Abandoned skyscaper becomes home to thousands of squatters (20 Photos)

  • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

    You crazy!?

    – the one you love to hate

    • PaulasMom

      You are fat and nasty Paula

      • Geezer

        Not so much…

        • PaulasFather

          You are fat and nasty geezer.

  • Stiffy13

    I bet it's still a shit whole

    • lat297


      • herp de derp

        no, it's the whole shit

    • buford t justice

      *Hole….like the space where your brain should be

  • Tiber_Septim

    cool good for them

    • http://twitter.com/Trollfric @Trollfric


  • lat297

    Probably run by some AK47-toting drug baron, needs Chuck Norris to sort it all out…

    • Carlos

      Chuck Norris' real first name is Carlos….. Jus' sayin…

      • Berty

        Clint Eastwood named his cat Chuck Norris because he's a pussy.

    • qua??

      Judge Dredd is probably more suitable

      • darkohanzo

        I was looking to see if anyone was going to say that lol

        • Broskinator

          I was thinking more along the line of Snake Plissken for the job.
          But i guess thats just me?

          • Ice

            Heard he was dead

  • Pshhh

    Would be cooler if it was an underground civilization

  • jay

    It's easy to romanticize this but it's far from what it seems. It's a concrete jungle with predators and pray, competition and survival of the fitest are the rules. This happened in a soccer stadium in '85 and the government let it go until the violent crime, drugs, and insanity got out of control. Then they destroyed the stadium.

    • socalmarti

      Yeah, but isn't that the game you choose to play when you refuse to (somewhat at least) assimilate into society?

    • Steve


  • Lawless1

    Judge Dress lol

    • Lawless1


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  • Irwin

    Dude #6 It's not The Centro Financiero Confinanzas it's one of The Torres de Parque Central that has been under reconstrution from a huge fire

    • Aorata

      Irwin is right, wrong tower Chive.
      Anyway, this other tower has been under reconstruction for… a decade or more? and it's still a long way from being finished… That's Venezuela for you, communist government, zero efficiency, and making the whole city a slump.

  • Jack

    Destroy it.

  • http://twitter.com/Donnation @Donnation

    Chive you make it sound like its a nice place to live and that the people are happy there. They are living in misery and are living there out of desperation.

    • SUMMER

      They didnt make it sound like a nice place at all. They just mentioned that they made what they had work, the best way they could.

    • Craigery

      Where did they say anything about it being "nice" or "happy"?

  • Buddy

    I thought it was going to be a bunch if people doing squats…like a huge gym

    • Better than Buddy

      Do you even lift?

      • Buddy

        Come at me bro

        • bigger better buddy

          you mad?

  • Turtle42

    It's asking for a few hundred dead in a catastrophic fire …

    No evacuation planning
    No emerency lighting
    No firestopping
    No active fire supression
    Open flames everywhere

    • Daddyjax

      Would they be better living on the street??

    • http://twitter.com/scaggnettii @scaggnettii

      Earth cleansing is not a bad thing

      • dirtysteve99

        pity we can't cleanse these two dickheads (scaggnetti and skrewed)

    • Skrewed

      Natural Selection is a Lost Art!

    • Prettyswellguy

      I am not familiar with the building codes in this area but it may fit the bill for code prior to it having gone "under". Without knowing that it could be a somewhat safely standing structure with adequate stairs and such for evacuation. Unfortunately no matter what the plan there WILL be deaths in a any catastrophic accident in a sky scraper no matter where it is located.

  • jaczor

    It is a haven for criminals and people live in awful conditions there.

    • Craigery

      Would it be safer or less awful on the streets?

  • spliggs

    Bienvenido to Venezuela, brought to you by Hugo Chavez!

    • electric boogalo

      Except that this was 5 years before Chavez.

      • Ronco

        In 1994 the construction was halted.

        In 2008 (8 years with Chavez then) the building was invaded.

        • Gary

          Still is Chavez fault to allow these people to invade this property… My country Venezuela has so much to offer… it's such a shame that this fool of "president" which we don't even know if he's alive, is only trying to drag the country to hell… It's sad… So sad.

  • Static

    #10 #20 ok wtf.. homeless… with DISH network????

    • lalex

      Actually is DirectTV

      • eguyki

        thats tipical in venezuela, you will see a family living in a home without tiles on the floor a roof made out of tin with a plasma tv and a xbox 360 in the living room

        • thom

          Nice priorities.

        • ChavezSays

          Just like every ghetto in America. People act like people, regardless of the country they live in.

    • Guillermo

      When you still the signal and you live in a building controlled by gangsters who is going to tell them they can't have dish? The Police? To a better understanding of what I'm saying I suggest you watch the raid redemption.

    • Sefta

      Looks like they have balconies with a view as well. SWEET!!

  • Merica

    A bunch of pictures of a building from far away? This post sucks.

    • Aorata

      Far away? not everyone in the Chive is american dick head. There are people from all over the world.
      And just so you know, Venezuela is a couple of hours away from Miami.

      Venezuela is my country, and you sir, are an ass.

      • sweet

        Chill out amiga- he means pictures taken from a distance, not a "far away country". You can barely see anything.

      • Craigery

        You're the ass. He means the pictures are taken from a distance. It sounds like very interesting story, but a bunch of pictures of the outside of the building don't tell the story, so it's a useless post.

      • Frank

        Oh. My. God. Clearly still not quite grasping English though are you? Far away = distance. As in the photos are not close enough to see what's actually going on.

      • Aorata

        Sorry, indeed I'm the ass. As it was pointed out, I misunderstood

    • nrp
  • CapitanSteve

    Lot of haters on here today. Nobody is forcing these people to live there, beats living in the streets. I have lived in a few third world countries, "active fire suppression", "evacuation planning", not even in the vocabulary. Not everyone is fortunate enough to live in 'Merica!!!

  • irons

    Coming to a US city near you! Thanks Obama!

    • Jesus Christ

      Drop dead.

      • ccc

        right back at you JESUS??

  • Aorata


    And that's what my whole country is turning into thanks to it's "president", if he is even still alive…
    That's what communism, corruption and oil money gets you in this greedy and corrupt world.

    • Drou

      let's hope your president dies fast. we really appreciate oil countries…

    • Kyle

      Oil money is not the problem. Texas has a lot of oil money and it is beautiful. I think the problem is more the communism and corruption.

    • Mark

      As someone who's visited Caracas and seen what that city is like, it's a scary place to be. The only road from airport to the city is under construction to shore it up in case an earthquake cuts the city off from the only way to get aid in an out, rules in general don't seem to be enforced all that well. Stop signs are optional, 2 lane roads usually have 3-4 lanes of traffic, and whole hill-sides are covered with tiny shacks built in a way that probably wouldn't survive a strong wind, let alone a earthquake.

      Don't get me wrong, I greatly enjoyed my trip there and thought the cit was beautiful. But at the same time, with all the Chavez propaganda everywhere, the city really felt like a house of cards at times, with just a polished exterior but rotting away from the inside.

    • zarafraze

      Venezuela chiver reporting for duty from Baruta, sir!!
      The whole country is still in the shit-hole. If anything changes we will tell you.
      Over and out!

    • Gary

      No me imagine encontrárme a Venezolanos… Saludos!!

  • Visitohr

    Send in Dredd!

  • Alicia

    I can see where some people would do that, but I would think that someone would come in and kick them out by now if they're living there illegally.

    • edcoder

      They are living poorly and (within an unfinished building) with no security measures, but i would not say illegally. The president has made it legal to invade any property not being used, with the expressed purpose to live there.

      I like the sentiment of "let the unprivileged have a place to live in" but it's just wrong the way they are doing it, you work hard to buy your own property, and the government can just take it away whenever they want to.

  • Chavezcandaga

    I'm actually from Venezuela, and just because some people choose not to apply certain basic rules doesn't mean the whole country
    It's a clear case of curroption
    If some one want to build something he can't do it legally because it takes too much time and money on bribes, but instead the government supports people invading and living in poor conditions because they see it as a help and later in vote for them, when there just making it worst

    • EastTN~RT

      then please go back!

    • Aorata

      Because of what you said, you don't strike me as chavista, but why then do you have that username?

      • edcoder

        Aorata, (asumiré que entiendes español) en twitter hay una cuenta "chavezoficial" y el dueño no es chavista, la tiene para burlarse. No se si este usuario (Chavezcandaga) lo haga con la misma intención pero… solo digo, un username no dice nada.

        • Aorata

          Como dije, asumo que no es chavista, pero no le veo el chiste a usar el username oficial de Chavez en twitter. El odio que ha sembrado Chavez va pa los dos lados… ver a un pendejo con una camisa del comaAndante o a alguien usando un nombre chavista me irrita.

  • B-to-the-H

    #15 – Looks to me like they got better shelter than the bums in downtown Atlanta.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #13 – interesting.

    • BoredGuy

      Awesome comment as usual.

      • Canucks_Rule

        compliment accepted.

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