Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

  • Shane

    There's gotta be a better way to sit on that bedpost haha

    • tralfaz

      I thought the bath salts thing was over.

    • IBMF

      Reluctant virgin?

    • Dood

      Sasha DiGiulian maybe?

    • Karl

      nothing important here, only lava on the ground !

  • bryanfitz

    #6 he's the man

    • Anon

      That shit cracked me up. Well played by Russel.

      • Jack Wagon

        He is the man, if you dont mind getting beat up…

  • Ponderous

    #2 where are you trying to go? Back to bed!

    • Dave

      This is what happens when they venture out of the kitchen

    • Moknowsbest

      the kitchen is through the door not the celing

  • SaltLakeChiver

    #39 – What's that? A year off of my life for every kiss? Sign me up!

    #9 – Allow me to hold those for you. It's the chivalrous thing to do.

    • ILchiver

      Dear God! Who r they!

    • Big Handed Panda

      More like the chivelrous thing to do

    • WalterSobchak_

      Good Karma for a life time, to to the person who finds #39 and #9

    • electric boogalo

      If you were thinking about defining the word, then I've got some news for you.

    • asdfoasdoia
    • Dan

      Are those angels that fell out of the sky

      • Sigh

        I think y'all think ya datin these chicks, save the come ons, no need to work your shtick

  • 413chiver

    #9 it's OK, you can let them go

    • Child Please

      Mother of God. Find.

    • Notknowing

      … I'll catch them.

    • Nick

      karina by voronin

    • Phox

      "Oh no! Poor girl. Quick, somebody get her a bra!"

      -No One, Ever

      • Tom?

        "No one ever" needs to go away now.

        • Riley Freeman


  • Conrad

    #1 Doesn't that frighten you? Cause it scares the living piss out of me!

    • Bill_Brasky

      Factoid-Photoshop has been around since 1990.

      • Past_Life_God

        Yeah but knowing Putin there's a good chance that photo isn't shopped. Man's the God Damn Teddy Roosevelt of Russia!

    • Bob25

      But in America, Bear ride YOU!

  • tralfaz

    #19 Won't people be slapping you in the chest all day.

    • http://twitter.com/Violaceousgirl @Violaceousgirl

      I suppose i should get one >.>;

      • lowercase mcgee


      • tralfaz

        I would think you have that problem with any shirt. Not that it's a bad thing.

      • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

        yep. you should.


    • IBMF

      This would work great on yoga pants.

    • JustReading

      There should be two hands on the shirt that read "Free High Tens" for the women's style.

  • Buck

    #2 talk about making her climb the wall!

  • Jeff Lebowski

    #2 I love you

  • Teddy Roxspin

    #26 please feel free to show them more often!

    • SOhioChiver

      #26 What he meant to say was, Yes you do and thank you for sharing.

      • Larry

        bacon and #26 is all i need

    • A real man

      ^Stay classy, san diego. Or go back to brazzers' forum.

      • candymancoug

        Now that it's been deleted, kinda wanna know what was said…

    • Janus

      dude… bit to much information for the chive

    • MonkeyMadness

      Nice tits. Ugly tats.

    • Jammers

      maybe she should post her big head nice time too

    • Luke

      if anyone thinks this is attractive you need to reevaluate your life.

      • McBeastie666

        I need to reevaluate my life because I find boobs attractive?

  • Whoopi_G

    #46 Waldo's wife?

    • electric boogalo

      She's such a nerd she wears 2 pairs of glasses.

      • Concerned Chiver

        Stupid hipsters are ruining the planet.

        • Yum Yum Roll

          Remember when we thought emo kids were bad? They've evolved.

    • Bob25

      Found her!

    • good jeff

      #45 fits

  • acupofjoe

    Beautiful. #50

    • TeeSte


      • Red

        TeeSte, you're either a chick, or you're gay. Which one is it?

        • I don't know

          I wouldn't say that that's gross, but its pretty close to my limit of too skinny. That said of coarse I'd still smash.

    • http://www.thechive.com AdamBaldick

      bikini bridge rules

    • SOhioChiver

      Hey Chive how about Tender Skin Tuesday #50. This picture would qualify.
      Here are some other examples…

      • opm

        Ok, Buffalo Bill.

    • OhioChiver

      Always. And I mean always, Respect The Mound. R.T.M

    • bigvonski

      Thats a first class muffin…:+)

    • open minded

      Llllllllllllllllllllllllick…lick, lick, lick.

    • maboze1x

      I got a tear in my eye and a hard on! 🙂 Perfection!

  • VedHead77

    #23 – Stop. Just stop. Why do people still do this to their kids?

    • Atilol

      It's a valuable lesson. Pretty girls have it much better than plain/ugly/fat ones. Before you down vote me, remember I'm just commenting on my society. My beliefs on what is righteous and fair don't factor into it.

      • CanadianChivette

        I'd like to see her donate half of her winnings!!

        • Parkview

          All 25$

    • Pechter

      You see that stuff in the kid's hands? There's your answer.

    • Stephen Hawkins

      If I were a kid, I'd want somebody to do that "to" me. Heck, as an adult, I'd still want it, but with bigger bills.

    • Emucratic

      She didn't do it for her ego. She did it for the money. Home girl got her priorities straight.

      • Anonymous

        She didn't have any desire to do it until her parents put the idea in her head.

  • Interneter

    I hope there is lube on that bed post! #2

  • Brian


    Did not know Angelina Jolie's hotter younger sister is a Chivette.

    • the misc

      Shut up phaggot

  • InquiringMinds

    #9 Sweet mother of God! Who is this succulent peach?

    • CaptainInsano

      Alllright, somebody tell us already

      • anon

        google karina b + metart for more. nsfw.

        • uknow

          her other pics aren't that great

          • Shpledy

            Yeah, I wish I had just left it to mystery. Those things are gonna be on the floor before she's 40.

            • Child Please

              Well she's not 40 yet! lol

            • mishai

              i luv this logic…so when you wanna date a nice girl you always think about how she will look in 40? uh…

    • -Snookums
      • Humpire

        Her boobs are Salvador Dali's

      • Brando

        thank you for ruining my wonderful images…

    • Joe
    • 8th time

      Boob are not nearly as nice as I thought they were gunna be

      • Shoupie

        Un-American… Get out…

      • RobMS

        You sir must turn in your man card.

        • Seal

          Man card?….gaaaaay!

      • au naturale

        whatever, they're real

      • I don't know

        She's got quite the set of beef curtains too.

      • So_english

        must agree.. but hey if they were perfect then she'd be perfect and there' nothing perfect on this earth so she wouldn't excist.. but she's (and they're) still pretty awesome ! ^^

  • Tony_zavala84

    #30 the force is strong with this one

  • Pathetic

    Terrible day for The Chive. Pathetic.

    • Tony_zavala84

      #9 how are you mad bro?

    • Tom?

      Oh, what? They owe you?

  • LeO

    Like a boss!

    • whodoube

      I wonder if he drinks XX.

  • LeO

    Olivia Wilde does it better 🙂

  • i8paula

    #37 oh good god no!the horror! The horror!

    • billyboy

      agreed, I do not have words for this picture…

    • tralfaz

      …and that's why we don't answer swinger adds on the internet.

    • yes

      Doesn't matter, had sex

      • techno_viking

        Oh, it matters…

    • donalbaine

      It might not be the most attractive thing in the world, but if they're happy, more power to 'em..

    • Bob25

      Where is the sexapalooza? Wanna tag me some mutant!

  • billyboy

    #9 then I shall allow you to release them

  • Bunchabullshirt.com

    #50 great shot

    • SOhioChiver

      would like to see this in an HD post

  • Bud

    #48, Looks like you're ready

    • Hunter

      Theres a certain satisfaction, a feeling pride if you will, when a fellow chiver says exactly what I was not here in time to do myself. Chive on.

    • SOhioChiver

      Where do people from Florida go for spring break???

      • Gimletmike

        I was wondering the same thing.

      • Kato


    • Aivatar

      Her body is ready 😛

    • Ryan

      She's going to make several men very happy that week.

    • portland

      Coming from a guy who spend his youth in Panama City, Florida for spring break, this guys was what/who i looked forward to every year. a million college girls there to have a good time. as for you miss, bless you:)

  • The Dallas Chivette

    #41 I often am overwhelmed by this. Life is pretty cool

    • Teddy Roxspin

      It's a fuckin' trip!

    • Morgan Freeman

      I finally found the word for this. I used to think about this when i was a kid. should kids be thinking about shit like that?

      • Jimi Hendrix

        As Morgan Freeman, I believe you've earned the right.

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