A look back at some of the best plays in Super Bowl history (15 Photos)

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    Go 49ers

  • Mac

    We're not supposed to say Super Bowl, but Doug does what he wants. This one time, a girl was like "" and before she could even say anything Doug was like already at third base.

    • Jebus

      Cool story hansel

    • JSettle11


  • dd343

    #11 still gives me nam flashbacks

    • Melissa434

      Best moment of my life.

  • wissie

    Steeler highlights everywhere…Thats probably cause they have the best franchise in football…..

    • Permanent Guest

      If you count only Super Bowl wins, not NFL championships.
      "The Packers have won the most titles with 13 and the Chicago Bears are 2nd with 9 titles.The Cleveland Browns are 3rd with 8 total championships counting 4 from AAFL The Giants are 4th with 7 championships and the Steelers have won 6. However, the Steelers have only won Superbowls." ~wikianswers

      • wissie

        Yea, but I am only counting superbowls….cause all those championships your talking about were before the merger. And before the merger the comp was much more inferior….

        • wissie

          P.S. all those dislikes of my comment is all jealousy…lol

          • ...

            or distaste of your spelling

            • wissie

              Put ur nose down. No one cares…

              • ...


                • wissie

                  Really? Thanks for the correction…I would have went through the rest of my life thinking it was spelled ur. I can't thank you enough for explaining that to me, you giant douche bag…

                  • wissie

                    Next ur going to tell me wtf isnt how u spell what the fuck….

      • Steve

        I especially like the picture that shows Holmes right toe off the turf. Shitsburgh Squeelers, if yinz ain't cheatin yinz ain't tryin'.

        • wissie

          Again, your just jealous….

          • wissie

            Them Stillers are still the only 6x champs…so haters hate. The best will always have those haters…

      • PayHeed

        Wissie I saw you comment and was going to support the Steelers, but then I saw you were a total douche bag who would rather argue than type the right fucking letters. Go fuck "urslf" to use your terminology.

        • wissie

          Haha, ur right…I'm not that type of person….It was everyone else that wanted to argue, not me. I did feed into it though….But seriously though, stop with the ur shit everyone…I obviously know it's spelled your….

          • Chiver


  • the390

    What about when Janet Jackson flashed America!?

  • Grammar Nazi

    This post made my brain hurt.

    • Dan

      That's because you're stupid.

    • MonkeyMadness

      I bet your vagina is sore too.

    • Alumni72

      Probably because the spelling was checked by a dead goat.

    • greg

      The spelling and grammar was indeed, atrocious.

  • chivecitybitch

    #15 ftw

  • http://twitter.com/Avfc4life @Avfc4life

    ravens !!!

    • wissie


      • PayHeed

        No so much.

  • Nighthawk

    #11 greatest play of all time!!!!!!!!!

    • Tyree

      Dude fuck the down play on here, this play was EPIC.

      • Dapper_Dave



    What about New Orleans Saints Tracy Porter's interception return off of Peyton Manning giving New Orleans it's first Super Bowl victory?

  • Darryl

    No Saints onside kick?

    • Justin

      Why? "Surprise" onside kicks work almost 80% of the time. That's hardly ballsy, or genius, or a good play..

      • Redfish25

        Yeah, they've done studies you know 80% of the time, onside kick work every time! WHO DAT!!

    • Not mr.ha

      Scrolling down to say the same thing! Gutsiest play in SB history left out. Chive needs a sports writer if they are going to start this ish.

  • Kyle

    How come I don't see any picture from he Lions super bowl appearance! :@

  • mopar_man

    I'm pretty sure this would have been better with video.

  • Pants

    #6 First super bowl I paid attention to/put money on and I was so friggin sure the bears would win…

    • Ghettoblaster

      How could you be sure they would win the game when their quarterback was rex fucking grossman? He's so bad his name shouldn't even be capitalized.

  • Joe

    #6 epic start

  • Salt

    Yeah, but being a cam-whore has a poor dental program and baby oil is getting expensive.

  • Ralph wiggum

    GO BANANA!!!!

  • mp1113

    #1 #15 GO STEELERS

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  • Hank Stram's Ghost

    I find the lack of "65 Toss Power Trap" disturbing.

    • Nelson Pancakes

      You get an up vote for your name alone.

  • Casey

    What about when the Saints won?! That was an awesome game!

  • Skylar

    What about that time that guy threw the ball and the guy caught it.

  • http://randomarmywife.blogspot.com/ Say Ambular

    #8 I still tear up when I see replays.

  • PTTU89

    Uhh Saints onside kick to start the 2nd half? Anyone? Anyone?

    • screwnola

      no one gives a crap about the saints

  • Jeremy

    Saints Tracy Porter's interception return for a TD should be on the list . Who dat

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