arranged in the old style. These men are probably out after a rehearsal or convention, thus the name tag.

      I know all this because I am a barbershopper as well, and have even sung this arrangement before. There's a documentary on barbershop singing called American Harmony that's available via Netflix streaming if you're interested in learning more about it. But enough of my grand-standing. Cool video!

  • bob_on_a_log

    Only at Tim Hortons.

    • Dirk Diggler

      I could really go for a large double double right now. We need some Hortons down here in DC.

  • chron247

    These guys are pretty good. I can honestly say after sitting through that entire video, I enjoy these guys singing more than Nicki Minaj!

    • Alex

      And Way more than Bieber! 😛

    • Jay Low

      How do you know how much Nicki Minaj enjoys these guys singing?

  • JMizzleYYC

    Brilliant! I wonder how often this sort of thing happened before the flash-mob concept was popularized. Either way, what a great surprise for anyone that was sitting in Timmy's sipping on a large double-double and munching on a 20 pack of Timbits.

  • NobleChive

    did anybody else have a childhood flahback. oh, to be 6 again.

  • Tony G

    TBH, I was waiting for a dog to start howling.

  • Rollee

    VERY, VERY NICE! This is not a random thing. These men are obviously members of a chorus group of some sort who are very well rehearsed. This may have been a 'Flash Mob' thing. In either case a very Nice performance! Kudos to the young men!

    • Canadia
    • all good fun

      Definitely a Barbershop chorus. My dad is in one and they frequently will go for a meal after a concert or practice and sing songs in the pub. Brings a smile to the face.

  • Joey

    That was amazing. Just the happy looks from all of these men together put a huge smile on my face.

  • demtittes

    I bet they all went for a lemon party after this

    • boom

      AAAAAAAhahahahahahahah. i like the clip but that was an epic comment.

  • KnowsIt

    Why is there never a link to the place the Chive stole this from?

  • BillWallace

    This is the Scottish equivalent.

  • Stick

    Kind of sad, actually. Had these been younger people, that's the kind of shit that inspires those 'Limit: 3 Young People'.
    Some stores, particularly Asian-owned stores and Dollar Trees attempt to keep young adults out, even if they have an ID proving themselves over eighteen.

  • tbjacobs

    Pitch Perfect 2: Senility

  • Jordana

    Love this. These gentleman sound amazing!
    Nothing like breaking into song while sipping a double double!

  • He prefers captain

    No Other Guys references yet?

    • Guest

      "I gave my love to Karen. She promised to be true. I went to war to come back to find five British soldiers had their way with her. Had their way with her"

      • Guest

        "It was consensual" My bad on the quote.

  • Michał

    This is what you call "flashmob" 🙂

  • naluukti

    Canada – F*CK YEAH!


    Made me smile and made my day! 🙂

  • Joe

    Hakuna matata mother f'ers!

  • colin

    hello next timmies commercial

  • sammm

    i think im in love.

  • Kato

    And after this, they all got laid… by the thousands. KCCO!!!

  • eric

    I love tim hortons they need to go national. Always cool old guys sitting around

    • nik

      Tim Hortons is national…. They can be found everywhere in Canada.

      • Bev

        Timothy Hortons is in some parts of Europe actually. My sister teaches there right now. She told me the coffee just isn't the same though. The atmosphere is too different. Keep it in Canada!

  • clarkeja325

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