Where do i apply for these best friend clubs? (40 Photos)

  • calmer_than_you_bro

    saturday! hell yeah!

  • ChiveMaster

    #37 Win

    • Duke

      #23 and #37 are from Comedians In Cars Drinkings Coffee, Jerry Seinfeld's internet show….awesome show

      • Tomas

        One of my favorite online shows. I love when Jerry spends time with comedy classics.

        • The True Schrude

          I already loved Seinfeld but when he put Brian Regan on Comedians in Cars Drinking Coffee, it went to a whole new level because Regan is the funniest comedian alive since Carlin and Eddie Murphy died.

    • Big C

      The two least funny comedians on the planet.

  • maltydoggy

    great post, except kanye-he is still a douche

    • Gonz

      Agreed, and #18 is a traitorous wheure that should be doing time for treason.

  • Yea buddy

    Egotistic.com is better

    • Steve

      U mean egotastic.com? And if u do, it is equally as awesome as the chive but serves a more "adult" purpose.

      • J.S. Wright

        ……then why are you here

    • Terri

      But…but theCHIVE is such a great community! They give their porn and over-priced shirt money to kids with diseases and such!

  • AnItalianChiver

    #19 the douchebag and Aziz Ansari

    • Cpt_Obvious1786

      Hating on kanye, real original. There's a lot more good going in in this post than to focus on the one guy you and everyone else thinks is a douche just because the cool thing to do nowadays is hate on him.

      • AnItalianChiver

        1. Cool thing hating on him? No.. It's just a fact, there are so many cool things out there and hating on Kanye is not mentioned.
        2. I could agree with you but… At the time I'm typing (8.45 in Italy, I woke up early to study.. I know on Sundays it's really sad) I still don't see one of your comments, besides this one. What is your point? You got Kanye oh, we got Corona..

  • jokerz4fun


    Is that a light saber in your pocket?

    • MontanaGirl76

      Bahahaha….my thoughts exactly!

    • hara

      I don't think that's really Darth Vader.

  • dan

    Sam Cooke my favorite

  • Mr. Lakes

    Hands down the best group of photos ever. I'm sending several of these off to be framed. BRAVO.

    • Perry


  • Alex

    #34 Not friends

    • Notruescottsman

      Why do you say so?

  • Alex

    #31 I wonder if Tom Waits thought Tommy Ramone was a douchebag. . . .

  • freddy boy

    #38 Now that's just cool.

  • Androcoles

    #13 Could out drink most frats.
    #39 Two of my favorite musicians ever

    • True

      Buddy Holly looks like KassemG

  • F'ed

    raiding tumblr again are we?

    • wake up

      yep, it's sad that tumblr's own photographers took these ORIGINAL pics and now they've been posted elsewhere…

      • bigtommy2k1

        that's the best comment so far.

  • Grewsome

    Left out Ray Parker Jr (Detroit T-shirt) in #21 … he wrote and performed the Ghostbusters theme song. Kind of a huge omission. 🙂

    • sup

      well he stole and performed it

    • db3300

      I liked it better when it was called "I Want a New Drug".

    • Guest

      also left out Christopher Atkins (the Blue Lagoon) he's the one talking to Tatum

  • Tony Baloney

    You can almost see it on Bill Nye's face,he is thinking, "Why did they sit these two fucktards who think they are scientists next to me? I hate these guys!"

    • Grant

      But imagine what they could accomplish together….. my head imploded thinking about the possibilities.

    • TheBrain

      Except for the fact that Nye is pretty much a fucktard for his belief in the "science" behind " so called AGW

      • HobokenGuy

        You mean like science?

      • Jethro

        Anthropogenic climate change is as certain as gravity and evolution.

        • StevieB

          @Jethro, that statement is completely meaningless. Nothing in science is certain, that's why everything is being studied all the time. If any branch or topic of science were certain, it'd be a religion.

    • Mayo

      My materials eng. prof constantly complainted about these guys, not even near the same level as bill nye

  • rickacha


  • Rhomboid

    Somehow I don't think most of these people are best friends. More like the "people who happened to run into each other and got photographed together club"

  • Flyin'Dutchman
  • Canucks_Rule

    #5 – nerdgasm!!

  • Micefin

    That's not Darth Vader, that's just how bad ass Freddie Mercury's penis is.

    • Reply

      You mean his AIDs covered penis?

  • gddctr

    jane fonda on the chive? thought y'all were pro military

    • doohickle

      Bitch should have been deported to north Vietnam if she loved it so much. I shouldn't even be calling her a bitch. That would be a disgrace to the female dog

      • iskra9

        .. hey … have a grown up read you the 1st … I bet u get your dick hard about the 2nd though, but become a total soft cock with anyone who does not share your view .. or you might even have a couple, so let's say views …

        … as for Vietnam; again .. find a grown up to explain how stupid and pointless that war was .. that war and many many more since … we're still doing it .. and yes: our military should be held in high regard and respected .. as should every single man woman and child who is prepared to take up arms and defend their inalienable rights … in every country, including vietnam, iraq, iran, afghanistan ..

        • 1911

          She threw several prisoners in Hanoi under the bus and got a few of them killed. She's a treasonous bitch.

    • hsbp

      Makes me sick to think that anyone would like to have her as a "friend".

    • ANon

      pro military is the wrong term, the Chive is pro America…

    • JasperOreo

      You can respect the military and the people who serve without respecting war.

      • StevieB

        @doohickle You're for deporting someone because of their beliefs and you call yourself an American? Or at least, a human being?

    • MonkeyMadness

      Hanoi Jane is a worthless cunt.

  • Hank Hill

    #28 and #39 are awesome. #2 can go fuck themselves.

    • Hammer

      About 90% of them can go fuck themselves, as far as I'm concerned.

      • Hank Hill

        Good point. I agree.

        • Bob

          Hank Hill can fuck himself, while fantasizing about children.

          • Hank Hill

            Bob probably has sex with Gay Z and BO.

            • MrNoDaysOff

              So just the blak dudes can go fuck themselves huh. Nice…..dick

              • HANK

                This just in Ray Charles no Longer black. I think someone needs a day off….dummy

                • Hank Hill

                  Yep. Ray Charles was black, but he didn't know because he was blind so that makes him white.

                  • Irishfan#5

                    I saw this post and thought we might get some interesting comments. What a fool I am. We can do better than this children!

    • matt

      butt hurt much? elections are long over.

      • JESSE

        yes the election is over, but we have to deal with the socialist prick for another 4 years. The POTUS is probably the most crooked president we have had in over a century and rapidly approaching the record. Not to mention Jay-Z is a hypocrite and opportunist of the highest order. When the Occupy bullshit was going on in NY he, a multimillionaire, probably in the top 0.00001% income bracket, SOLD "OCCUPY WALL STREET T-SHIRTS" TO PROTESTERS.

        • Jose_Ariel

          You, sir have no fucking idea what "socialist" means.

        • aviax

          Calling Obama the most crooked POTUS in a reply directly referencing Reagan is incredibly laughable. I lived through the Reagan years. Did they ever find that black woman in Chicago who was ripping off welfare to the tune of $150,000/year (and them's 1976 dollars we're talking about)? What's that, you say? It doesn't matter, because he 'made (his) point?' (Look up "welfare queen" on wikipedia).

          I'm by no means a dem – and, in fact, I think GHW Bush was one of the better POTUS we've had since, say, Kennedy or Ike – but the amount of undue adulation Reagan gets turns my stomach.

    • Dick

      Regan is a ficking war criminal. Glad that fucker is dead

      • theapprentice10

        The name says it all…

    • Jaymarcus Russell

      Bruce springsteen is a worthless socialist fuck. Barack Obama is just using two famous entertainers to make himself more appealing to young people, which obviously were brainwashed and voted for the fool. And Jay Z supports him only because he's black, he's probably totally uneducated on the issues. So basically yeah, this group can go fuck themselves. And I'm a black man BTW

      • Notruescottsman

        What coincidence, I'm black too!

      • jkay

        Agreed. Lost respect for this site posting this garbage picture.. BO to BS this is how to evade your taxes. BO to JZ now if we could get your I n d e p e n d e n t wife to encourage people to be dependent on the gov that'd be fantastic..

  • Mendo

    #32 BFM why isn't this on a shirt already?

  • mmsavior4


    Lots of funny,so much awesome.

  • Macro

    Most of them no, I'd rather not. But these are a hell yes: #8 #13 #23 #37

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