Going to the gym is a great opportunity to see truly bizarre s#^t (30 Photos)

  • Pshhh

    Needs to be someone walking around gyms just ejecting morons like this

    • brian

      just say what you want to say authoritatively but politely and people will assume you are either an owner or some kind employee. plus nobody ever questions "don't do that" and "get off of there"

  • Rusty Shackleford

    #29 I once saw a guy texting while on the treadmill. Trying not to laugh when he dropped it and it exploded was very difficult

    • phil

      they were just lookin for some penis.

  • Huh??

    #29 The very worst type of gym goer.

    • RealZoo

      Maybe they're there to check out guys or get checked out?

    • Don Amiliano

      Why does he have his phone to take a camera? Put it down and workout!

      • holyshit

        listen to music

    • fut

      why the fuck do any of you care? decent looking women in the gym is a good thing. maybe you should quit worrying about what everyone else is doing if it bothers you. twink.

      • Aaa

        ehh I guess as long as they are moving I wouldn't complain about it too much. I know when I'm pissed pandora can't give me a decent workout song it probably looks like I'm texting my ass off. If they were just sitting on a machine though, not doing reps, that is when it gets bothersome.

        • Pokes

          That's the truth. I go to a small gym with not a lot of equipment. Nothing worse than a lingerer spending more time on their phone than using the equipment they're resting on.

    • StevieB

      A gym goer who uses fat gym goers as an exercise ball would be worse.

  • AnItalianChiver

    #25 damn! I knew it! The Thing is real… Owwww sh!t

    • irish

      kill it!!!! kill it with fire!!!!

    • *dash*

      I know, who knew he was a 49er's fan?

    • Pfizzle

      And I thought he was stronger than that. What's he curling? 35 lbs on each arm?

      • GeezerSquadDefender

        Maybe he's had an injury, Mr. Man Who Knows All… Somehow I'm sure he's strong enough to kick your butt.

    • Teddy Turbo

      I wanted to work out so I became a raisin.

    • Tim Hamilton

      I just thought he was missing the top of his skull.

  • Andy Valentine

    #5 That's actually an interesting superset combination. Doing them in turn won't negatively impact the other one. Nothing wrong here.

  • http://www.facebook.com/derek.vera.3 Derek Vera

    #25 looks like The Thing from Fantastic Four!

    • Alex

      I am so glad I'm not the only one that thought that haha

    • matti

      That's just the ugliest man in Finland… Jari "Bull" Mentula.

  • boob_cuddler

    #16 i loled really hard.

    • Simply Joe

      Let me just gingerly put down my clipboard and I'll come help

    • Dorque

      Fake. He starts to put the clipboard down before he reacts.

    • http://twitter.com/coralmonster @coralmonster

      self-dick sucking status: achieved

  • Chris

    #27 is legit and very hardcore.

    Criticize after trying it.

    • Timmy

      I do Crossfit, but that is stupid!

    • Bud

      Very hardcore, and safe. Stupid shit like this is why people get hurt and crossfit has a bad rep. Lifting a car over your head while standing on a frozen pond is probably a good workout too. It doesn't mean it's a good idea.

    • :DDD

      Not saying its not "legit". It is just stupid.

      How would you, or any human with common sense, can consider this as safe?

      • Chivette

        Snap your wrist then tell me how good of a workout you're getting. Sure it LOOKS cool, but how about playing it safe instead of trying to look all hardcore.

        • nader2016

          heres an idea, dont go to the gym if ur gonna be a little B*TCH

          • StevieB

            That would get you out of any gym.

            • StevieB

              *That would get you kicked out of any gym.

    • Ishbar

      I'm sorry, I'm throwing the BS flag on this one… that is unless the combined weight of bar + weights = 65lbs

    • Herc51

      Spoken like a true CF kool aid drinker.

      • Likeaboss

        Where's pit boss at. I figured he'd be out in full force supporting these "crossfitters" aka idiots

        • Berty

          Why not just do a fucking thruster you fucking clowns.
          "Because we want to look cool throwing the bar in the air"
          Oh, crossfit on then

        • Pit_Boss

          Sorry I didnt see it sooner, I dont live here. I work.

          That one is stupid. I know for a fact that Crossfit Industrious would never do that. That is asking for injury.

    • TexasChivette

      This is so bad for your joints it's not even funny. Good luck with a knee replacement in a few years.

      • Starbuck

        Why is this bad for your joints?

  • TonyM

    #26 Lying heaves
    #20 Squats on a ex ball for core strength
    #14 Just fucking awesome….

    Do you even lift bro?

    • MoccaB

      I get 26 and 14. But 20 is just dangerous and stupid.

      • Guse

        26 is awesome exercise. A spotter aint' gonna help you on 20 if you start to fall. He might stop the barbell from crushing you, though…

      • http://reamers.org/clowns.htm Handjob Murphy

        Notice on 14 that there's nothing stabilizing the plates he's holding. Any pressure to the sides is going to tip one or both right the fuck over and he's face-into-the floor, probably injuring wrists and fingers in the process. Besides, he gets the same outcome if he puts the padded thing and hands on the floor. He's adding risk and complexity with no additional value. And he's dressed like Uma Thurman in Kill Bill. Big Attention Whore, is what.

        • Dan

          balance is a feat

          was a hockey player in college and we used to do alot of these excersizes – not so high as 14 but same idea

          the ball is an awesome work out, but u need to work towards it – notice as he has someone stabalizing his balance

    • Tommy

      This is the most unnecessary exercise I've ever seen.

      • Tommy

        #14 I mean

      • If you say so...

        I actually think the need to move very carefully and use all of stabalizing muscles might make this a pretty good exorcize. You would have to have a lot of practice and go it very slow for it to be even remotely safe though.

        • RealBACONATOR2

          #20 looks incredibly dangerous, and will most likely result in a sweet longing for when you had ankles.

  • RealZoo

    #16 LMAO!!!
    #25 Your brain on steroids.

  • SnakemanDan85

    #25 big veiny triumphant bastard!!

    • jshiver15

      Nice SB reference.

    • inga

      He looks like a human Shar-pei (wrinkle dog).

  • g3nXsLack3r

    #7 Captain's chair leg raises

    #26 Invented pull-up

    Bizarre…not so much.

    • DrGarnicus

      Yup on #26. Not as easy as it looks. That'll learn ya if you don't have any upper-body strength, aside from other body weight exercises.

  • James

    Number 14 is KassemG? 😀

  • MonkeyMadness

    #14 People try the stupidest shit in the gym trying to impress other people. It usually ends up being dangerous because they're using machines not designed for what they're for.

    • Derek

      Any idea difficult that is buddy? Yea thought so..

  • lol wut

    #16 she just got her stretch in for the day and learned how to eat herself out, all at the same time!!

    • Dan

      I Like how the trainer sets his clip board down so he can enjoy it longer

    • ...

      I think there was a serious injury on this one… his (i think its a him) legs don't go back to normal position, looks like they are stuck above his head lol

      • superknowledgegenius

        that's what I thought as well. Doesn't really move too much after that happens. I hope this isn't a broken back we are laughing at here.

        • http://www.nttn.mu Mo'Phat

          Her (I see tits) feet were in the cable holds. The weight yanked her feet back and her feet stayed in the holds. She had to roll around to get in a position to get her feet out.

  • socalmarti

    #23 So that's the jerk that popped all of the BOSU balls!!!

    • hank1231

      Why is he wearing a hat? Is he too cold from wearing the tank top trying to show off his arms?

  • gregorije1

    #25 i see he exercise his brain too

    • white goodman

      he likes to break a mental sweat

  • http://twitter.com/megantalks @megantalks

    #26 is legit

    • Mattyxl

      yep number 26 is an inverted row or a fatman chin

  • daincurse

    #25 Ben f&%king Grimm!

  • SloopDVille

    #25 Krang is real! I knew it!

  • scjr

    Uhh, nothing wrong wih #26

  • St7ebe

    #1 is shopped as hell

    • FuxSlutzButzz

      thats cropped from the lady sitting in line at mcdonalds pic….

    • DeDav

      Why was NO ONE ELSE saying this earlier? I thought it would have been one of the first comments.

  • Livin' Legend

    #30 That's just sadistic. I'm qualified to comment. I'm the asshole who goes to the gym wearing a shirt with a picture of a chocolate chip cookie and runs on the front row treadmills, leaving the TV on the Food Network.

    • savagecabbage

      You're so cool

  • timbo

    #25 Excuse me sir, you're brain is showing.

    • Seamus


  • Jon

    #22 rofl

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