Model takes down actor on red-eye flight via live twitter stream (21 Photos)

Model and Vice columnist Melissa Stetten took a red eye flight from Los Angeles to New York, and was fortunate enough to sit next to the ultra-successful and totally-not-married 'Brian'. There's much speculation as to whether Melissa took it too far by live-Tweeting the dialogue? Or did Brian have it coming?

  • farter


    • Nhoj

      What I think you meant was Gold.

      Say it with me now:


    • DannoTheManno88

      After a google search I was able to determine that it was a good thing that Brian sat next to her and she tweeted this. It seems to be the only form of publicity she's had. Talk shit about Brian all day sweetie. You'd be unknown without him. 🙂

      • Alabama sucks

        Kinda like Katherine Webb without AJ Mccarren? Or does Musberger deserve the credit?

    • @Trollfric


  • Ryan


    • Kanwar

      Nice post maaaaaan

      • Aids


        • Sampath


          • Alex


    • mopmonkey

      I'm sure you meant to say "fist".

      • Ryan

        you're right. I was referring to "fist" as in "go fist yourself"

  • BullysSuck

    kind of a heartless cunt huh? Not saying Brian is right, but what a bitch this chick is. She isn't much better.. just mean

    • Loyalty above all

      Maybe dont booze it up and hit on women when youre away from your wife and you wont have anything to worry about…. I dont care about the booze, but apparently he has a problem with it.

      He is classic narcissistic douche actor…

      • Hmmm

        Google this, says she was lying, happened in June.

        • wecARe

          I googled it. Can't find any proof she was lying.

          • @awequiteabit

            There's an article on the Daily Mail called "Can we trust ANYTHING Mellisa Stetten says?". As evidence that she's a liar, the unnamed author cites the fact that she's admitted to lying about her age (because she's a 28 y/o model) and that she tweeted photoshopped lottery tickets saying "she won a billion dollars". I'm not saying she's telling the truth, but that's some pretty flimsy reporting from a pretty flimsy newspaper.

    • Micheal

      She counters complete bullshit with truth? She is brilliant. He is a douche.

    • Marine Chiver

      I have a wife and two children. I spent two years in Afghanistan. Even in combat, I wouldn't take my wedding ring off. This guy had no excuse, and was obviously hoping it would escalate to something further. This guy is a douche.

      • socalmarti

        I guess that's why they call you guys The Few and The Proud!!!!!

        • SWEDEN_IS_#1

          In my country we call them "rapist invaders". Did you know that a female serving in the US military is more likely to be raped by fellow US soldiers than wounded in action?

          • therealstake

            Rapist invaders?! go fuck yourself troll

          • BlueMeanie

            Yeah, it's like 30% likelihood they'll be sexually assaulted by a fellow soldier. Unfortunately, this is what I think whenever we see sexy photos of women in uniform on here….

            • Advert Vet

              It's not just rape. Military females are typically easy. Not saying all are; I'm just throwing stereotypes out there.

              • GlibTongue

                That stereotype has some truth to it, but there were even some men being raped in KAF. If you were a 'pretty man' you had to watch out and carry a knife on you wherever you went.

                • tex

                  Really. Had to carry a knife? What unit were you in where you were allowed to leave your weapon and mag more than an arms length away and not go anywhere without a battle buddy?

            • zackgonick

              Well times have changed in the military with the addition of women, but even today, woman are only 7-19% (depending on the branch) of the service. That small number of women around a lot of Type A guys… sad to say but it happens far more often than it should.

              • Armakane

                I'm guessing not very hard that the 'A' in 'Type A' stands for 'Asshole'.

                • zackgonick

                  You'd be wrong. Google is your friend.

          • Truth

            Did you know that you know more about the US than we know about your country? The view from up top is pretty sweet.

            • Truth and Awareness

              I'm an American, and even though I don't know as much about Sweden as many of them may know about the U.S., I won't go bragging about that ignorance.

            • Josh

              >implying that ignorance makes you better

          • MylesofStyles

            In my country, we hunt Swedish people with battle axes and make delicious little spheres out of them called Swedish meatballs.

          • Smitty

            Where the heck did that cone from, and what does that have to do with anything?

            And if you are going to make a wild-ass claim like that, in here of all places, you had better damn well cite credible information sources… otherwise you are nothing but a blow hard full of hot air confusing association with causation and making ad hominem attacks on something you don't understand.

            Since you have raised my ire, I will stoop briefly to your level:
            Why the hate? Did someone in the US military steal your boy/girlfriend you sissy?

            spewing ad hominim

            • Rahm Emanuel

              Smitty chill the fuck out…

          • bwaggger

            When you put it into perspective, the US when compared to Sweden is similar as to when you compare Sweden to a country like Kiribati. You know just as much about Kiribati as the average American knows about Sweden. Stop being a euro douche, come to Colorado, smoke a fatty in Boulder and see if you still hate the US.

            • Skermitt

              WOOOO! Colorado! But, boo Boulder. (Go CSU)

      • dirtysteve99

        In fairness though, Afghan 'mountain brides' aren't going to tempt many to stray.

    • HOOK_the_LEGEND

      'Never heard of him.Next'

    • brittany

      Hahaha how is this mean???

    • no_cocky_girls

      reminds me of an ex-girlfriend. Embellishes stories to try and look funny and desirable. in reality she's the narcissist and a bitch.

      • TommyD

        Which one? Oh, you were talking about YOUR ex.

    • What_a_bitch

      reminds me of an ex-girlfriend. Embellishes stories to try and look funny and desirable. in reality she's the narcissist and a bitch.

    • TwistedFister

      I bet you his wife doesn't think this is "mean".

    • Truth

      I just watched a couple of her clips on YouTube and she's not even hot, she's got a face liked a slapped ass, what was he thinking.

    • Mehoff, Jack

      You've never read Vice, eh?

  • Phill

    Absolutely brilliant 🙂

    • winfields

      you get a thumbs up from me man…

  • Yep

    Where did she get an internet connection on a plane. Please explain

    • Ay Jay

      many airlines offer wifi on board their flights. the ones ive encountered allow you to pay a small extra fee to rent the wifi for the duration of the flight, not sure if there are any that offer it for free (yet).

      • Brave337

        Norwegian Airshutle in Norway does:)

        • MylesofStyles

          Who the hell wants a Norwegian Hirsute?

    • goatpunch

      some now have wi fi. Louis CK did a sketch about it

    • Karl

      Are you kidding? That's not new. Planes have WiFi.

      • seriously

        Oh. Fuck. Off. Don't be a cunt.

    • Keith

      It's called Wifi

    • 29er

      They've had that for about 5 years now on some flights. You have to pay to use it though.

    • Yep

      thanks – I only fly crap airlines like Air Canada and United so have not seen it yet

      • Urethra Franklin

        How is Air Canada Crap? Free movies that just left the Theaters. I love Air Canada

        • yep

          They don't have wifi 😉

    • kelly

      a lot of airlines offer in flight wifi. most make you rent it for a fee and others offer it for free

    • Erik

      You can buy wi-fi on planes these days.

    • blue_bronco

      Divine "Interception"

    • bob

      Virgin America has wifi on every flight.

  • Ay Jay

    too bad many attractive girls go for D bags like this…

  • crustybubblechunks

    What a self-absorbed turd

    • Bradley

      Brian too…

    • fish

      him or her?

    • Frater

      Yes, she sure is.

  • Bmoney

    Ima follow this chick

    • Jesus Saves

      #2 Mac the cock block, nice post Mac the cock block

  • @jbvancamp

    Wow this is amazing! It's tough to be a douchebag these days..

  • bill

    linger longerrrr

    • Garret

      That's right, wasn't this chick dating Anthony Cumia (Anthony from Opie and Anthony) when this all went down?

      • sleepy379


    • gwerty

      Waddle Doodle

  • goatpunch

    That's ok because now he'll get to do an interview about how he saw this chive post, and it forced him to hit rock bottom. Then he will have seen the light, and it really made him realize how important his family was to him. PUKE

    • chiver

      This is kind of an old story, doubt this post will do him in, I think I saw this on a while ago

  • Bobobo

    Isn't this old news? I thought it was all over the internet a while ago…

    • Ishbar

      Yes, very old.

    • saltygary

      Yea I think Chive posted this when it came out over a year ago.

  • Aaron

    She is HOT, do you really blame him?

  • IzzyVic

    what a bitch

    • IzzyVic

      Talking about brian not the model

  • mmmhmmmChivette

    Fucking Brian

  • erc

    Who gives a shit? Dude was just trying to have a convo with a hottie.

    • meh

      Convo, or… COLLABO!

      • cait


    • TheVanityScore

      lol i think any dude sitting right next to a model would chat her up. taking off the wedding ring was a dumb move though. i think thats the only part where he actually screwed himself. if he would have kept it on then this story could have seemed different.

  • justsoyaknow

    Nice reference

  • halfsmoke00

    Who cares?

  • Derek

    Not only is this from last summer, but I believe this chick has a history of lying and taking anti-depressant drugs. Not sure how much of this is even real.

    • derek2

      What do anti-depressants have anything to do with this or why should it influence my opinion of her?

      • TommyD

        Thank you. Somehow being on antidepressants has become a symbol for being "unbalanced" and clearly not to be trusted.

    • Baz

      I've always had a strong belief that you cant believe anything where most newspapers are concerned. Especially the daily mail.

      • (_))=====D~~~

        Your right twitter is a much more dependable source of accurate information.

    • Doctor_What

      What on Earth does anti-depressants have to do with lying, you dick?

    • BTEE

      oh.. he denied it ever happened? That's so weird…

  • Boomer

    Please don't judge Oklahoma based on this dude.

    • cooktiludrop

      Hey! I'm from the Sooner state too!

    • Awesome

      We won't. We'll judge Oklahoma on all the other stuff that sucks there

      • r00s7a

        Like? Good country folks? Beautiful landscapes? No traffic? While it may not be LA, thank God, there is nowhere else I would rather be than right here in southeastern Oklahoma.

    • Tulseytown

      Unfortunately, there's plenty of other dumb shit going on here.

      • Graveyard

        ^^^ truth, I call BS on traffic, when people get behind the wheel their Christian values are no where to be found.

  • sfb101

    He got OWNED!

    • fufatf

      Ur fat and she's a cunt

  • Jawbone

    What a selfless crusader for morality she is. I'm sure her rise to fame in the modeling community is unmarred by any similar douchebag moments or self important proclamation. I'm sure her career of standing still while people take pictures of her hands has made her exactly as famous as this dick.

    By the way, this isn't her "taking down" anyone, regardless of what sycophants around here think. Repeating what's going on in front of you doesn't really count. She's just a vapid parrot. They're both typically reprehensible people.

    • Nhoj

      I had to look up sycophants……and I ….. learned something today

      • RooFeeOOO

        Ditto, I have to apologize to Jawbone, I saw that and figured he was trying to write psychopath, looked it up and saw it was a real word. Now I feel like the idiot. I lived in LA for 5 years and have known many people like that. Thanks for the new word!

      • Dapper_Dave

        sycophants plural of syc·o·phant
        A person who acts obsequiously toward someone in order to gain advantage; a servile flatterer.

        Now we can all learn. YAY!

        • smallvocab

          And now I have to look up "obsequiously"…

        • wordplay

          aaaand now I have to look up obsequiously…

    • Bdrizzle

      Amen brother! I'd also like to add she isn't that cute – his wife is better looking IMO
      Models are the scum of the earth IMO

  • Almoney13

    Such a chode

    • Why Such a Bitch?

      Him or her?

  • Lou

    Guess a simple "no thanks" or "rather not talk" from her wouldn't do huh?

  • :DDD

    Phone – > twitter…

    what happened to put you phones on flight mode?

    Also, he is a jerk, okay we get. But why bitch about him and potentially ruining his life?

    • Chuck Schick

      The whole plane full of people can have their phones on, NOT in airplane mode, and nothing would happen. Big myth the airlines put on, won't interfere with any electronics on the plane.

      • Really?

        Actually…the reason that they have you turn off your cell phone in flight is that it could interfere with the ADF if the pilot is shooting an NDB approach. The U.S. has almost phased NDB's out of existence in the country and the FAA never modified the FAR's.

        • Matt

          No. Phones will not interfere with an NDB. NDB's do enough interfering with themselves.

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