Good thing ‘Pawn Stars’ Chumlee hasn’t let success go to his head or anything (33 Photos)

  • snrs

    nirvana?! thought he would be rocking biggy in high school

    • Mike

      It seems that most of these people hating on him just aren't happy with what they have and think no else should have anything better. So what if he is overpaid and didn't really have work to get where he is at. Someone thinks he is worth that much and who are we to say anything different. You make it you spend it how you want it.

  • FionnR

    Who is he? And should I really care?

    • boob_cuddler


      • true story

        except that guy clicked, scrolled and commented just to say he didn't care….what a tool ^ this douche not Chum-

        • FionnR

          No, I asked if I should care…I've been informed otherwise thus I Now do not care

    • Dave S

      There's a TV show on History Channel called 'Pawn Stars.' It's about a pretty upscale pawn shop that has camera crews imbedded within the store and they film cool stuff that comes in. That being said, no you shouldn't care.

      • yoyo

        The show is staged though, the people that "bring stuff in" are given items that the store has already. It's like advertising their shit ya' know?

        • Matt

          He's that guy that everyone hated in High School because he was douchebag. He still hasn't grown out of that phase yet.

          • true story

            You don't know him at all, I've met partied with him a few times in Vegas. He's totally chill. What a bunch of jealous twats-

            • Dee

              Really? True story? What are you doing here then? You obviously are living large and have more important things to do than be on this site.

        • Yum Yum Roll

          I don't know how staged it is, I'm just pissed off because I have to drive by their store every day on my work and they always fuck up traffic. The idiots that are waiting in line in front of the store have no trouble whatsoever stepping backwards into traffic just to get a picture of the front of the store.

  • mrmostlymittens

    I wish that he, and people like him, didn't exist.

    • yam

      It's not that they exist it's that we are exposed to these ridiculous reality shows where editors juxtapose clips to snag ratings. The worst part of this crap is that it's on the History Channel. Shark jumped.

      • Jesus Christ

        The stuff they buy is kinda history, so I guess it works. I do like the show though, learn some new stuff. The Old Man is smart as hell.

    • nvi

      He makes a lot of money and does or buys what he enjoys with that money.

      What's wrong with that?

      If it has something to do with him making money from a tv show don't be mad at him. Don't hate the player, hate the game.

  • derek

    Bob is copying the same thing from again. Bob you're so lazy. Lemme take your job at theChive, at least i wont copy and paste other people's work.

    • Felcus

      Or start your own website and post whatever the fuck you want.

    • dirtysteve99

      They should give credit to the OP, but it's likely that cavemancircus stole it as well.
      By now, people should know Chive is a lazy-ass site.

    • Reality

      Yea derek I'm sure you can just call your sources and get first hand pics of all sorts of good shit. News flash, nobody gives a shit where pics on the internet come from. Who the fuck wants to surf 100's of sites to look at pics. If you don't like what gets posted here then fuck off and stay the hell out.

    • The_Dood

      And where exactly would you get your content from?

    • Justin

      90% of what you see on the chive comes from Reddit. The only reason I even get on here anymore is because of the chivette posts.

    • Global

      Who gives a crap! Guess what? I don't go on cavemancircus. So if he didn't post it here I wouldn't have seen it. I don't care if its all stolen! The Chive is spending their time looking for cool shit on the Internet to show us. Saves me looking for it. The Chive finds cool stuff and shows cool stuff! Plus does any of those sites have a community like this? Or chivettes like this? No well fuck off back to the other site then!

      • Chive

        I agree. This idiot can suck a dick. I have a limited amount of time to waste during the day. I'd rather spend it all on the chive then surfing around to all these other sites. Again, you can suck a dick

      • scooby dood

        you should try cavemancirucs, their dumping grounds is pretty cool, always 3 videos at the end of some cool pics, check it out,

        • rachel

          Who gives a Fuck, bobs the Shit go make your own word press and quit being a princess

  • AnItalianChiver

    #16 you must be fuckin kidding me man… Really? A shitty overpriced Louis Vuitton bag? LoL I hope it's for your mommy… Nonetheless, it's still a shitty bag.

    • daveh873

      How can something be a "shitty bag"?

      Do you hold things? Yes.
      And do you unexpectedly stop holding things, due to defect or design? No.

      Congrats. You are a fully functioning bag.

      • AnItalianChiver

        Okey.. . Then go and spend 1000€ for something that Guess, Kathy Van Zeeland and so many others do at a lower price. Let's not bring this exchange of opinions to a fashion debate. I'm sure you got the point.
        Cheers 🙂
        (and yes, I like men's and women's style but I fuckin hate LV… This makes no sense but that's it)

        • MylesofStyles

          Relax dude. I'll rally the troops and get the funds together. You'll have your Louis Vuitton tattoo in no time.

          • AnItalianChiver

            No thanks 😉

      • LesPaultard

        Keep in mind that he works at a pawn shop….stuff like this can be had at steep discounts.

    • megan

      All I can see is socks with sandals. D:

      • AnItalianChiver

        LOL.. After reading your comment I realized..
        What the fuck am I doing with my life?! 😥

  • Web2992

    I'm pretty sure "success" is a little bit of an exaggeration… Try, "fell ass backwards into a bucket o' cash for being a publicized idiot".

    • Blue bronco

      Probably should take a money management course at community college

    • Turf

      Just add "and will be broke and pawning his own shit within two years of the end of the show" and you're getting warm.

  • Joe


    I really hope she didn't let him touch her anymore then that.

    • Jean K. Jean

      Don't worry, she's known for her high standards.

      • Machew

        Who is she?

        • @bunkerpunkk

          Jesse Jane

    • hara

      It's Vegas. For a couple of hundred bucks, you can too!

  • gmx

    I never heard of this person; he should video his last 300 visits to McDonald's as a public service announcement.

  • le' bla!

    #25 damn it! a Chelsea fan!

    • Bryan

      We can agree that he's a bit flashy but there is NOTHING wrong with playing Fifa in your Phantom.

  • freddy boy

    Still doesn't know a thing.

  • tyler durden

    at first this just looked like a bunch of stuff he bought because he had some money, but as it went on it got kinda extravagant. he shal be so screwed once that show is done

    • e pluribus unum

      its ok– he can pawn it all for 10 cents on the dollar– that's about all those guys pay for stuff on that show anyways.

  • Phases

    Damn it, Chumlee!

  • @MeanzRock

    Most of this stuff he tried on at the shop.

  • Karl

    Television is Charlotte, and Chumlee is Wilbur the pig. Its amazing how some dumbass can get rich. I don't want to live here anymore.

    • 29er

      I probably shouldn't tell you about a show called "Jersey Shore"

      • nope

        welcome to america….wealth has become for mindless, excessive, undisciplined morons.

  • billy madison

    I hate my life, You're telling me an overweight moron can afford that ?

    • Alberta Dirty


    • Erad

      No worries. Fucker'll be broke as a joke in 24 months, tops.

  • Aerie

    This is sad.

  • boob_cuddler

    I'm so glad that he obviously blows through his money. The guy deserves none of it. The irony of him pawning that shit when he's broke will be sweet.

    • Livin' Legend

      That was my thought as well.

      The only question is: will he pawn all that shit at the place he works? From the little I've seen on that show, he's dumb enough to get ripped off there.

    • yeah

      how does he "deserve none of it?" He was actually hooked on drugs and almost died when he was younger and got clean and turned his life around. Is it his fault that the shop he works at turned out to be the most popular show on TV? Everyone deserves a little luck in their life. He could have been dead, but decided to clean up and make the most of his fame. He gives to charities and is known as a ridiculous tipper. For a guy hooked on drugs and grown up in poverty his whole life, give him a break if he wants to buy some shoes or a necklace. Does that really harm anyone?

      • Alberta Dirty

        Do you S his D ?? Thats gross man…

      • boob_cuddler

        I should get hooked on drugs and almost die so I can drive a Rolls.

        • yeah

          I'm sure if you had millions of dollars you'd drive a Toyota Prius.

          • boob_cuddler

            If I had millions, I would have worked hard for it and deserved to drive whatever I wanted. Not luckily fall into a bucket of money and blow it on shit I don't need like 100 pairs of shoes. I also donate to charity and tip well because that's how I was raised. Does that make any mistakes I've made in the past go away? No. I understand your sympathy for that guy, but come on dude you don't need to be such a fan of him.

            • yeah

              I have no sympathy for the guy, but you seem to be rooting for him to fail. So, since he got lucky and the show took off, he doesn't deserve anything? He doesn't work hard? If you got lucky in some similar fashion, would you not buy anything? By all accounts, he is a good dude. Why ridicule him for spending a few bucks? The group think here annoys me. Everyone is all "fuck this fat loser. I can't wait until he's broke". that's not very chive.

              • Idk

                "He doesn't work hard?" No he probably doesn't work hard in any sense of the word. He shows up at the pawn shop, says some goofy stuff, gets paid and leaves. The rest of your points are fair, but he definitely doesn't work hard and no he doesn't "deserve" to be paid a shit ton, he's just lucky that it happened how it did.

                • yeah

                  well we have no idea how "hard" he works, but like I mentioned, he got himself clean and is making the most of his fame. Everyone here would do the same. Yes he got lucky the show took off, but everyone needs a certain amount of luck in their life. Its like saying all lottery winners should give away all the money because they don't deserve it. I just don;t see the point of ridiculing him since most people would do the same damn thing he is in that situation. Plus if he buys 1000 pairs of shoes, who does that harm?

                  • Bob Épine

                    At the very least, he helps moving the economy…

            • Frank


              You are so theoretically generous with your theoretical millions.
              What a good person you must think you are.

  • navydudenamedjoe

    either way pawn stars is still an awesome show

    • hurr durr

      its all fake. Its scripted and the people are actors. Look it up. The show is crap. (You see any other real world situation and the people act much more awkwardly.) Like the other pawn star tv shows.

      • Dr. Gonzo

        Why all the hate? Who cares how the show is produced. Its still very educational. I learn alot. Mark from the museum is the man. know your history people

      • Ron Burgundy

        News Flash!! I work in TV, and ALL reality TV is somewhat scripted. Some more than others, but every show!

    • Silverstone

      Totally agree! Pawn Stars IS awesome. But it's time for Austin (Chumlee) to tone down the "village idiot" persona. It's starting to get a little cheesy and stereotypical. And let's be real. Regardless of whether or not you're the longtime friend of the general manager (Corey), you're not going to keep your job in that store (or the pawn business in general) by being that "dumb". A more mature Chumlee would add a freshness to an already great show.

      • Euroranger

        You're really watching Pawn Stars hoping to see the development of Chumlee's character and being disappointed because his persona is too pedestrian for your tastes?

        It's a pawn shop. In Las Vegas.

    • John

      I'll go with its one of the worst shows

    • Big Joe

      "Whatcha got there?"
      "Jesus' sandels that he wore while walking to his crucifixion."
      "Lemme have my buddy take a look at 'em."
      Buddy to Rick: "yes they're real."
      Rick to customer: " how much do you want for them?"
      "Well I was wanting to get $1000 for them."
      "They're gonna be hard to sell, they're gonna sit here for 3 years, I'll give ya fifty bucks"

  • Fish

    Im jelly.
    . Even though they ripped so many ppm off so they can live this good.

    • What

      Ripping who off? Every customer is free to walk out the door.

    • holyshit

      It's a pawn shop not an auction house, what do you expect. Pawn shops aren't exactly known for being honest salesmen.

  • Haters

    Why so much hate for Chum? The dude is harmless. Who cares what he does with his money. He's also donated money to Vegas charities and animal shelters. But that didnt make this list.

    • Also

      Also, for a site that is 90% T&A we're gonna give him shit for building a stripper pole in his house? For shame chivers.

      • Bubble

        Plus the man works for a pawn shop, I highly doubt he pays retail for everything.

  • awm

    Like a boss chum.

  • TommyB

    More isn't always better – it's just more…..

  • Pvtdeth

    Lol. Good for him, lucky idiot.

  • mike

    so sick of the absolute stupidest people on the planet getting all the easy breaks and making millions for doing almost nothing…

  • Bob

    Clearly money still can't fix fat and ugly

    • Kevin

      Sure it can. Just ask the Kardashians

    • Sabot

      Or stupid

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