Daily Afternoon Randomness in HQ (45 Photos)



    • Parkview

      "I don't know who you are… I forget how this quote goes but fuck you

    • Tiber_Septim

      #41 KCCO, yourselves and thank you for your service and sacrifice God Bless you

  • Shane

    #40 dinners served

    • John

      Good lord that is one beautiful behind! We need to see the front!!! Please send in more!

    • Marco

      Girl, you are cookin' !!!

    • DrGarnicus

      In the words of Brent Musberger, "smokin'"

    • steve

      That definitely looks like a Megan

    • Salt

      I can't help but notice you have an unusual amount of bananas… πŸ˜›

    • mteague

      and dessert, and snacks

    • Gregory

      That's the kind of ass you can slap your hard dick on a few times sliding it into her hot pussy.

      • AnItalianChiver

        Give a try to yp.com

      • Talk dirty to me


    • lfgd1978

      bubble but in sight o.0

      • Head


    • Asstronaut

      Contender for gap of the week and hump of the week.

    • happy day

      I would lick the sauce out of her undies.

    • Darin38

      Moar Please…this woman also does another pose in her kitchen wearing an apron and peach colored underwear (i use that one for wallpaper on my phone)..link = http://thechive.com/2013/01/30/can-you-believe-it… kill to see moar of her….

    • Darin38

      Moar Please…this woman also does another pose in her kitchen wearing an apron and peach colored underwear (i use that one for wallpaper on my phone)..link = http://thechive.com/2013/01/30/can-you-believe-it… kill to see moar of her….

  • 1iJack


    • Brother Maynard

      You are not clever.

      • Father Dranyam

        You are not nice.

  • bones

    #31 thank you for that!

    • Marco

      Unless those are you ankles you could have done better… But thanks already πŸ˜›

    • Red

      I call BULLSHIT, that towel could go a lot lower.

    • Gimletmike

      Let me help you. I'm sure we can solve this problem if work together on it.

      • Gimletmike

        If we work together on it, Ok I hit the brandy a little early today.

    • Clyde

      I wish she was spitting a mouthful of cum onto those ripe funbags. Damn

    • http://twitter.com/MeanzRock @MeanzRock

      duckface killed it.

      • Tommy

        Tired comment. She's hot.

      • bones

        didn't even notice

    • Wut

      Lose the Fuckin duckface and you'll look about 100 times better.

      • Aub

        Your dick is saddened by that comment

  • peanut3603

    #15 I want

  • tubbie monster



    #45 smoking a blunt on the rocks; rocking a hard body.

    • Tyler Rauch

      BAD ASSS!!

    • oftenagentleman

      FIND HER!!!

      • MaxPower

        She was Chivette of the week a month or so back. Great pics in that post.

    • Niick

      Its a Joint, but still agreed awesome!! Love climbers

      • Marco

        It's Colorado!

    • TheVanityScore

      very very well done. the herb gave her bonus points as well

    • EriktheRed

      omg. but how did you get down from there being all doped up on weeeed? don't you know that you can't function as a human being on that stuff?!@?! quick get her to an isolation chamber!….in my pants.

      Legalize it already America!!!!!!

      • TheVanityScore

        agreed. not about the pants thing the legalizing weed thing…

    • Edvad

      She should really clean those toothpaste spots that fly out the mouth when brushing on her mirror.

      • Hassel Shattnerhoff

        I've got some bad news for you …

    • Cammmon


      • Courtesy Flush

        Finally someone with some common sense.

      • MAGSGQ

        Undefeated so far this year πŸ™‚


      its a big 'ol spliff

    • Tommy

      Skinny body. All that boobie.

    • Reggit

      Shes hot, but she smokes. Thus loses all appeal.

    • sean


    • James

      THIS! This is why you need to have a meet up in Denver! DO IT ALREADY!

    • honda

      niiiccceeest pic ever gotta love being outdoors

    • honda

      niiiccceeest pic ever gotta love being outdoors. and a girl who smokes is not less attractive. thats just what they choose to do. and she is madddd sexy, and therefore she can do w/e she wants

  • dorn

    #9 is that you Mac?

    • Derp

      You beat me to it. Long lost brother

    • Courtesy Flush

      I don't see a cat anywhere in this pic. Can't be him.

  • Brother Maynard

    #4 Would be an awesome sight,

    • Marco

      Depends greatly on context…

    • Alumni72

      That happened to me once – no shit. I was down at the Jersey shore in the fall on a rainy day and walked out onto the beach in the afternoon. The wind was blowing so I couldn't hear a thing, and right in front of me a B-17 flew out of one cloud bank at around 200 feet, flew right in front of me, and then disappeared into another cloud bank. It was just about the most awesome thing I've ever seen – and 'awesome' is the only word that could have applied.

      • Cool


  • Derpin

    Early DAR makes for a great kickoff to the weekend!

    • Courtesy Flush

      #32 YAHOOO we're No.8

  • Yuppp

    #45 moar

    • Tyler Rauch

      "you forgot the magic word" hahah "you forgot the magic word" hahah "you forgot the magic word" hahah

      Jurassic Park

      • nuccabay

        you didnt say the magic word*

  • guest

    #12 – ALL DAY!

    • Jen

      look at those asses!

      those horses must work out.

      • big whoop

        reef girls… mmmmm. all were miss world reef contestants in hawaii… unfortunately they don't list all their names on any websites anymore. I used to know all their names from the guy who mc'd the event he's from Va Beach.

    • Marco

      I can't imagine this getting boring, ever!

    • Marco

      Doz Asses!!!

    • working_donkey

      Um, ladies, I see you're down one horse. Which one of you would like to ride me?

      • Kato

        Lemme re-word that for ya. "Which one of you would like a RIDE?" There, I fixed it.

    • ccc


  • guest

    #3 – WOW!

    • Stakowitz

      I know…that is a great paint brush holder….

    • Mike

      Little thick for my tastes, but for those that are into that, there are nudz from this shoot. Catherine Callicott

      • GlibTongue

        Also, her boobs don't look so appealing in the nude so if you don't want to ruin the imagery in your head…skip 'em.

        • Kato

          Boobs are boobs. If you don't like them, you can always go back to touching penis with your glib tongue.

  • jim thorton


  • blue_bronco

    I need to go there

  • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

    In general it's not as HQ anymoar as it was about a year ago…

    – Fan testimonial: "Paula plz for the love all dat is holy I'm born n raised here in Maui n half da reason I get on thechive is to see da arguments n comments from u. Plz plz plz post a pic or email cuz ur either a dude or a real hottie. – islandboi"

    • Paul A. Guy

      Real fan testimonial –

      • MoJo

        Wow LG has sure put on some weight.

    • El Breezy

      In general you are moar annoying than a year ago. Guess it evens out.

    • Courtesy Flush

      Love ya Paula, where have you been?

      • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

        In my basement picking up my jaw from the floor….

        – the one you love to hate

        • GeorgiaRosa

          Bends down to assist you with this…..I can tell I'll be here for a while..<3

    • Holden McGroin

      Is Paula Manti Tte'o girlfriend?

    • bmoney

      Bein cocky n havin fun is one thing.. And startin drama, in some ways, can be fun to read.. BUT, copy-n-pasting what another says about you to let the whole world know how great you are is quite annoying.. So KCCO, and peace out !!

  • platty11

    #12 how do i get there?

    • jshiver15

      By horse, apparently.

    • Kato

      It's an island, unbeknownst to men. The only we you can get there is if you get shipwrecked and you get washed to its shore.

  • Brent

    AWESOME!!! THANK YOU… keep calm & please submit more pics!!!
    #15 #31 #40

  • Dolby

    #1, #37, #40

    This DAR deserves some sort of chive hall of fame consideration.

  • That Guy

    #45 that anna banana is just plain old purty. gotta love the new CO. laws too

    • ted stevens

      Gee I really hope all the burnouts start going on and on about weed now, that's not tiresome at all.

  • Brent

    we need a TAPITURE app!!!!!!

    • Bud

      Hey Chive, is the pro ap completely useless? Should we just dump it? I'm confused as to why it isn't available anymore and why there aren't any updates for it. Some info would be nice.

      • Wally

        seriously whats the deal with the pro app i bought. with money. not cool chive not cool. we at least deserve some kinda explanation

    • Ciro

      Agreed with Bud and Wally,
      I'm willing to pay to remove the banners! (even though I paid for it once already)

    • kelly

      I love how they pour tons of time and money into improving the iPhone app but the Android app is steaming pile of crap! Fix the android app and I'll consider re-loading the chive app to my phone

    • AnItalianChiver

      I agree with Kelly.. We need a native android app. An holo themed app that can allow me to comment directly from there. No banners and shit.. Damn I'd rather pay 5$ even 5€ than use the mobile site. Sad me.

    • Tim

      I paid for the pro app, but no love from you guys to update that one. When will you update the pro app? I will not be paying for it again.

      • Sup

        Agreed I bought the pro app when it was busted waited and downloaded the new app but hate the ads! Update the pro app

        • Daver

          I agree!!! Bought the pro app to get rid of the ads! Not a cool way to treat the loyal Chivers.

  • pixelogre

    #12 I got something you can ride ladies.

    • Jen


  • 908s

    What a fucking fantastic post to end my day… #21 MOAR. Please

    • Courtesy Flush

      Less white house, more brown star.

  • Cindy


    I met the Berry sisters once. I was really nervous and then Emily just hugged me. That whole family is so awesome.

    • PiotrXC

      I met Emily in Seattle. She's SO easy to talk to it's awesome.

  • Where's Dildo

    #31 now show us what you play with when the towel drops

    • No Discretion

      not everything's a porn site.

    • Courtesy Flush

      I'm thinking her duck.

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