He wanted a pizza oven, So by God he made himself one (16 Photos)


  • Slavo

    What just happened?

    • Deviant Khan

      It's not delivery ..

  • MonkeyMadness

    #2 Holy shit, why does the foundation need to be so deep?

    • Slavo

      Guy was dedicated haha

    • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

      Has anyone seen his wife?

    • _DoC_

      Soft ground + heavy oven – sufficient footing =sinking oven

      • Smitty


        We are looking at probably 2-3 tons of concrete and brick.
        Dude is/was pretty serious about it, because he did it right.

        • _DoC_

          Absolutely. A man that serious about his pizza is not messin around.

    • CoolGuy


      • Team Venture

        Only person who seems to know what frost depth is. High five.

      • Jackson

        It's surprising how many people don't know what a frost heave is.

    • MonkeyMadness

      10 to 1 odds says his wife is now encased at the bottom of the pit.

      • Alex


    • JP1983

      That's a lot of weight in a small footprint due the amount of brick/concrete. The deep footing and foundation is to ensure that the masterpiece doesn't shift/crack over time as the ground settles under the weight. Maybe a bit excessive, but the cost difference in a 4' hole and a 6' hole is pretty much negligible. I don't really understand the need for a brick oven, but whatever floats his boat. They take half a day to heat up to temp anyway, so you'd have to be planning to eat a pizza a day in advance, lol.

      • Dyquen

        Nope If built right It takes the same amount of time as a conventional oven. It gets hotter as well so pizza is done in less than 2 mins. Plus you can't beat that true brick oven taste man.

        • yoyo

          pizza is done in 2 minutes after an hour of fire starting and heating up the oven…

          • Paul

            With beer in hand, that sounds fine to me.

      • Team Venture

        The deep footing/foundation is not because of the weight of the oven. That amount of weight is not that much. Lets say that thing weighs 6000 lb and that the soil can support 1500 psf (Code allowed assumption for design if actual soil bearing pressure is not known). That means the entire weight of the structure could be supported on a 2 square foot spot footing (I know this is not totally accurate since it is a continuous footing and not a spot footing, but you get the idea)

        The depth of the footing is used to get the bottom of the footing to sit below the frost depth. That will keep it from heaving settling as a result of freezing and thawing of the soil that is supporting the footing.

        • FoolOfATook

          thumbs up from a fellow SE.

    • TazeMeBro

      His wife told him "you'll build a pizza oven over my dead body!"

      • Phil

        Well played sir

  • TheAssMan

    That is damn cool!
    But I'm broke……And Lazy.
    So I'll just call Domino's

    • bryan

      judging by the snow on the ground he had to go 4ft down for the frost line or it would heave

  • Canadian Murse

    I would be so fat.

    • Alex

      Truth, you said it. Would apply to me as well.

  • bigyawns

    pizza or it didn't happen

  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    Suddenly everybody's new best friend.

  • Thats a lot of work

    Has he not heard of Tonmbstone?

    • ThatGuy

      I don't think anyone has heard of Tonmbstone.. O.o

  • Revlis1

    Yeah, I dunno… I love Pizza but that level of commitment is almost spooky.

    • Rule34YourMom

      "Spooky"? You, wouldn't know an awesome use of one's time if it cock-slapped you in the face. Go back to camwhoring on FB, little girl.

      • http://www.thechive.com AdamBaldick

        That was aggressive

      • dirty carl

        well that escalated quickly

      • DRK


    • _DoC_

      Your score is 69….huhuh huhuh

    • Ryan

      Your comment could be one of the huge problems facing this Nation these days. Lack of commitment.

  • john

    its beautiful

  • Bud

    No want pizza oven. Want humps…

    • Silverstone

      Then stop reading everything else, dipwad!

  • Hara

    As an old school pizza guy, I have to say: Hats off to you, sir! Even a granite stone to smack the dough on!

    The only bad thing I have to say is that with no venting to adjust upper and lower temps, you're gonna get unevenly cooked pie, but that's old school.

    • Ryan

      You do know he will be cooking at about 950 degrees so his pies will be cooked in about a min and a half right? you also turn the pie once to cook evenly

  • sfb101

    Pretty nice design, you can fit the whole body in there.

  • Lukeatmacok

    Now he just needs to make and eat 13000 pizzas to recoup the money spent

    • ThunderKCCO

      sooo… whats the downside of the argument?

  • http://twitter.com/FL_Chiver @FL_Chiver

    #15 I agree with Canadian Murse… I'd just get fat, quick!

  • AnItalianChiver

    this is just awesome. Good job man. The Republic of pizza approves.

  • killerV

    that's a beautiful soil profile

    • profil-icious

      Thumbs up from a Geology/ soils nerd

    • farley

      those horizons are tits!!

  • MoarMirrors

    What bappened between #3 and #4?? It went from being in a 4 or 5 foot hole to being in a 6 inch hole?? What did i miss?

    • ps86

      thank you, i thought i was the only one that noticed

    • scooby dood

      So in 3 he is building the foundation wall up to the surface, and at #4 its already been backfilled and he poured the slab and walls for the oven. What I dont understand is, if was going to pour a slab at foundations and at ground level, then he should have just had a monolithic pour of the foundations as well. I also don't see rebar.

    • Team Venture

      Photo 3 is of the footing/masonry stem wall. Photo 4 has the soil placed and the concrete slab added to the top of the stem wall.

      It is kind of like this:

    • tdub

      also look at the trees around the two pictures. the location has changed I think he started at one location, had to blow it up and started over at a different location

      • profil-icious

        perspective and piles of dirt, yes… location, not very likely

  • Dydy

    I was just lookin at plans to build on of these. He rocked this one out. I saw some photos of one who built theirs on top of their fireplace.

  • papa john

    This guy the real lil ceasar? pizza pizza

  • Alex

    But…where does the pizza go? I R so confyoosed.

    Amazing work!

  • Shoofly

    You wouldn't get the wood fire taste, but for $30-40 for a pizza stone, and cranking your oven up to 500, you can get almost the same texture of crust. But, it that's what you want, who am I to bitch about it.

  • Philip Pliskin

    If the half dome part, where he puts the wood and the pizzas, is sealed, what's with the chimeny ?

    • scooby dood

      Naw, there needs to be an opening, I think its at the front of the dome, or else the smoke from the burning wood would have to escape from the front opening.

    • douche

      check out picture #8 there is a hole at the front that then goes up the chimeny

  • JeffsNuts

    No big deal…..I made the same thing on Minecraft

    • JeffsExGirlfriend

      Fuck Minecraft

      • dave

        Fuck you

  • Tony


  • Beardstache

    I'm giving this guy a man-card. He clearly deserves it more than I.

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