A Disney themed wedding the kid in you will appreciate (21 Photos)

Look closely at the smallest details. The wedding party planned this one out very meticulously.

Via thelook.today

  • jscardwell

    Why did no one tell him to run. Run far away.

  • jmonster

    #17 I'd tap the Taylor-Swift-looking princess on the right

    • Duber

      I was thinking the sasquatch on the left. Weddings are always a great opportunity to challenge yourself, and think outside the box.

      • NorCal420

        Not "inside the box?" Puzzling.

    • Kelso

      I'd hit it… In te head… With a judges gavel

    • don'tfearthecreeper

      Idk, I'd go for Snow White or Belle chick. Wow, I am ashamed that I know which ones they're supposed to be…

  • Ponderous

    How about NO!

  • DongJuan


    • CaptainINsano

      You can do this for the next 50 years every fucking Halloween… but for the love of god, do not fuck up your (probably very expensive) wedding.. Assholes

    • Marco

      Poor kids are not going to be spared…

  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    Mac? Smiling? In Mickey Mouse ears?

  • Wantomas

    #16 Baby it's better, down where it's wetter….

  • Shawny

    Sucker born every minute. But congrats anyways

  • White Devil

    #8 bwahahahaha

    • severely offended

      this should have NSFW warning, I will never go onto the internet again, I can feel the fires of lust melting my icy heart right now

    • A Tit bit nippley

      Icey Nipple.

  • eplov221

    That poor, poor bastard……

    • The Professor

      That pussy has nobody to blame but himself.

  • sfb101

    Hmmm , Saw this yesterday on Yahoo…
    It sucked then too.

  • tv_paul

    #14 Kathy Griffin married Joey Fatone?

  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo
  • http://twitter.com/Oakley_Tim @Oakley_Tim

    Did I stumble upon the Berry by mistake?

  • Leigh

    #7 & #17 "Princess Aurora" looks amused…

  • bmoney

    not how i like my bread toasted.. but they look like they're having a TON of fun!

  • tv_paul

    #17 I wouldn't mind ringing that Belle or Sleeping with that Beauty or slipping something on Cinderella … ah the hell with the rest.

  • darkohanzo

    Thats all fine and dandy but #8 that ice sculpture is just creepy.

  • Adam

    Go home "The Berry," you are drunk.

    • hotashnerd

      LOL that was funny.

  • alejandra

    If I´ll dare have a tematic wedding I´ll choose LOTR… other than that, NO…

  • orl

    The cost for Weddings at Disney World are insane high. Considering most marriages end in divorce today it's a steep price to pay for marrying someone you might hate a few years down the road.

    Not to mention their gay as gay can be.

    • chivette


    • Paul

      Like $250,000.

    • Ash

      It looks like the wedding was in St Charles, MO. The first picture is a photographer in St Louis, MO.

  • Leigh

    #4 Nice Touch!

    #15 Super cute

    #21 Happily Ever After

  • The Professor

    Don't marry single moms and take care of other men's kids. Moron.

  • fuck that

    Run Bro.

  • Meh

    But did he Pocahontas?!?!?

  • pritter72

    And oddly, they went to Universal Studios for the honeymoon….

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