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  • Logs

    #50 did anyone else tilt their head wishing you could get other angles? It doesnt work.

  • Dave

    #37 Sexapalooza canceled this year.

  • Ian

    what breed is #18

  • Hazel

    #46 oh silly hipster girl – you are trying WAY too hard with your thick rimmed glasses and matching thick rim glasses necklace. Bless your heart. You try hard

  • Bob

    #32…More please. She is amazing.

  • Kyle From NJ

    #11 Gorgeous!!

  • Keith_D

    #30- "So, hey, uh, total shot in the dark here, but, uh… You wanna do somethin' later?"

  • dallas


  • Noah

    #39 FIND HER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SoCalChiver

    #9 just. let. go!
    #26 very nice indeed
    #48 love them thys

  • Anthony

    Yes, yes she does….#26 they are amazing..

  • sorbs

    #39 Find her or I'll start punching puppies.

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