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    • Jason

      Never understood why people comment "First." It's lame. Go eat a dick.

  • cassells

    Too cute! #32

    • sony


  • g3nXsLack3r

    1. This is actually the first time DMA made me shed tears.
    2. I'm going to give my 2 dogs a great big hug.
    3. It's 3:15am, about 5 degrees with a wind chill of North Pole, and me and my dogs are gonna get in the car and drive to McDonald's for 1 Big Mac meal and a couple doggie specials (double burger, no bun).
    I'm really sorry about Lennox. I bet he had a great life.

    • http://twitter.com/NorCalChiver @NorCalChiver

      this is not the way i wanted to start my day 😦

    • J.Jessen

      I want more info on this, why was he put down? 😦

    • asdasd

      Am I the only one that thinks we have lost perspective when a dog is offered asuch a
      rich last meal when people starve to death? Seriously animal lovers, fuck you and
      spend your money where it would do some good…

      • Seriouslyshutup

        Shut up

      • TonyM

        And when exactly was the last time you delivered a meal to a family in africa? Too far? How about bought a meal for a starving family in the bad suburb a couple of blocks away? Never? Oh, please retort with your amazing acts of generosity.

        • asdasd

          I have given food to some that have it worse than me in my local community
          as well as some money to doctors without borders, because I don't care so much
          for Africa as to physically go there and feed people, but I think having a pet, especially
          a purebred boxer if I am not mistaken, probably costs some money to "acquire"
          and definitely a lot of money each year to "maintain" (food, vaccines, accessories).

          I believe PEOPLE may need that money more than ANIMALS…

          Hence the lost perspective…

          • El Guapo

            You're a sack of shit.

            • Alex

              For thinking about people? Um….

              • Shenanigans

                No, for telling people how to spend their money that they earned. I work hard for my money, I'll buy what I want and donate to who I want. Don't belittle others for doing what they do with their earned money.

                • Well said

                  Fuck yea. Well said! I agree that ppl should donate a little. But when did society start deciding how much we HAVE to donate and where we have to donate our earned money. Amen brother

                  • Anernamouse

                    White Power brah's!

                    • Chive Troll Patrol

                      Troll much?

                  • JESSE

                    ask the POTUS and every socialist regressive in the country

                    • thedude325

                      Don't know why you got downvoted. They seem intent on telling us how to spend our money, which we fucking worked for. But apparently, the people at the top know what's best for everyone. Fuck that!

                    • JESSE

                      you'll also notice no one is disputing my assertion… horrifying

                    • Indeed

                      It may be that they are all just following Mark Twain's advice: “Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference”

                    • JESSE

                      Ad hominem

                    • Not a Latin King

                      Tu quoque

                • Tim

                  I'm going to go buy myself a coyote rig with my tax return this year.
                  And a wounded rabbit call.

          • Ravel

            I would guess that most people who care that much about animals are also very empathic in general. By your logic, you would have to deny yourself everything that isn't necessary in your daily life as long as other people starve. Because, why waste money on a new computer, on clothing brands, on a fast car etc. when there are people starving?

            You make no sense, buddy. And even people with purebred boxers can give to charity. You're a hypocrite.

            • Paul


            • Frank

              I would disagree. Most animal people are not empathetic at all, at least not with other people.

              Take the original poster for instance. Nothing has moved him more than a dog that obviously had a good life being put down. Even though there have been countless stories of tragedy for people, this has upset him most. Not really empathetic, since its only making him sad for himself and his own dogs.

              Most self proclaimed animal people, are pretty diluted.

              • Frank

                Just look down the list. I don't know anyone that's so cold as they would turn their back on a dying person to save a dog. Except an "Animal" lover. Empathetic. That's rich.

              • Emily

                "Take the original poster for instance. Nothing has moved him more than a dog that obviously had a good life being put down."

                You've made a terribly, unfounded argument based on assumptions on someone you don't even know.

                " Even though there have been countless stories of tragedy for people, this has upset him most." I never read where the original poster even said that. Who are you to say what upset someone the most? You just sound like some self righteous kid (I won't even bother to call you a man because it's easy to see you aren't) who probably can't feel empathy from anyone whether it be an animal or a person so you try to start shit with people for no reason.

                "Most self proclaimed animal people, are pretty diluted." Let me guess you're the kind of person who pulls out all kinds of "statistics" and "facts" to make your point across because you have no actual evidence to defend your argument.

                • Guest

                  Also, Frank should learn the difference between deluded and diluted – they're hardly interchangeable.

          • Biff

            You wouldn't sing the same tune if you actually owned a boxer, or any pet at that. There is a connection and family bond that truly cant be understood by someone that doesn't own a wonderful animal.
            I am a Boxer owner and love my dog as much as anyone in my family.
            Oh and by the way animal lovers still help people. I donate to charity, buy gifts at christmas for those in need, snowblow my elderly neighbors driveway every time it snows. A young military couple moved in across the road, from texas, i take care of their driveway too.
            I know im not Oprah but there are many ways to help people, just do your part, take a look in the mirror and ask yourself if you are happy. If you arent i guess you can walk up and down the street kicking dogs and shit. fuck off.

            • Rich

              What Biff said!

              • Northman

                Biff is my hero

            • Scooby

              Boxer owner too

              Best dogs ever. I tested up reading that

            • MylesofStyles

              Kudos Biff, although for the life of me I don't see the allure of blowing your elderly neighbours when it snows.

              • AmWhoIAm

                It's the satisfaction of knowing how grateful they are. It doesn't hurt that they return the favour sans dentures.

          • socalmarti

            But for some people pets are the only true, unconditional kindness and love they'll really know. Personally I've never had a pet tell me that I or anything I was doing wasn't good enough, all they've ever wanted was for me to love them and to do the same in return.

            • Frank

              Dog owners sometimes remind me of Tom Hanks from Cast away.

              They impart so many traits on them, create a personality, what they are thinking, create (Selfless Typically) motives for them.

              It's not obvious to them they it's the people themselves manufacturing their own reality, anyone else looking in can see the truth; That it's only a volley ball, or a dog.

              • Mr Suggestion Man

                Wow, Frank. It's pretty clear you've never had a dog. Dogs definitely have their own personalities. As opposed to volleyballs, which obviously have none. Maybe you should think about that last phrase some… and maybe get a dog!

          • Sexual

            Your a huge bag of dicks!! What about the people who can't have children and have dogs in their life. Your life sucks and you deserve a beating everyday by 3 fat chicks eating McDonald's

            • Spelling Police

              It's "you're," as in "you are a huge bag of dicks." "Your" is possessive, as in "your life." Stay in school.

              • peanut3603

                I bee like hells yeah. I like da style ya have 2 show dem fools how 2 spell dat kinda shit. Spelling PoPo, fo sho.

              • Sexual

                You are also a bag of dicks..

            • Frank

              What about them?

              You want to pretend that having a dog somehow compares to having a kid, so not to offend someone?

              If you think having a dog in anyway compares to the amount of effort and love and patience required to raise a child, or that the potential of a dog in anyway compares to potential of a human child, then you have no clue.

          • mises

            i believe people should have the freedom to do what they want with their own money. (legally) . value being subjective and all. that idea would be the lost perspective in our society today.

            • Jack

              Like feeding the animal they love other animals.

              • Frank

                As opposed to the other kind of meat that does not come from animals???

              • tim

                WTF do you think they evolved eating, tofu?

          • truth

            Strap in, I'm taking you for a ride.

            Do you drive to work when you could simply take a bus/train/cab? Do you own a tv? Do you have a smart phone? Have you eaten take-out or a meal you bought from a drive-up window? Did celebrate Christmas with family?

            I ask all these rhetorical questions because I wanted to point out a few opportunities a hypocrite, such as yourself, could be doing without. The last one, Christmas with family, is the most valuable of all the items…your time. When was the last time you gave up your time to help at a animal shelter/homeless shelter/cancer ward? All these areas appreciate volunteers and are greatly neglected by the average person.

            Just because you tipped the kid at Starbucks for your latte, you haven't help the less fortunate in you community. Same with the $10.00 you probably give to doctors without borders. The guy wanted to show some love for his dog. It is not some opportunity for you insert yourself into the situation. Don't you have some Street or park you need to Occupy?

            • IKnowFunny

              Holy shit! Someone actually talking sense, who woulda thought?

          • HTXChiver

            Fuck you

          • Paul

            How do you know these people dont do the exact same thing.

          • BpBp

            My guess is you are the type of person that has 20 cats and is referred to as "the crazy cat lady" by everyone around you.

          • true

            Why don't you just write to your government to stop paying bilions on wars?

          • Courtesy Flush

            It's not our fault you have a bad uncle in the family.

      • HJRO

        Then get off the internet and do something about it rather then complain on the chive.

      • Vaas

        Oh yeah, I am sure you never go for a good, overexpensive meal or leave your food unfinished…
        At the core each and every one of us is selfish, not in the concept that we love ourselves more, but that we care about those near us more than someone we never met. Don't pretend to be any better you fucking douchebag.

      • iliveinthisworld

        To the guy that has it all figured out.. before you start to scrutinize animals and people's behavior toward them, why not rant about global billionaires that could feed an entire state on a weekly budget? I think there are enough of them in the world to end world hunger..you socialist douchebag! If you're so kind, then how dont you see the beauty in ppl showing love, sympathy or empathy for anything else but themselves (in this case an animal)? What make's us as human so special? emotion? well there's a perplexing fucking statement huh Gandhi!

      • Bryan

        Oh look, we have another Obama supporter… Heres an idea, you can hand your money out however you choose and how about you let the rest of us spend ours however we choose as well.

        • Ryan

          Romney lost….get over it, and chances are you didn't even vote.

      • Maxwell

        Lol, and if we lived in a third world shit hole we would think of that.

        Maybe go to school, study and get a good job and you wouldnt have to worry about other idiots that don't do well.

        If you are talking about our beloved Africa they have been that way since I was born. There is no hope for a third world country.

        I would save a dog before another human.

        Maybe go smoke some pot and go back to your mothers basement.

        • Herod

          I'm 100% positive you think you're one of the most badass people around.

      • dstu

        Dogs are better than people.

      • Bob25

        I'd rather save a dog than most people. People have free will, a chance to get it together and do something. Pets depend on us for everything.
        I decided to have dogs (sorry, no cats) instead of kids. Instead of putting additional burden on an unstable society, I rescued 3 dogs that make my life complete. When I die, I'm leaving everything to the local shelter on the condition they are a no kill shelter. If I ever win the lotto, yep you guessed it. Starting my own shelter and getting a solid gold rocket car, HELL YA & Chive ON.

        • Frank

          Thank god. Someone who wouldn't save another human being should not have kids.

        • Frank

          Your spoiled dogs are a burden to society, they consume, but do not contribute. WTF are you talking about?

          You seem to have a mindset of a 6 year old girl being asked what they do when they grow up. It's a great day when people like you consciously decided not to breed. What monsters you would create.

          • Sean

            You are a tool!
            So by your logic all humans are contributing to society? There are a lot of people who consume but to not contribute, it has been that way for a very long time!
            If the owner is paying for his dogs food, vet bills, grooming, etc he is contributing to society.

            • Frank

              Is that my logic?

              My logic was that the spoiled dogs contribute nothing to society, but that they consume from it.

              Nothing was said of the owner, or of any other humans.

              WTF are you talking about?

              • Tim

                Reading comprehension is really hard for some.

          • greg

            And what do you contribute to society? Besides a completely backwards point of view. You're hating on someone for showing love to a dog. Just say that out loud. "I'm hating on someone for showing love to a dog." Do you think you sound like an asshole? If the answer is no, you have some serious soul searching to do. And these spoiled dogs you speak of who don't contribute? I hate to tell you Frank, but they do contribute. Therapy dogs, seeing eye dogs, military dogs, police dogs. They all do a job that helps multiple people to in some cases, do things that they can't do on their own. Sounds like you need a dog.

        • Cute.

          Dogs, are not comparable to kids.

          You can leave for work and keep your dog in a kennel for the day.

          Kids are effort and dedication. Dogs can be treated as kids when you want, but when you tire of them, they can go back to just being a dog.

          It's funny though to see people without kids that think a dog is somehow comparable to a kid. What a self serving sense of accomplishment: I raised a dog! LOL. As though it somehow compares to raising a functioning member of society.

          Truly laughable comparison.

          • Not cute

            This bitch is crazy… Go to any public education facility that has youth there and see how they stack up to most people's dogs

            People "raise" kids now aday.. That's a real lol

            Nice 1 cute its a good thing you are because smart you aren't.

          • greg

            I'm pretty sure no one is directly comparing owning a dog to raising a child. The comments said they choose to own a dog instead of raising a child. Their dog is their child. They never said it was just as hard. My dog is my kid. I know it's not the same thing, but that's how I think of him. He's part of my family. That's all.

      • Mike Hunt

        You must not have ever had a dog, you would understand otherwise.

      • techno_viking

        asdasd sucks dick for coke.

        • MylesofStyles

          That may be true, but at least he earns his coke.

      • kikass

        obviously you ARE the only one who thinks that, so you were right about something!!

      • Anna

        We lose perspective when we spew our judgments out into the world with no regard for how it lands. Each individual on this earth is entitled to his or her own opinion – that doesn't mean it needs to be shared with everyone.

        An animal is a living breathing gift from God as are humans. Dog run to greet their owners EVERY DAY, tails wagging, wanting nothing more than to say hello. The same cannot be said for humans.

        • Frank

          If there was a person like that, they would be called a retarded slave.

        • Frank

          Thanks for spewing your opinion.

      • sureman123

        your and a**hole.. Just sayin.. this dog is obviously part of the family not just and animal!

      • greg

        I hope you're trolling you piece of crap. If you had half the love in your heart that us animal lovers have, you'd be a far happier person. A dog is someone's best friend. Should I tear you down when you want your human best friend to have an amazing last moment? No. Just, go play in traffic or something.

      • ImAwesome

        Fuck people…Dogs are better.

    • Livin' Legend

      Yeah this one's actually kind of fucked up.

      • Suckit!

        Nominate that hater for biggest doucher in the universe.
        Also ban him from chiving because said doucher deserves none of the awesome that is posted here.
        Then lets stalk this tool and belittle him by referring to him as a douche nozzle because e isn't good enough to be a full douche because that is useful. The nozzle is the part that does the dirty bitch work because this is all that mofo is. A dirty behotch that I am of the utmost assurance that the only thing he has donated in his lifetime is some bastardized "advice" on how others should live their lives. This man should then be strung up by his lil toes and flogged in public until he cries like the little bitch he is and begs forgiveness! Starve him for 15 days then have a pack of boxers nom 30 packs of cooked bacon Infront of him! And a kick to the knee by a dwarf!

        • Frank

          Typical animal lover.

          I agree with the SPCA; ban pet ownership.

          • Suckit

            Make it a mandate that people need to pass some tests to determine whether your fit to be a parent first! If you can raise up a pup or a cat you shouldn't be allowed to make kids

          • BacterialOverlords

            Nice troll.

    • Bort

      I'm sorry to hear about your dog, man. I'm sure he was happy at the end. Thanks for being a good dog owner.

    • Red

      Rest in peace Lennox.

      ASDASD – Fuck you for sitting in judgement of this guy, what gives you that right? You suck. I hope Lennox enjoyed every last bit of that meal.

    • cablelayer

      Sorry about Lennox,
      This is one of the hardest thing as a human I have ever had to do…_My wife and I didn't have kids and our Border-Collie/Blue Heeler became our child._She developed nose cancer and we had to put her down after having her for 12 years,two years after diagnosis…_As a 45 year old constuction worker laying on the floor next to my pal and telling the vet to go ahead,I wouldn't want to put that on any pet lover….._I hope Lennox and Cody are playing together………over the Rainbow Bridge.._ _http://rainbowsbridge.com/poem.htm

      • mateo

        …and my Shaggy.

    • tony

      hey man i just wanted to know what happed to the dog… i dont need this africa and carering stuff. all i know is i walk in someone is always happy to see me. why? cuz i brought food? cuz im paying the bills? cuz they need something? hell no, just straight out happy. and thats the type of answer i would like. i just wanna know why he was put down, no fuss no muss

    • Stablu

      So did the OP at least donate his dead boxer's body for starving people to eat? It's the least he could do.

  • cookie

    whats up

    • whaaaat

      Do you mean; What is up?

  • konovoloff


    how am I suppose to study now?

    • ASH

      Eeh. Just hurry and rub one out.

    • ASH

      Eeh. Just hurry and rub one out.

    • Tyler Rauch

      blonde bootty!

  • Tiber_Septim

    #4 Dat Ass! #25 my oh my does that look good

    • Tyler Rauch

      yea who is 25?

      • WalterSobchak_

        sara valone italian model

        • Guest

          I think that's sara vaRone (with an r).

  • PdxChiver

    #25 Mercy.

    • Anjin-San

      Ahh, italian TV shows…
      She's Sara Varone, by the way

    • HetJamesfield

      My pants just caught on fire.

    • Pokes

      No, no, no. Stay far away from her. She's got the crazy eyes.

      • chivester

        ya, no kidding, that's what I was thinking…but then again, boobs

        • Guest

          She has eyes??

  • yay


  • jdubx

    #28 moths don't fuck around

    • Dr J. Fever

      And use their tiny feet to text.

    • Candlejack

      Kind of cruel on the dad's part but I have to admit I LOL'd.

  • Pnut

    #25 getting her only job done in spades!

  • TDH

    DMA: the only good thing about having shitty sleep habits.

  • B Dub

    #31 Always a sad day, but what a way to let him go happy… Great job!

    #32 Holy cute!!!

  • prpl

    #25 Even those boobs can't trump those bat-shit crazy eyes.

    • socket2me

      glad im not the one who thought that

  • gianfranco

    #25 INFO ON: Italian showgirl Sara Varone : INFO OFF 🙂

  • 11bravo

    #31 poor dog

  • RealZoo

    #11 Is this where the donkey lady got her start?
    Oh…and #25 WOW!!!

  • Jason

    #31 Dude. Buy a female dog so that he can get his last lay before leaving this earth.

  • justme

    #4 Don't be late for the pep rally

  • Trav

    #10 well that escalated quickly

    • Bob25

      So thats what happens when black people get a tan… huh.

  • Lint

    #31…is it just me, or does that white spot in the corner of his eye make it look like Lennox is crying? Poor lil feller

    • Azairian

      its common with the boxers that ive met. they all have some sort of eye goop. what im curious about..is the dog doesnt look all that old…so why is he being put down?

      • Medi

        My guess would be some kind of cancer. Boxers are one of the most prone to develop a variety of cancers. I type this as I look at mine who's getting to be older than dirt himself. Makes me sad to think about the days to come.

    • Telephone Man

      Aside from the other crap, my condolences. I have lost a couple of pets in the last two years and it doesn't hurt any less each time.

  • doogie

    #29 Chicago Fire Department
    #30 Please no more Ray Lewis

  • FatMarc

    #25 dance moves are crap…. buuuut i think i can learn to live with it!! #30 has grumpy cats owner shaved on the back of his head!!

  • MattKL

    It's always rough when you have to put a good buddy like that down. But you sent him out in style. KCCO.

  • MattKL

    #18 Like a boss.

    • mali_sapun

      Todd and the book of pure evil! Sadly, they canceled it

      • Justin

        I Just stumbled upon this show on netflix yesterday, I'm thinking it was the books doing after seeing this here today….

  • Noah

    I need to know who #7 is

    • Noah

      Don't anyone dare say "It's Mom"

      • mom

        damn it why not I worked hard for this body Noah

        • Pretty Smile

          melissa debling definitely did not work that chubby body hard.

    • joob

      melissa debling

    • TRP

      By the looks of her background pic, I'm guessing there's never any "Dad" incoming calls.

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