• http://thechive.com/ Paula_

    Aaaand FIRST again, see, it IS that simple.

    You guys are just too slow…

    – Fan testimonial: "I've missed you Paula, your post make me all warm and fuzzy inside. – # 1paulafan"

    • Frank

      I hate you Paula.

      • http://thechive.com/ Paula_


        – the one you love to hate

        • Hank Hill

          I love you, Paula.

          • http://thechive.com/ Paula_


            – Fan testimonial: "Dammit Paula, I told you we don't need your common sense here."

            • Wet_tosti

              Geen stijl

            • Hank Hill

              I love your musk.

    • IzzyVic

      Unlike you we don't sit around on the computer all day waiting to be first. We have this wonderful thing called a life.

  • Travis

    Like a Boss

    • Smedley

      AND DEAD

      • Igg

        And still more of a boss than you'll ever be

    • Guest

      My thoughts exactly

  • DannoTheManno88

    I wonder if he had the same reaction to the sting ray.

    • Jester

      What an asshole comment. The guy spent his life trying to educate people on animals of the world and died doing what he loved.

      • You're an idiot

        He died being a fucking moron-just the way he lived.

      • DannoTheManno88

        You mean he messed with animals until one finally had enough and did something about it. Kinda like that guy who went to live with bears. Was anyone surprised that he got eaten by bears? NO! Yet somehow Irwin dies in a similar manner and people are shocked? Did everyone forget that he even endangered his own son?


        • McBeastie666

          aaaaaannd his son was fine…but fuckwits like you would have probably loved to have seen the worst case scenario just to say "told ya so." Go piss on someone else's parade…this guy was awesome and inspiring.

          • DannoTheManno88

            Awesome and inspiring to who? He fucked with animals until one killed him. I'm so inspired by that. I can't wait to be just like him one day.

            • McBeastie666

              Awesome and inspiring to the at least 180 people who thumbed you down…so far. He studied animals while you study your naval. He had more respect for animals than you, no matter how many times you link to the same article and in conclusion, go fuck yourself, you'll never be like him…people liked him.

              • DannoTheManno88

                Is that why he got killed by a sting ray? Because he was respecting them? Tell me more

                • McBeastie666

                  He was swimming above it, and in what is typically described as "an accident," the barb of the stingray thrusted up, and in a very unlucky shot, hit him in the heart. Do I really need to "tell you more" or do I need to link to the same article 4 or 5 times, like you do, that shows how truly accidental and unprovoked it was?

                  • DannoTheManno88


                    Yeah this video totally shows him NOT dicking around with it except for the part where's he's totally dicking around with it.

                    • McBeastie666

                      Not sure what you thought you'd prove by linking to that video. I saw a scuba diver for less than 5 seconds that barely touched an animal, not unlike most every scuba diver ever in existance. But the rest of the clip, the part that celebrated Irwin's life, was great. Thank you for that.
                      You already admitted you are an asshole. That's enough for me. Not sure what you're fighting to prove now. That a person who spent their life's pursuit in education and conservation is a bad person? You haven't come close to proving that.
                      Can't wait til the Chive puts up a Jim Henson video so we can all see your hilarious take on streptococcus.

                    • DannoTheManno88

                      Who's trying to prove anything? Sorry for your loss, and I'm sorry that your hero died doing the retarded things he did all of his life. I wish you better luck picking heroes in the future.

        • Courtesy Flush

          Who cares, has you seen his daughter lately. DAM FINE.

          • ChivetteKellie

            She's 14 you sick pervert!

            • Courtesy Flush

              I'm 14 as well. So what's the problem?

        • jaz

          I suppose you harbour the same feelings, albeit on a smaller scale, to all the people who mess with their cats and dogs and dress them up?
          Keep trying to be controversial.

      • fuck jester

        shut the fuck jester. u little bitch

        • Jester

          It appears your grammatical skills are rivaled only by your creativity

    • :-O

      He died like he lived… with animals in his heart.

    • Grow up

      C'mon -50 ,people? Steve was awesome, but that's still funny

      • DannoTheManno88

        I know right. You'd think this site was just overrun and overwhelmed by amateurs today.

        • TiL

          no alot people on this site have always been humorless fucks.
          Thechive has a good part in its community but a very rotten one aswell.

        • McBeastie666

          sure. it's not you…it's everyone else.

          • DannoTheManno88

            McBeastie is really proving my point here.

            • McBeastie666

              Your point seems to be that you are an asshole.

              • DannoTheManno88

                Why yes, yes I am. Care to lick it?

                • McBeastie666

                  Well then consider me proud to have proved your point.

                  and no. I don't.

                  • DannoTheManno88

                    Then it seems that Irwin didn't inspire you as much as you hoped.

    • xhale

      Danno the nothing from nowhere

    • Frank

      not cool man

    • DannoTheManno88

      I take this as proof that there are more people losing their sense of humor every day. This is the first step towards douchebaggery. The Chiver and Chivette community is in real danger here. And Paula, you can eat your heart out. I got more dislikes than you did. All I had to do was make a joke about a dead guy with a reference to how he died. As you say, see, it IS that simple.

      • McBeastie666

        You seem very well qualified to recognize the steps toward douchebaggery.

        • DannoTheManno88
          • McBeastie666

            hmmm. a meme response. pithy.
            I guess since you already used the "U Mad Bro," I got this.
            So explain once more how everyone else is making this site douchy…

            • DannoTheManno88

              HAHAHAHA….you're calling the use of meme's pithy and referring to Chivers who use them as douchy on a site which regurgitates memes several times daily. Do you think before you post? Explain to me how you're an exceptional improvement to the Chive community please. I'm all ears.

              • McBeastie666

                Geez, I hope 88 isn't your birth year because 25 year olds should really be smarter than you. I was calling you douchy. You. You alone.
                Please keep fighting this one. Keep telling yourself that the 180 people that thumbed you down "just don't get it."

                "I wonder if he had the same reaction to the stingray." – Oh, shit….now that I re-read it, that's the funniest shit I've ever read ever before…ever.

                said nobody.

                • DannoTheManno88

                  Point proven. "You are indeed an exceptional improvement to the Chive community. I bow to your genius wisdom and concede that you are a better person than me" Said nobody ever.

                  Keep babbling about how douchy I am. I'm sure that one day I may stop and think, holy shit that guy was right. More likely that you'll develop a brain cell, but hey…here's to hoping, right? I'm glad that a guy who fucks with animals and ends up getting killed in the process has so inspired you. I really can't wait to see how that works out for ya. Care to go inspecting and respecting some stingrays? Cheers mate!

                  • McBeastie666

                    Never said I was an improvement to the Chive community. I can safely say you're a detriment to it. I've been coming to the Chive since it's inception, but I find myself drawn more and more to Reddit nowadays. After all, this place is starting to fill up with douchebags.

                    Peace, fuckface!

                    • DannoTheManno88

                      Holy shit he's still talking. Do you see that, he's over here beating this dead horse. I'm pretty sure you suffer from atelophobia. Have fun at Reddit (those poor poor bastards)

  • HumpDan

    I got bit by a garter snake once. I cried and passed out.

  • NobleChive

    If only I could have balls half his size…miss him, made my childhood that much better.

  • Calder27

    5 days later, the Snake died from excruciating pains…

  • - M@ -

    LOL, he was pretty awesome.

  • RealZoo

    This is how you KCCO!!!. R.I.P

    • Cam Newton

      that's a bold statement.

      • Harbaugh Superbowl

        That was clever. That's how I know you're not Cam Newton. Cause he's an idiot.

    • Laurie

      Good point, Steve Irwin KCCO'd before KCCO'ing got its name…RIP Steve!

  • Patrick

    RIP Steve! Best show ever!

    • Spelling Police

      Ever? That's a stretch.

  • Boss hawg outlaw

    Steve shits on chuck Norris ….fuck you Paula

    • Anthony

      Chuck Norris' skin bites snakes.
      Chuck Norris pees stingrays, so…

  • FoolOfATook

    This in contrast to the American news guy that flipped out when a lizard jumped on him.
    What a guy! He is missed.

  • electric boogalo

    "Surrybuwt thait."

    • hugh.m@rshall.us

      As an Aussie, can I just say that my response to seeing this comment was to snort beer all over my screen.

  • Crikey!

    As a kid, all I wanted was to grow up and be like the crocodile hunter. Geez I miss him:'(

  • guest

    AMAZING! RIP – missed by all!

  • DownUnderChiver

    When asked about his daughter, Irwin replied "I just want to be co-star to my daughter". It's quite right to see how Bindi's moved on and taken her father's legacy and built upon it. What a great way to KCCO. RIP Steve Irwin! You were a damn good mate!

    • Drew

      It's so rare to see someone without any filters become famous. Steve Irwin was so damn true. He was invited to a ball among celebrities in LA where everyone wore suits/tuxes and Stevey didn't care. He wore his khaki colored short sleeve button up and his khaki colored cargo shorts and with his boots. Crikey Steve, I miss ya.

      • DownUnderChiver

        A fine bloke, indeed.

  • Wolfpack Steve

    I miss this guy…

  • Teddy Roxspin

    Damn, I miss watching him on the Discovery Channel! 😦 Dude was a true Boss! How about the next chive shirt is Irwin?

    • blix

      Steve naturelovin' Irwin?!

  • bigcityreem

    Growing up, I thought this dude was a badass. He made Jack Hanna look like Lady Gaga.

  • john

    i miss him

  • treebeard

    The world was truly a more exiting and fun place with Steve Irwin in it. Damn shame, but at least he died with his boots on, doing what he loved.

  • Dylan

    First introduction to Irwin was channel surfing with my parents and we saw this crazy guy wrestling crocodiles. Steve Irwin became a bit of a hero to me after I first discovered him, always enjoyed his shows. He was such a great person who was very enthusiastic and loved what he did. RIP. KCCO.

  • craftsman1920

    Steve loved nature… that was his whole world… it was tragic how he died, but it was also phenomenal how he lived. I lived in Australia for several years… folks like Steve Irwin aren't just wandering around… Steve is a true naturalist. Good on ya, mate!

  • Josh

    That's a bad ass dude! Miss you, Steve!

  • Tyler Durden

    He died like he lived… with animals in his heart.

  • Josh

    That's Liasis fuscus, the brown water python. If you have ever been bitten by one you would know why Steve was so calm about it. Their teeth are like velcro, not big at all, just little hooks to keep their prey from escaping their mouths.

    • Josh

      Not to speak down about Steve though. Anyone who tangles with crocodiles is one tough guy. This tangle with a little water python is something my 4 year old daughter would be calm with (well, maybe).

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