• jackt



    Real life "Final Destination". Here's to cheating Death 👏🍺

  • Amir

    crazy shit

  • ray

    that's fucking crazy.

  • derp

    The first one is fake.

  • Carl

    A lot of those were pedestrians using cross walks. Let this be a lesson to them "never trust a one legged chicken ".

  • nick828

    I'm gonna just stay in my house for the rest of my life…

  • derp

    Its horrible that a lot of these tards are allowed to keep living…. Theyre gunna get someone else killed.

  • http://twitter.com/Real_JBishop @Real_JBishop

    If people knew to look both ways before crossing the street, half of these wouldn't even be on this video!

    • RustyxTrombone

      nailed it.

      • Lookbothways

        Yes sir apparently their maams didn't tell em!

    • Nick

      2:00, woman nearly wiped out by an ambulance. Carries on walking WITHOUT LOOKING INTO TRAFFIC FFS!!!!

  • Dandude

    Things I learned from this video, 1. don't jaywalk 2. be careful when driving on icy streets.

  • John

    This should be a darwin's exceptions video…majority of these tards should have looked 4 or 5x before crossing coz apparently the first time wasn't enough.

    • yoyo

      You know how to use an apostrophe and you can't spell because? Seriously, who the fuck says coz?

  • Josh

    This is one of the reasons I wish unintelligent people could not reproduce. Idiocracy in full effect.

  • Drchiver

    It's crazy that 80% of these videos were Russian.

    • LOL

      Russians aren't very bright.

      • Bill Not Science Guy

        I heard recently that Russians are four percent Neanderthal by DNA, compared to an average two percent for Western Europe and, of course, zero percent for Africans… and that's a conservative estimate!

        • Truth Hurts

          That is pure poppycock. The Russian gene pool is a very robust one and is nearly identical to any other Caucasian gene pool. All human gene pools are nearly identical. Neanderthals? You are lost, kid.

    • ari

      It isn't crazy that 80% of these videos were Russians

    • Gorgon

      Not really. Dash cams have become extremely common in Russia the last few years – 'everybody' has them, and this is the reason there are so many Russian accidents filmed from cars online.

      The number of serious vehicle accidents are actually lower in Russia (28.000 killed in 2011) than in the US (32.000 killed in 2011), so if dash cams had been just as widespread in the US we would likely se just as much crazy driving and near-misses from the US as we now do from Russia.

      • Chris

        US also has over 2x the Russian population…

        • Gorgon

          That's true, but the number of accidents (and thereby the potential number of videos from them if every single one was filmed) are still higher in the US.

          In fact Russia isn't even in the top 50 nations worldwide when it comes to deaths in traffic when the number of deaths per 100.000 inhabitants per year (that's usually how it is measured) are compared worldwide.

          • baconator

            Yea it's still higher in the US than Russia but like Chris said the US have over 2x the population so 28k to the US 32k makes russia look really bad. It's not just the numbers either, it's the stupidity of the accidents in Russia. Also the 32k in America can't be correct when you factor in all the crazy Russians that moved here and drive like they are still in Russia.

  • the390

    @ 4:01

    I like how he uses the Moon Walk to escape death.

  • http://twitter.com/julesmarie310 @julesmarie310

    I think I just beat my personal best record for holding my breath. This was just outrageous.

  • Applefish

    Ahhhhh, Europe.

  • TheNamesGreg

    A 4 minute video took me about 15 minutes to watch…

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      Play….."******!"…rewind, play…."*******!"…"*******!"….rewind, play….."********!"…..

  • https://www.facebook.com/yann.mathieu Yann


  • PiotrXC

    Pretty sure I shit myself a little during every clip.

  • Anonymous

    The clearly american tourists that almost lose their heads to another train should probably have lost.

  • OhioChiver

    Looks like sometimes, spectating, CAN be a full contact sport. =/

  • Tiber_Septim

    Very lucky people

  • http://twitter.com/TheyCallMeFBI @TheyCallMeFBI

    its funny how most of them take place in Russia

  • Barrymackokener

    lol all foreign countries

    • Gorgon

      Actually the US has more deaths in traffic every year than Russia. The main reason there are so many videos like this from Russia is that nearly everyone in Russia has a dash cam.

      • Barrymackokener

        True but there's not even half as many people driving in Russia as there are in the Good ole USA , so yeah our statistics will be higher

      • baconator

        Stop defending Russia and admit they are crazy and horrible drivers. Like I said before they come to America and ruin the statistics anyway. Dumb dumb dumb

    • B-ri

      isn't every country foreign to every other country?

      • Barrymackokener

        Mind = fuckin blown

  • ari

    on roads or off roads Russians will kill you eventually

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