Star Wars art makes its way to the streets (50 Photos)

Via Coedmagazine

  • John

    Anybody have this in HD so i can use it as a background?

  • luke

    Missed the best one of all JPS Darkside / Parkside Check it out!

  • Kenneth

    I n the City I live in, Cagliari, "IT'S A TRAP" is stenciled all over the place. Can't help but say it in his voice.

  • grumpy

    #25 – /nerd on/ Actually, this is inaccurate. Darth Vader was the one Sith Lord who couldn't generate "Force Lightning" from his hands like this, because his hands were both mechanical, not natural. So this picture is obviously not by a REAL fan. /nerd off/

  • SD_Scott

    #41 is amazing… Wish I could frame that and put it in my office.

  • Eder

    I super geeked out right now

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