Abandoned skyscaper becomes home to thousands of squatters (20 Photos)

  • Nbree

    #10 Are.. are those satellite dishes?

    • gustavo

      yes directv, mostlikely, even in the poor houses you will find HD tv, bad ass stereos and dishes.

  • http://www.printfection.com/nice DrakeFriedman

    Would be an interesting "homeless" life.

  • RKgN83

    this aint cool .. this is the result of the poor administration by the comunist party in my country .. and their so called 21th century socialism …. this is an invasion … so stop kidding your self thinking that this is a solution .. since that situation started the number of violent crimes .. express kidnappings .. gunpoint assaults .. purse snatchers .. and other types of crime had gone up to the roof .. it's not cool, it's not a solution, and it's not a thing to celebrate …

    • Guillermo

      Amen! To celebrate or make a mockery of the way this people are living is shameful. KCCO but shame on the chive.

    • RKgN83

      KCCO people … the world has turn to S@#& .. but we still can do something .. please research more before posting sensitive things like this .. F@#* comunist partys . they're all crooks and liars … and they are sinking countrys and citizens in a hole of violence and hunger beyond anything ever seen …

  • Bob Hope

    Worst Post Ever…You're better than these shitty posts to keep people coming back.

  • lalex

    You guys didn't mention in the post that it is reported, that there is where the hide the kidnapped and else.

    Also this building has its own mototaxi or "motorcycle taxi" that takes people up the floors, because there are no elevators of course.

  • Duke

    The New Yorker had an article on the tower of David. Its run by a former gangster turned born again preacher. It sounds like a less then pleasant place. Hence the lack of photos showing the inside.

  • Guillermo

    I'm from Venezuela a daily loyal Chiver, and this is just embarrassing. Hugo Chavez deserves to die the way he is dying, he has made Venezuelans the laughter of the world. Of all the awesome things you guys can highlight of Venezuela you chose to put this for the world to see, Sad! This does not reprent us at all. What about you guys post pics of Gustavo Dudamel, Pastor Maldonado, baruj benacerraf or one of the 280+ MLB players that have made an imprint in the lives of American people and the world, just to name some…

  • Mayor McCheese

    I say knock that fucker down!

  • Rick

    What life would end up like if the world as we know it ended

  • reality sets in

    This is exactly what president Hussein (kalif obama) and his communist party/liberal supporters want in America.

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