I hate to say you made a mistake but…you made a mistake (18 Photos)

  • em3

    That's a huge negative

    • cleojones

      no shyt..

    • Rusty Shackleford

      i've got the fire started, somebody tie 'em up so we can get this done quick.

  • Johnnychingas

    Epic Fail

  • Bhodi

    Sure, there are hundreds of other Rouslan's if things don't work out.

  • sfb101

    I would do anything for love, but I won't do that…

    • Epitomizer

      Thumbs up buddy.I never think of the witty comments that fast.

    • buck

      Smell your GF's floss after she used it…true love test

      • Turd F.

        Fucking eww.

    • JetBuilder777

      awesome Meatloaf reference!

    • mmsavior4

      I love you.

    • ROJO

      Nailed it!

    • Keyser

      Don't say you would do "anything" if you won't do that!

      • CC J

        best comment ive seen on the chive to date, well played sir

  • MikeM

    I feel like i missed something in this- did they break up or is the fail that she got an ugly tattoo on her face of her boyfriend's name?

    • StevieB

      The second thing, also that she used to be super-cute

  • Paladin

    #1 #12 WTF happened??? She was so cute in the first pic.

    • Jay

      Bad decisions happened.

    • http://twitter.com/KR_McLeod @KR_McLeod

      That's what love does to ya… didn't ya hear? It's a tough road to take.

    • Jen

      omg #12 looks so painful

  • http://www.printfection.com/nice DrakeFriedman

    And they lived happily ever after ??? er what?

  • jdubx

    I'm at a loss for words.

    • LauraNorda

      her face isn't 😛

  • tv_paul

    #12 Reminds me .. the new episodes of The Walking Dead starts next week

    • melindu


    • FoolOfATook

      Best comment I've seen today!

    • TheDutch

      Ha ha FANTASTIC!

  • andy

    that's ridiculous she was really good looking, but they look happy to be fair.

    • Big Poppa

      Sure it starts out all happiness then she borrows your razor. You run over her dog. she puts anti-freeze in your stew. You set fire to her mothers house. Then you get married and have kids.

  • Dapper_Dave

    #12 Um…no

    • wolfbastion


  • Lolx

    Isnt that the tattoo artist that got in trouble for tattoi g a girls face of 50 something stars

    • PJee


      • jawbone

        The girl admitted she wanted the silly amount of stars, but lied to avoid pissing off her Dad.

  • nope.

    to each his own. don't be dicks.

    • Chris A

      Is this your first day on the internet?

    • cwilliams

      Yea didn't you know the chive is full of self centered closed minded fucks. If its different its wrong. This shit is ridiculous. It reminds me of a saying my mom would use when i was growing up. If you have nothing nice to say then say nothing at all. A few of these douche bags could learn from that.

      • Morgan Freeman

        Agreed, Ive been coming to the chive since 2006, and it seems like viewer demographic has changed to the douchey frat guy mentality. Not everyone, but a good majority.

        • Sean

          O god, Morgan Freeman is talking from the future… (February 05, 2013)

          Also, yeah I agree that it was a terrible decision but if they're happy good for them.

      • Flake

        Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If they are happy who gives a flying fuck. The Chive community is no better than the rest of the mouth breathing, judgemental, shitbags that inhabit the internet.

        • Andy Valentine

          Agreed. Each to their own. If they're happy, let 'em be.

      • ugk4life-187um

        looks like your the one judging… and your boring. she fucced up her face, after knowing this seedy pest for 24 hrs, fact. poor decision making, fact. she will regret it, fact. the only good that will come of this, is the classic comments ppl will make about this poor person, if your gonna put yourself up in the media over being a retard, expect some critisizm. allow people their opinions, dont be so "closed minded" lol tool. grow up, life is real. FREE BOOSIE BADD AZZ

  • Teddy Roxspin

    WOW!!! I didn't think it was possible to be that stupid and not require some kind of help!

  • MAC

    The Real BANE


    Strange what love can make one do. Like turn a beautiful face (already a work of art) into a train wreck. To each their own. As long as they are happy, that is all that counts

    • http://s1336.photobucket.com/albums/o642/janeyqueen/ teslawasrobbed

      As long as they are happy, and she never has to interview for a job.


        True. No amount of makeup could cover that.

      • cwilliams

        Shes a designer and an apprentice tattoo artist. Think she has the job thing figured out.


    If women's minds are really this fragile, why am I not getting laid more?

  • Epitomizer

    #12 I don't really have anything productive to say, but wow. She is going to wake up one day and think, "what have I done?"

    • Noobbuster

      Looking kinda Harvey Dentish.
      Not ok. Lol

  • Mike

    Girls are f'ing crazy that's why I laugh when all the chivers see these chivettes pics and say ohh she's so perfect! I want to marry her..etc…ok you say that now and you two meet and she's having major issues with self esteem ..there's a reason behind it all ..everything that glitters is not gold people!

    • Bitches be trippin

      Glitter is the herpes of the art and craft world. Think it's coincidence?

      • http://prestigechirovirginia.com Sweet_Lew

        Winning comment, my friend.

    • ...


    • bmoney

      Well said. Most of these guys have never gotten laid, which is why they can't see the difference between pictures and reality.

    • Dbar

      Who wants to.marry them? I just want to put it in their butt

      • Chad

        Like every other guy probably has???

    • Erica

      Well said! Of course you will get the idiots that say you're gay in some sort of way. The one talking are usually the ones that have had a couple of stds because everything they see with a set of boobs is a magnificent creature to them . They don't use their brains ..

    • Tucker

      And yet the first idiot in this story is the boy with all the tattoos on his face and body and the huge plugs in his ears and nose. I would say that utter stupidity is not limited to gender.

      • pixels

        I don't think his clientele mind because he charges outrageous prices and you have to call ahead to schedule a session with him.

        Idiot? maybe…. Rich with slavishly devoted wife? Yep

  • Brother Maynard

    Moral of the story, don't be a stupid cunt.

    • cwilliams

      I guess you know first hand what being a cunt is like? More like don't be an internet douche bag.

    • Misslisslissa

      I don't think that was appropriate to call her that

  • Alex

    I really wouldn't mind much if she didn't do it for someone, and if at least she didn't got his fucking name tattooed…

  • Dustin

    #12 I still would…

    • mishai

      3 000 000 000 women so about 700 000 000 betwen 20-35 around and you are such poor so dont want anyone better like this?….thats crushing sad:/

  • squints

    The messiest of make out sessions…..

  • moses

    But why?

  • Cpt Obvious

    shame of a cute face

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