Boba Fett getting suited up for battle (40 Photos)

Via thedentedhelmet

  • Truth

    #40 is the least threatening thing I've ever seen… "ZZZZZZZZAP!"

    • Frank

      Pewpew … pew, pew, pew

      • Michelada

        Hahhahaa Frank, literally the same amount of "pews" i said in my head right when i saw this picture.

  • Andy Valentine

    Start my Fett vs the Sarlacc half sleeve tattoo next month. Fuck yes. The character is an absolute badass.

    • duuha

      no… just, no…

    • Jimmy

      It'll look killer when you're 50. Great life decision.

      • Andy Valentine

        Yeah, you're right, it will.

        Enjoy looking like every other old dude when you're that age.

        • Jawbone

          You mean not covered in a tattoo of a one-note character fighting a giant space vagina when I'm 80? Will do.

        • Matt (KCCO)

          Who gives a shit what it looks like when you're 50? You're 50, who are you trying to impress.

    • ZachBob

      The Sarlacc is indeed an absolute badass. Boba Fett? Not so much.

    • Jespenson

      How is Boba Fett badass? Most of the time he's just standing around, and he died as easily as a stormtrooper. (Also, fuck the EU.. he's dead.)

      • LazyJake

        Yeah, Boba Fett went out like a little bitch. I've never understood why so many people thought he was a badass. He did have a cool helmet though, I'll give him that.


    The real Boba Fett! Before the horrible storyline from the prequels ruined his character.

    • Epitomizer

      You mean the one where he was a little kid? Yeah that ruined it. How about in Jedi where he died like a screaming little girl?

      • Andy Valentine

        Actually, he didn't die. Just fell into the Sarlacc pit (which is what we see in ROTJ). Read the comics, he gets out and has the memories of all the people who have died in the stomach of the beast. Awesome.

        • Epitomizer

          I don't have time (or interest) for comic books. I have a job and a family w/a wife that like the occasional romp. But I can tell from your avatar that these words must confuse you.

          Oh by the way, he still screamed like a little girl when he fell in.

          • I don't know

            Well, it's offical, you're a douche. The reason your wife only likes the occasional romp is probably because she's getting dicked by all the dudes in your neighborhood.

            • Andy Valentine

              What he said.

              Also, I'm married too. Just happens that I have a wife that… you know… shares my interests, including the geeky ones.

              Now please, get off the Internet, you're spoiling it for everyone else.

          • Andy Valentine

            Actually, when he fell in, the famous Wilhelm scream is used, just in case you were wondering

            • Timmy

              This mother fucker is full of win and knowledge, open up your brain baskets people. KCCO bud.

          • NeverBetTheFett

            No one cares about you Epitomizer… not even your controlling money grabbing fatty fat wife.

        • Craig K.

          Congrats! You're getting a tattoo of a character that had ~10 minutes of screen time where he was ultimately knocked into a sarlacc pit (read: quicksand hole) to die. The comic is just officially sanctioned fan-fic because people had an attraction to an inept bounty hunter character and wanted to milk that infatuation.

          • Epitomizer

            I wrote a long reply to these fan boys, but then deleted it. It would do not good to explain what a bunch of ridiculous fan boys they are, and that getting mad about an internet comment is stupid. Oh fucking well.

            • davo

              boba fett was about as useless as a pile of dog shit in the original films. why does everyone think he a 'badass' ?

        • Jespenson

          That's just because he sold the most action figures, and the comics aren't even canon. He's dead.

  • Bob

    Sweet. As he should be, not ruined by being a clone.

    • Cheddar

      Wasn't a clone, the clones were based on him._

      • Cheddar

        I mean his Dad was the one who was cloned.

  • NP1972

    #2 #3 #4 #6 #7 #8 #14

    Technically not Boba Fett, as this was the all white prototype suit designed for what was going to be a "SuperTrooper" for the film. But was never used and evolved in to the Boba Fett Character

    Shoot me, I am a Star Wars Geek

    • hara

      Pew pew!

      There. Happy?

    • cameron


    • a-nom

      Good info…thanks man, i was confused about these shots. clears things up.

    • Livin' Legend

      Never used? You mean not used YET. Never underestimate the audacity of George Lucas' editing.

      • Leeks

        It's Disney's call now. Lucas sold to them.

    • guest

      Haha, I noticed that too. Nerd Power!!

  • Maximus

    No technicolor in regular cameras back then?

  • Vrolok

    The Mandalorian Commando! Just had a slight nerdgasm…

  • Jespenson

    Most overrated character ever…

    • Sabot


    • Gentleman Bastard

      go kill yourself

    • Si1entStatic

      Nice try greedo, your just miffed you got bumped in the first episode…..

      • open minded


        Something wrong with the school system. That is the most misspelled / misused word EVER.

        • Si1entStatic

          thanks for the catch. I did make a rookie mistake, that's what I get for relying on word's auto correct too much.

    • jettu

      Fuck off

    • Jespenson

      He has a cool looking costume but that's about it…

  • saltygary

    #40 PEW PEW PEW

  • FoolOfATook

    Saw TESB when I was 5, Fett was about the only thing I remembered from the movie despite his limited screen time. Later that year I got a Fett costume for Halloween. It was awesome, although not as good as this one.

  • LukeSkywalker

    Back from the dead, assholes!

  • davey

    #19 Paul Rudd, the early days


    Rarely see the "original" design at ComicCon. This was pretty awesome to see

  • whodat

    Why does he need the cloak? That never bothered me 'till just now. Weird.

    • vennexx

      conceals his weapon and hand movements.

    • BlueMeanie

      He was originally inspired (partially) by Clint Eastwood in the Leone movies, so the cloak was reminiscent of Clint's poncho.

    • stilgar

      to wipe off all the shit blood and viscera from is day to day bounty hunting badassery

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #33 are… are those bunny ears painted on the helmet?!? seriously, how did i not notice them before?

    • Johnny

      Those are Jaig eyes, it was a mark used by Mandalorians to as a mark of honor for acts of bravery.

      • nala

        Of course someone would know.

        So what is the correlation between older dudes creeping around the Chive to look at young women's boobs and Star Wars Fandom?

        I mean, I fit that description pretty well myself. I think this thread is the 'secret out' for us all. 🙂

    • Taure

      @xXbeermonkeyXx Johnny is right — those are eyes. You may not have noticed them before because Boba wore different armor… it was not the same all time. 5 of 6 of his helmets did not have the eyes (that I'm aware of). Personally I prefer his helmet without the eyes – but that is my taste.

      LOL @Vrolok · nerdgasm! Me too — I get those myself. I also get nerd-rage on occasions.

  • upur butt

    #5 is joe johnston..who later became a famous director in his own right..

  • jasonB

    That looks like a lot of time getting dressed just to be eaten by a giant vagina.

  • @JohnJofre

    Young Severus Snape was Boba Fett!


    • Matt

      No, Boba Fett was played by Jeremy Bulloch, who also played the imperial officer that grabs Leia and drags her as she struggles to yell, "Luke, don't it's a trap. It's a trap!" He played both roles. In addition, I met him at StarCon '96 and he was terribly rude.

  • Steve Grenier

    Shit gets real after #34

  • edventure

    #40 How does he go to the bathroom with all that shit on?

    • jim thorton

      just go man.

    • Trez

      He learned from JuneBug.

  • blue_bronco

    I wonder where that suit is now? Lucas?

  • PityTheFool

    This post might be my favorite thing that has ever happened to me on a Tuesday.

  • 16inchzipper

    #2 And apparently, Jor-El had something to do with it, too.

  • DannoTheManno88
  • RafalFett

    The dressing sequence is from The Dented Helmet (see link here ==&gt ; and is nice to see the step by step dressing of the famous bounty hunter, Boba Fett spread all over the net.

    Would you like to know more?

    • BH3696

      RafalFett kicks ass — from someone in the know (a 501st Boba)
      Rafal can answer all your detailed historical Boba questions.

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