Designer turns negative client comments into funny posters (41 Photos)

Mark Shanley, an Irish graphic designer, turned his favorite “worst feedback comments” into hilarious posters. Now that’s constructive criticism.

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  • Dydy

    HAHAHAHAAHA most of these I have actually had clients tell me. The most irritating ones are #15. Those guys I charge double.

  • red4

    A lot of these sound reasonable. It seems like the artist is incredibly stubborn, and absolutely refuses to hold any sort of dialog with his clients. Without any context behind why he hates these comments from his clients, he just sounds like a greedy asshole who takes his clients' money and does whatever the fuck he wants.

    #1 Yes, the pig can be made sexier. Make it more anthropomorphic in the shape of a woman.
    #5 is a perfect example of a much needed context. Maybe the client wants to delve into the psychology behind the product's appeal. For example, the Keebler elves make the cookies; that's the "realistic" approach. You'll never see the cookies come to life and shove the elves into the oven; it wouldn't be realistic in the context of the product's appeal.
    #6 The client probably wants a thematic or aesthetic variation. Can't there be a discussion about it?
    #7 Another good example of a much needed context. Maybe the client wanted something similar in style or mood to the MadMen opening sequence. Maybe what they got was something too conventionally cartoony.
    #8 Maybe they want a more stylized cowboy; maybe an overly handsome cowboy with a perfect hat, not a bucktoothed, drunken-looking deviant.
    #12 There is a massive difference between a logo and a font. Like the 7/11 logo, or the Domino's Pizza logo. They have specific shapes in a specific arrangement. It's not just a font. This is obviously what the client is asking about – if the graphic designer has any knack or talent for creating logos.
    #13 If it's too blocky, then maybe the client and the graphic designer should discuss which areas are too blocky.
    #14 The client should be allowed to give and receive feedback with great frequency. What the hell is wrong with this graphic designer? What is he thinking?
    #24 Playing with gradients in both the background and the snow can change the apparent mood of the temperature of the image.
    #33 Trace the source image with vectors. BOOM! When you enlarge it, it stays sharp.
    #35 Again, need a context. Did the client say the sandwich can NOT be slightly anthropomorphic? What if it has a smile? What if it's just tilting up off the plate a little bit?

    #14 really makes it seem like my impression of him is right on the mark. He doesn't want a dialog, and he doesn't want feedback. He doesn't want the client to do or say anything. Fuck him.

    Oh, and in case you guys think I don't know what I'm talking about, where I work, we receive feedback from clients to not only make logos and designs, but also for building physical signs on roads, buildings, houses, windows, cars. I personally don't do any of the graphical work, but I've seen and heard countless dialogs between our graphic designer and the clients, and not once has it turned sour. We have invented logos for clients, and resized and sharpened really bad source images. Hell, we even have discussions about where is the best physically aesthetic place to put a sign. It's ALL about discussing it with the client.

  • Flagrant Foul

    Literally first meeting with this client ever…

    Client: Oh do you have any dogs?
    Me: I used to, but the ex took them in the divorce.
    Client: Wow, you must have a small dick!
    Me: (long pause) Your business is PR right?

    • Flagrant Foul

      Seriously, could you imagine walking into a design studio to meet with a designer and then tell her she must have a loose vageene?

  • James

    These are freaking funny. We hear them all the time here. XD

  • andulamb

    Some of these are dumb comments from clueless clients, but some are just the client saying that he/she is not quite happy with the design. Clients get to do that. They get a say. They're the ones paying for the services of the designer, after all. They are the ones who have to consider whether the design will appeal to the target audience. So yeah, they sometimes have to say things like "can we make this more fun?" What's wrong with wanting a cowboy to be less camp, or wanting a viking to be "less negative?" A designer should know that there are limitless ways to present a design. A viking can look cute and cuddly or absolutely vicious.

  • andulamb

    For the record, these are valid comments: #1, #3, #6, #8, #10, #11, #12 (maybe not said in the best way, but it's pretty clear that the client wants an iconic/symbolic logo rather than a workmark), #13, #19, #23, #24 (compare a sunny snowy day to a cloudy snowy day — which looks warmer?), #26, #30, #31 (if a baby's sticky-out ear is distracting, hell yes it should be Photoshopped), #32, #35, #36 (depends on the context), #38, #39 (if in fact this was said about a time and place in which kids do say "s'up" — and it doesn't come off sounding like the ad was made by a bunch of suits who are trying desperately to sound hip), #40 (if they don't like the horse, they don't like the horse), and #41 (again, could have been expressed better — if they were imagining a adorable 65-year-old granny and the designer gave them a one-foot-in-the-grave 95-year-old crypt-keeper granny, the client darn well gets to complain).

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  • Kim

    This is brilliant. Thanks for the laugh – similar comments to those I hear every day!!

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  • IronHorse

    I understand all of them in the 1960s 70s and 80s clients were saying the same thing to me…..

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  • Revlis1

    #11 Christ the number of times I've had this offered up… Painful.

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  • Nancy Hepner

    More! I want more! How about when they say, "That's been done already." Only it hasn't?
    Darn, I can't remember the last inane remark a customer made. I usually put that stuff out of my mind. Mistake! LOL 😛

  • Lorene

    I don't work in advertising, but I understood all of these, probably because I have similar experiences working in retail. You really do wonder if people hear the things that come out of their mouth.

  • amcs

    BEST POST EVER! I think you have to be a designer or worked with clients to truly understand the meaning of a lot of these. Best line ever from a client "I printed out the business card you designed for me (on my home printer) and I don't see the white border around the edge?"

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