I hate to say you made a mistake but…you made a mistake (18 Photos)

  • wreckemtex

    Am I the only one who saw #11 and literally said, "No!" out loud?

  • RW Griswold

    For anyone who's actually interested or wondering, there is actually a very large number of people within the tattoo & body modification community that are condemning this "artist" for this and the previous stars on the face of the chick, this one even more so because regardless of whether either person is of legal age and consents to the procedure, as a PROFESSIONAL tattoo artist, it's also supposed to be our duty to dissuade persons we feel may be making poor decisions in body modification.
    Trust me when I say this, REAL PROFESSIONAL tattoo artists would never have done this to anyone even their own wife of 20 years. This one person is putting black marks on the body modification community every time he does something completely irresponsible like this.

  • Iggy Catalpa

    The shame is on him, for looking at that face and thinking "I can improve it."

    What a self-important douche.

  • Ernst

    i see no problem because she liked what she did. But now my question to all the tattoo haters:
    what about millions of mutilated babies who got circumcision done forcibly against their will done by religious idiots who are reading the old testament every day ?

  • Cupcake

    When she's old and full of wrinkles, her facial tattoo will look like drawn on facial hair. Way to go dumbass!!

  • Revlis1

    Just ROTFL, cause nothing says I love you like permanently disfiguring yourself, and of course the inevitable divorce makes it funnier… In that watching people fall down sorta way.

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  • tc_383

    Bet her parents are proud!

  • munther

    really crazy ppl…

  • Rdmfnb

    I'd still give it to her in the butt!

  • M.E.

    Interesting…in some photos, she has the "allforlove" tattoo over her right eye and in others, over her left. Wonder if all of this is fake, including the face tattoo. She's into design, so maybe this is an elaborate hoax to draw attention?

  • bill

    well thats a sure way to ruin a pretty face.see ya

  • AmericoPolk


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