I don’t know, looks shopped to me (35 Photos)

  • Bhodi

    #35 is not shopped

    • guest

      Dat Ass

      • YOYO

        #18 neither is this

    • odin

      there was a explosion in the background

  • bigyawns

    #3 genius

  • Blue Bronco

    Everything seems right

  • Plurp

    #34 Hahahaha!!!

    • Matt

      Ah, but who's walking the dog?

      • Notknowing

        The gorilla!

    • The Glockster

      The Hyde formula…wearing off…taking hold.

    • Big Poppa

      Friends don't let friends forget leg day…

  • UbrokeIfix

    #1 This is still hanging on the wall in our living room. Best family photo we've ever had taken…..

    • Dale


    • DeepestBlue2

      Malkovich, malkovich, malkovich.


  • tv_paul

    #25 He 's a real player, he even hover hands in shopped photos.

  • WWW

    #21 brazzers

  • tv_paul

    #12 Maybe he's related to Thorton Melon.

  • thatguy

    The sad part about #28 is, I can't tell whose face it originally was. Well done!

    • kikass

      I thought the exact same thing

    • Jen

      i think it was the lady third from the left.

      • Kidicarus

        It's the old guy in the middle

  • FoolOfATook

    #30. Shark Attack 3!

    • Notknowing

      That dude should've left his underwear on.

  • Steve Grenier

    I nearly cried laughing at #34. I think something is wrong with me.

    • @lackofabetter

      You're not alone. Twas quite funny

  • wut


  • sfb101

    #2 & #22 Kinda cool actually
    #9 Freaky

  • Jarrett

    For #8 the paint job is probably fake, but the aircraft is real, it's called a Boeing 747 LCF

    • Anonymous

      …. i guess you missed that it was being towed by the wiener-mobile

      • Jesus Christ

        I did

  • http://cinemaplastique.tumblr.com MigraineBoy

    #35 Well, I guess Putin is a little…behind…. YEEEEAAAAAAAAAH

  • FLChiver

    I feel like I need a shower. Ewww.

  • Tillman61

    #5 #9 #34 Disturbing but highly amusing.

  • jscardwell

    #34 T-Rex, back from extinction.

  • Ono

    Photoshop-giving a white girl an ass since 2010

    • Megan

      1) Photoshop was around before 2010
      2) Lots of white girls have booties. Myself included.

      • oqsig99

        Pic or it didn't happen.

    • Chive Troll Patrol

      No race-baiting allowed. Please move on.

    • Hanna

      Isn't this entire site dedicated to white girl ass?

  • James

    #19 Olama

  • True Story

    #19 Barack Ollama lol

  • Guibombe

    #13 What in the actual fuck?

  • Eder

    #18 Not fake. Pornstar Kim Kardashian's future daughter is gonna look like this.

  • Prettyswellguy

    Skill….not shown in many of these 'chops.

  • TheFrontier

    People waste a lot of time photo shopping some stupid ass shit

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